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    psresearch's Avatar

    Michelle Robinson Online Cash Institute

    I just put a warning up about it here. I put an image of the site there. I used to do that, so I'll start doing it again, as I can see how it could be confusing to not have the image there.

    However, if you want to see what these scams typically look like, take a look at this list of red flags. Also, about 50% of them will use the fake testimonials found on this page.
    Posted 15th December 2014 at 10:42 PM by psresearch psresearch is offline
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    Claire Koch's Avatar

    Michelle Robinson Online Cash Institute

    Thats totally confusing I'm not sure what to think? Even clicking through didn't help much if I don't know what the scam site looks like how do I avoid it? googling it i just find more scam info oh well maybe its just gone now lol
    Posted 14th December 2014 at 09:15 PM by Claire Koch Claire Koch is offline
    Updated 14th December 2014 at 09:29 PM by Claire Koch (added)
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    Stay At Home Revenue Scam Or Legit?

    I have been bombarded with these so called offers from Work at Home University and other shapes it has morphed into for some time now, mostly from subscriber lists I am on - Time to reduce and keep the reliable ones offering good quality, I think. What I really dislike is the fact that the above mentioned site seems to target ordinary non-savy people without much funds looking for a way to earn their living online...

    Thank you Paul, for clarifying what they are about.
    Posted 8th November 2012 at 06:35 AM by Reki Reki is offline
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    Home Cash Flow Solution review and analysis of sales page

    Hi Paul,

    First of all it has nothing to do with sending your mom anywhere, but I understand what you mean.

    If you wish to deal in comparisons, try would you purchase a product from someone that you know is using a fictitious name and a false identity? And is selling the product in a package that was stolen from another product, or is at the least not a representative package for what is inside?

    Would you buy this with only the guarantee of the fake sellers say so, not really knowing what you would find inside of the made up and deceitful wrappings?

    There is no valid guarantee on the site in question.

    The Trust Guard links are all fake. They are only photocopies stolen from another site, along with all of the testimonials, photographs, and the comments.

    The Better Business Bureau will not accredit them.
    What do you suppose got them that rating? Good customer care? Maybe honesty?

    This is a very deceitful and deceptive site.

    They do not offer a secure payment processor, only debit and credit card billing which makes it very difficult to get a refund.

    When I checked their onsite navigation links none of them worked, so the Terms & Conditions, policy, and other links are not working. But of course they give a guarantee.

    And you can trust them because they are using fictitious names and identities, and everything on their site is all fictitious.

    So please be my guest and purchase whatever it is that they are selling, but be prepared for a fight to get your refund when you are disappointed.

    You might have better luck making your purchase in a dark alley or just downloading the product in a torrent file and risk getting caught or getting a virus on your computer.

    I understand why some people check these sites. I do it myself but that is my job. I review and report what I find. I do get some hateful comments ad emails occasionally but 99.9% of the comments and emails are all positive and thanking me for an honest assessment.

    I hope I do not get banned again and have my posts disappear again for making this comment. I never once mentioned any names, so I should be safe this time.

    But I do l understand where you are coming from. I probably take it a step further and get rather harsh in my reviews. I have sort of taken over Bills job now.

    What is interesting is I received the link in an email that had a name that I trusted. MSN has been hacked a lot recently and this has been harsh for the people that have had their email contacts raked and harvested illegally.

    I just finished the review today. I put it off for a few days but decided that it needed to be finished, since Bill wasn't going to finish it. Check it out on raief, and I will check out yours.

    Did the latest Google slap affect your ranking or traffic at all? Change of subject.
    Posted 8th March 2011 at 06:17 PM by gregw2 gregw2 is offline
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    psresearch's Avatar

    Local Mobile Monopoly review of launch process

    Thanks, I am at least starting to see a few things that are looking more positive. The Partner Video training section looks nice (still have to go through the actual videos).

    And they have said they will be releasing free software as part of the launch process so users will at least be able to see how good that software is and get a sample of quality ahead of time.
    Posted 5th March 2011 at 09:42 PM by psresearch psresearch is offline
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    Buford Mobley's Avatar

    Local Mobile Monopoly review of launch process

    I'm looking forward to your review. It should be a mega launch, but like you, I would like to see something a little different.
    Posted 26th February 2011 at 10:02 AM by Buford Mobley Buford Mobley is offline

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