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Three WSO Trends That Really Make Sense

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Posted 27th July 2011 at 03:54 PM by impact-productions

I spend an awful lot of the time on the Warrior Forum, but most of it is spent on the WSO forum.

That's pretty inevitable. There are so many excellent offers being released on the WSOs every single day. I buy a number of them and mail about the best ones to my subscribers. I also make sure to run my own WSOs - an interesting (and often profitable) experience. I often post about my experiences with WSOs at, my site dedicated to succeeding with Warrior Special Offers.

Here are three trends I've noticed with WSOs that I think are really good things and that you should be aware of, whether you're a WSO buyer, WSO seller, or both.

Trend #1 - The Move To WSOs Having Affiliates

It's been possible for a long time for WSOs to have affiliates, but recently there have been so many more WSOs where sales are totally affiliate driven. The reason for this is the growth of WSO Pro, which is part of the Warrior+Plus platform.

What this means for you, as a WSO creator, is that you don't have a substantial background in running WSOs to be able to make money. If you can create a high quality product, with good sales copy, which the first few buyers like, you'll find people clammering at your door to promote it as an affiliate. There have been Warriors running their first WSO recently who have cracked the 2000 sales mark (and higher) using this strategy.

If you are new to promoting WSOs as an affiliate, I can recommend my Warrior+Plus Affiliate Goldmine training, which I released with Garry Sayer. This is available at a very special price as a WSO.

Trend #2 - The Increased Variety Of WSO Types

For a long time, ebooks and reports dominated the types of WSOs sold, with the odd video series thrown in. That's changed a lot.

There are a lot more video based WSOs (these always seem to be popular with buyers), but particularly there are a lot of software WSOs. The trend I'm noticing all the time is that Wordpress plugins are hot. Wordpress has huge advantages as a platform for producing well formed sites and delivering products, and plugins are good sellers.

If you can come up with a top plugin idea, these can sell heavily (better than reports) and really attract affiliate attention. Just make sure that you test this thoroughly before release. Nothing hurts a thread more than people pointing out bugs in your code.

Trend #3 - High Value Products Are Being Launched As WSOs

The trend towards WSO promotion has pushed a lot of affiliates away from ClickBank and the other high end launches. Instead, they're promoting products as WSOs, which means that top quality products are being launched as WSOs. As many of these are Dime Sales, you're also getting these at insanely low rates.

Because WSOs sell for far less money than their ClickBank equivalents, these are excellent bargains, and you can buy many products for the same money that you'd have spent on ClickBank.

Some products still end up on the higher priced channels afterwards (often on the 'affiliate webinar' circuit), but being a Warrior Forum member has a huge advantage as it can save you an awful lot of money.

Here's What You Should Do...

One thing that goes without saying is that you really should be using the WSO section. Even if you're just buying WSOs for your own use (and this kind of training is excellent value for money), you can get some real bargains if you're around when WSOs are released.

I'm convinced that the overall standard of WSOs has improved a lot. Just spot which ones are the winners (my WSO Trust training should help you), and you'll get real value for your money spent. And make sure you check out the latest WSO reviews and ideas at

Over To You...

If you've enjoyed this post, and have any thoughts, feel free to leave comments.
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  1. New Comment
    miked's Avatar
    Very insightful Thom. Having just launched a WSO with some success, it just wants me to become more successful and deliver great products that WSO buyers are looking for.

    Thanks again.

    Mike D.
    Posted 6th December 2011 at 12:15 AM by miked miked is offline
  2. New Comment
    Tim Franklin's Avatar
    Great post, yes, there are some good WSO offers, in fact that forum moves so quickly it will make your head spin sometimes, I think the single greatest challenge is to find the right WSO before it gets lost in the tons of other posts, in that forum. Sometimes I have to use the search feature just to find a WSO, )
    Posted 6th December 2011 at 06:56 PM by Tim Franklin Tim Franklin is offline

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