How to optimize my funnel - any ideas appreciated

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Hello fellow marketers,

I am in the traffic biz and run a lot of traffic through all kinds of funnels. They are mostly optimized for getting opt-ins to my email lists, and in the backend I put odd offers here and there to catch the traffic that I cannot use for anything else.

But of course it would be nice to optimize even that part, to get more money out of all that traffic.
So I started setting up some funnels with the explicit goal to make sales.

Very simple funnel - landing page with opt-in form, after opt-in redirect to an offer.
The landing page is related to the offer, pointing out the greatest benefit of the offer, or so I think ...
I am split testing three different landing pages and I get around 50% opt-in but the sales are rather erratic

As I am used to solo ad traffic I want to first just use this traffic source and see how far I can get.

So there are two factor to optimize: - There's the landing page that should get people excited with the offer
- and then there's the offer itself

I'd appreciate any tips on how you would go about optimizing the landing pages!
What would you do? What to start with? What in your experience has the greatest impact on conversions?

And about the offers: I choose them if they can get me excited ... if I think the sales page is convincing and looks good etc
this might not be the best approach - how do you choose offers?
When do you decide an offer is no good? How many hits on the offer until you discard it?

Any ideas greatly appreciated!
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