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Jeremy Morgan is an SEO / Internet Marketer from Portland Oregon. Here I leave my tips, tricks and advice related to good marketing and promotion of your websites. Bookmark us, and if you like add me as a friend!
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What do you do in a bind? Need money RIGHT NOW?

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Posted 17th March 2010 at 07:03 PM by Jeremy Morgan

So I've been seeing a lot of threads on WarriorForum about people looking to make quick money.

No, not the kind of quick money that probably comes to mind. They aren't looking for a scam, they're desperate for cash to pay their rent, buy medication or something like that.

They have a real emergency and need money quick. Years ago most people in society looked down on people like that. "They must be lazy" or "why don't they get a job?" But in 2010 the economy is in the worst slump we've seen in our lifetimes, and "go out and get a job" isn't quite so easy, and neither is selling your possessions.

I don't look down on these people because I know a lot of people who are struggling, and I have been there myself. More recently than you might think. So rather than scold people in this spot, I would like to help offer suggestions.

So what do you do for quick money when you're in a bind?

So you need a set amount of money in a short amount of time. Obviously there has to be a quick turnaround time on when they get paid. Here are some suggestions.

1. Find a talent, and sell it

Everyone has a talent. Most people have a talent worth paying for. If you're a member of WF, you're probably a webmaster or Internet Marketer. Why not offer those services?

Create a (free) ad on one of these sites:

Craigslist (obvious)
US Free Ads
The Free Ad Forum

Or many others. Build a solid, strong ad that will get attention and get people to call you. Some of the things you could offer (just as ideas)

Web Design
Graphic Design
Search Engine Submission
Content Generation
Forum Posting
Facebook Marketing

The list can go on forever. It doesn't have to be computer related:

Automotive Repair
Lawn Mowing
House Cleaning

These are all services you can offer. And if your price is low enough, you can get a lot of customers on board. Lowballing is a bad thing for long term, but to get back on your feet it's great. I've written software for $15 an hour, it's something you do when you have to.

And as long as you are cheaper than others, people in similar financial situations will choose you. It's all about the sale.

2. Create a Product. Fast.

The WarriorForum WSO section is one of the most beneficial places on the internet for a content producer. I'm not exaggerating a bit. Yes, it costs $20 but if your product is good, that will come back to you tenfold every time you bump it.

Create a product people want. Know how to write software? Build somethign people are looking for. Know how to build webpages? Put together some "turnkey" sites that are complete and ready to go, and sell them.

If you dont know how to do this well, tutorials on the internet are free, and you can learn a lot, and go apply it.

You can create an e-book with free software and sell it on here.

As long as your product is good, people will buy it, and they will post in your thread talking about it.

3. Go door to door

Here is a good one, especially if you know a lot about computers. Spyware and malware is a fast spreading disease taking down computers left and right. If you went door to door to everyone in your neighborhood, you're bound to find someone who has a computer problem and would gladly slip you a $20 to fix it. Yes, you'll get a lot of doors slammed in your face, but you'll get some bites too.

I have a friend who managed $500 in a single day by doing this. Now its safe to say he couldn't go out and make $500 every day doing it, otherwise he would be was able to find that many people to say yes.

That goes for other services as well. Do you own a lawnmower? You'd be surprised how many people will throw you a $10 just because of the convenience of having you mow their lawn for them. Because you asked, and you are there already it's very tempting to take the offer.

I hope these ideas are seeds to help out those who are looking for some quick cash. In a bad economy, everyone is looking to save money, so you just might get your problems taken care of, $5-$10 at a time. Food for thought!
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