What wordpress plugin can rotate banners in this way..?

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I've been searching for days to find a plugin that can do what I need, and literally none of them I've tried can do it.

All I want to do is add some banners, then add them to groups for each category on my site so that the banners can rotate, and so I can see which banners work best for each category.

I found a plugin that comes close, but it's not good enough, It doesn't show impressions/clicks for each banner inside the group analytics area.

Any suggestions?
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    Check AdGlare.com. It might be what you are looking for.
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    Try to do this with the free Advanced Ads!

    You can define and control exactly with it, where when which ad appears to whom. If you also need a tracking solution, you may purchase their tracking-add-on, which provides you different tracking methods including a connection to GoogleAnalytics.
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    I believe this plugin will work for what you're looking to do - https://wordpress.org/plugins/adrotate/

    I used it a while back and seemed decent. Hopefully that helps!

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