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How to Make Money with Radio Ads

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Posted 16th February 2012 at 10:34 AM by oildrops

Another jewel from the Making Money Online section of WF....

Ever considered Radio Ads? Think it's too expensive?

Check out this thread, and you will be surprised how easy and inexpensive it is to do radio marketing!

On her web site, Jovana gives you all the details on how to run a radio campaign and what ROI you can expect:

"Two or three months ago, I was notified to radio advertising. I had always presumed that radio advertising was expensive. That I wouldnít be able to get into it, that itíd be too costly for a newbie to get intoÖ but darn, was I wrong. Since then, Iíve spent a tentative $350 on purchasing AD spots and testing different radio stations all over the United States. I decided to compile this post so that you guys can learn exactly HOW to DO it and BE successful. But before we do, I want to mention a couple of things:

This method is for people who understand the concept of testing. I do A LOT of testing. I test different methods all the time and work out what is most affordable for me , while giving me the biggest number of conversions. Donít think youíre going to jump into this and see money immediately (you probably will but it depends on your offer, your radio spot, etc).
You need to have spending money.
You can be a newbie if you want to test out this method, but donít do it if youíre living dollar to dollar."

Start your journey to radio ads and profits here:


p.s. You can turn this into a lucrative offline business model by offering local businesses radio ads!
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