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Best Affiliate Programs 2013 - What Are The Best Types Of Affiliate Program?

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Posted 4th July 2013 at 01:45 AM by adamj2

The best affiliate programs in 2013 will give you the highest earnings per click (EPC) for the traffic that you drive to an offer.

It can be hard to determine which the best affiliate programs in 2013 will give you these high EPCs, so on this page we will quickly go over the main attributes to look out for in the affiliate products that you should be promoting..

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1. Sales Video Presentation - Today, sales video presentations tend to do an excellent job of converting visitors into sales. Previously long sales letter type pages seemed to get the best results, but in 2013 the sales video presentation is the order of the day.

On the subject of videos, have a look to see if the affiliate offer has automated webinars that you can drive traffic into. Webinars tend to get very high conversions (even when automated) because it really does help and trust and credibility in the customers eyes.

2. Social Proof - One of the big things that helps convert traffic into sales is social proof and customer testimonials on the product page. The best affiliate programs tend to have a lot of happy customers and thus have an impressive range of testimonials to present on the sales page.

Also, when you are promoting very popular programs there should be natural buzz about it in the industry with people voluntarily posting their successes with the program using the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

3. High Ticket Affiliate Products - A mistake that many newbie marketers make is that they try to make money by promoting low ticket affiliate products such as Clickbank ebooks. But you need to make hundreds of these low priced sales each month to make a full-time income.

Instead, look to promote high ticket affiliate programs that pay you out in the hundreds or even thousands of dollars commissions per sale. It is actually no harder to make sales with higher priced products and this is because many people would actually prefer to pay more money for a more advanced level of training/service. There is higher perceived value in the higher ticket items.

You don't have to promote these high priced items right out of the gate, but look to join programs that at least have these offers as part of the backend of the sales funnel. With the likes of Clickbank you won't get credit for these follow-up sales, but many other marketers will let you get credit for all commissions generated as part of their entire sales funnel.

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