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Money Making System - Finding The Best Automated Online Money Making Systems

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Posted 17th September 2013 at 05:14 AM by adamj2
Updated 17th September 2013 at 08:34 AM by adamj2 (money making system, online automated money making system)

A money making system is often the solution to the complicated home based business and internet marketing world. The power of these automated online money making system offerings is that they enable to average online entrepreneur to leverage the power of automation and processes to generate traffic on the internet and make more product sales.

In this article we will look at the key attributes of money making system that is likely to work well in the modern online marketing world:

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Lead Capture System - The entry point into these online systems should be a lead capture page. As an internet marketer your entire focus should be on driving traffic to this page to generate leads and build your email list.

As long as you are delivering the traffic, then the system should do its work in the background and convert your traffic into leads and your leads into customers.

Sales Video - After entering in their email address into the lead capture page for your money making system then leads should be diverted to your sales video presentation.

The job of this video presentation is to close sales on your behalf without you needing to present the opportunity over and over again in person to everyone who comes through your funnel. If people still have questions after watching this video then they can ask you and your time will be better spent to deal with people who are still interested after first learning more about the products and your opportunity.

Email Campaign - If your system does a good job then some people will join your business on the spot after watching the video for the first time. However, most people will not join until be provided more information. This additional information is provided in an email campaign.

The email campaign should simply provide an automated email that will go out to your leads every day to encourage them to go back and check out your sales video again and again until people either buy or unsubscribe.

Sales Funnel - One of the most important parts of your automated online money making system is the sales funnel. When your customers have purchased your initial front end product then they will be sent through an upsell sequence that gives them more products that they can buy on the backend.

Your money making system should ideally have high ticket products for your customers to upgrade to and thus meaning big commission paydays for you.

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