Looking for the perfect Tracking System

by sharoncm 12 replies
Hi, I'm looking for tracking system that can handle traffic and conversion from mobile and desktop, who can work with several affiliates.daily, thousands of traffic from variety sources. what do you recommend?
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    I am also looking for a perfect tracking platform recently. Someone recommends me Offerslook which I start to test now. I thought most of the features meet my demands and the cost is really competitive compared with Hasoffers or Cake. But I don't know if there are some hidden bug or lack of functions in my future work, you can arrange a 30 days free test on that platform I suggest.
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    What about Infusionsoft?
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      Originally Posted by selfassured View Post

      What about Infusionsoft?
      Absolutely horrible program.
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    Prosper 202 is a good one. Another good one is ClickMeter. You can also use Voluum which is also great.
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    so I found a lot of tools that do affiliate tracking and cross data

    I plan to drive a lot of traffic (hope to get to several millions) , I need to know every details about the client and the link I send him
    so what is the best ?
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    Hi, I'm looking for tracking system that can handle traffic and conversion from mobile and desktop, who can work with several affiliates.daily, thousands of traffic from variety sources. what do you recommend?
    I have tried trial version of two-three tools but no-one can deliver as perfect as Hasoffers. Now I only relay on Hasoffers. It gives you a reliable tracking and enables affiliate to login and make changes in its campaign.

    If you are looking for open source tool then Prosper 202 is ideal tracking software. You have to install it in your own server.
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    There are a lot of tracking systems but I recommend to try Voluum, Imobitrax and Prosper02. They are very good
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    are there any that are not super expensive? prosper202 cost a fortune
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    There are many trackers online. Some are self-hosted & some are server side services.

    I have used 2 tracking system that blows my mind. The perfect all in one tracking. The two trackers I am going to introduce with you are self-hosted.
    Paid Tracker: CPVLab
    Open Source: Prosper202

    I like to use CPVLab most for its easy to use interface & lots of user features.
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    so I finally narrow down to 2
    1 is improvely.com and the other voluum.com
    I wanted it to be cloud base so no setup will be needed and no installation and configuration
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    You should try this website:
    8 Free Tools For Live Website Visitor Tracking
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    What is a "perfect tracking tool"?

    Tracking implies a very specific function. It either tracks or it doesn't.

    When searching for a tracking platform, one needs to identify its needs, requirements, marketing tactics, strategies and accordingly pick the platform that fulfills those needs.

    To give you an example:
    Hasoffers is an affiliate management platform which obviously has a "tracking" function. However, it provides also a long list of features that allow affiliate management - crm, fraud, payment schedule, approval, caps etc...
    TrackingDesk (and most affiliate tracking systems)- is a tracking and traffic management platform that focuses on campaign management. Obviously, "tracking" is a function provided in the platform with specific functions allowing funnel tracking, targeting, rotation, rules etc...

    So if you need affiliate management features, then hasoffers (or similar) will probably be the platform you will need. Otherwise, a tracking platform like trackingdesk will be more suited for your needs.

    Good luck!


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