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Facebook and its uses!

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Posted 12th June 2010 at 10:55 AM by Rickling

How to get the best out of your Facebook.
Hey have you ever wondered how some user have all the attention in Facebook and have so many followers or friends!! Well there is a no great secret as to why just basic planning and using Facebook to its full potential to attract friends or fans, also some have pages for attracting fans. In this article I will attempt to point out and show you the ways to attract friends and or find friends to build your friend list up and also ways to do this either by pure attraction or you going out there and finding and offering your service page to that friend for example Multi Level network Marketing and then requesting them to join you because of his product or profile and his nice page promoting his service and why they should join you the benefits.
Well first let’s cover the basics of Facebook. Well we all know how to join, it’s advised to write a name that is either what your business is or what you are promoting or just simply your name, your name is good for getting yourself branded as we also want people to know us and not that we are a robot just sending out spam!! Then the next thing is to get your profile up in this you should put a little bit about yourself and what your hoobies are and pastime and then why you are in the business you are in and then what you are doing at the moment not advertisements or selling just about what you are working on at the time or career path eg Net work marketer. After completing a good profile you then can add little extras on the left hand side e.g. your links to your what you are promoting could either be from an external source or on Facebook itself via page that you may have setup already or someone else’s as an affiliate, and displayed on the side making sure they are displayed when a friend comes in to read what your about and what you are doing. You’ll now need to find some friends the most easiest way to find friends is thru your emails you have in your accounts for example Hotmail, Gmail or Yahoo any of those will import into Facebook then will check who has an account here in Facebook and then give you the option to join them, the best way is to be polite you could say “as I noticed they have a Facebook account is it ok that I connect here also as is a better way to send messages and stay in contact than just plain emails” is one way to request or you can just plainly add contacts without a message but with a message you will probably have a better chance of being confirmed as a friend. Once you have checked all your email accounts and searched to see if they are already on Facebook you can now go thru and find the uses in the same field as you are for example if you are into “MLM Multilevel Network Marketing” then you would maybe search for other groups or uses in the same field MLM marketing and then click on the friends they have already and request as before to be there friend also one by one I think in any one day a person can request I think up to a maximum 30 new friends after that they have blocking system it first gives you warning if you see this stop finding friends immediately and wait a while either till the next day or least 5 or 6 hours, as we don’t won’t someone going and getting themselves into trouble and being suspended!!! This system if you can then get a confirmation off the friend confirming your request then you will have another friend in your list, do that every day for a month you will have a few friends by then not all will confirm your request but most. So let’s say you get 30 requests and 22 confirm that’s not too bad so will take you 5 days to get 100 friends so after a month you will have like 500-600 friends. Slow going but is the only way at the moment except thru attraction marketing which is another topic for discussion.

So to conclude hopefully we have our list growing by the day and a great attractable profile for the new potential friends to see and we now have our business idea started, because a lot of the time you will also get other friends of friends wanting to add you as well and that will be a bonus ok. Keep finding new friends and before you know it your list will be at a decent size and you will start to attract friends to you also.
Well will speak soon and enjoy using Facebook keep on discover and trying out things there.
Rick Ling.
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