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Its laughable just how idiotic this really is

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Posted 9th January 2017 at 10:58 AM by martbost

How often does this happen?

When you read emails, because there are so many
coming into your inbox, you rarely remember who
these people are and when you signed up to their

This is inevitable because theres so much info to
keep track of.

And its why its super important to stand out and
get attention.

Opening my emails earlier today, I came across an
email from a guy I have no memory of ever meeting.

It was a marketing email, of course.

Not a spam email.

Thing is: Obviously, at some stage I signed up to
this guys list.

No recollection of this happening though.
This has happened to you before, more than once,

Me too.

Many times.

And this is exactly what you need to be thinking
about when approaching your email marketing.
It is, after all, the biggest asset you own and
probably ever will own.

Me thinks you should work harder at getting your
subscribers attention.

Its essential.

A necessity.


Creating emails that have personality, that are
memorable and different from what others are
sending is the best way to achieve this.

Thats the point of email, isnt it?

To build relationships?

Its the one thing that all email marketers
actually agree on.

Its crazy then to see very few actually doing it.
They just dont seem to get that most people
opening their emails couldnt give a damn about

So, as a payoff for their unwillingness to see,
and use sense they compensate by using every
little gimmick & trick.

They also compensate by building bigger email

Its belly laughable how Idiotic that really is.
It all starts with realizing youre in the
attention seeking business.

Like a car crash or a train wreck, you want eye
balls on your stuff.

But not just glancing.

You want consistent attention.

The good kind.

Not the needy kind.

You should send emails often so people always have
you at top of mind.

You should write messages that get attention,
unsubscribes and complaints?

The alternative is to write messages nobody gives
a damn about either way.

Not all emails will get complaints.

But you should be pissing people off.

Its an Insult to yourself to be like everyone

This is just common sense, which of course is what
most people havent got, or have failed to bring
with them into marketing.

Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous
than ignorance George Bernard Shaw

All the best my friend

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