not having any success with conversions

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I have tested several different follow up series and i'm hardly getting any of my emails opened or any of my links clicked. I always send valuable content for the first 7 days.. which is kind of like a mini course.. i'm just getting kind of frustrated because I've tried several different approaches and follow up series.. and i'm just not having any luck? Does anybody have any advice or could possibly help me out with this dilemma?? I know the traffic is good because i always go with solo ad vendors that have good testimonials and i always check the quality of the traffic with my clickmagick. I"m just not sure what i'm doing wrong
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  • If they're not getting opened, there are 2 possibilities. 1. They are ending up in spam and 2. The subject line is not compelling enough. Have you tested different subject lines? How about posting some subject line examples.
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    hi PaulintheSticks, how do we prevent it from going to spam?
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      Originally Posted by Michael Welter View Post

      hi PaulintheSticks, how do we prevent it from going to spam?
      It will depend on the infrastructure you use - what autoresponder company for instance
      also on your subject lines
      and the contents

      you can do a simple test with

      although this is not fool proof. Even mails that show 10 / 10 in mail tester can still go into spam, and I have inboxed emails that spam tester said would all go into spam.

      You could set a seed list - make an email address for yourself with yahoo, gmail, hotmail, aol and whatever and send your follow up sequence to your seed list first. You'll what goes into spam

      About subject lines: Will depend very much on the niche you are in. In the make money niche for instance it is always a very fine line between a great subject line and spam.
      You can try and send your leads to a thank you page right after opt-in where you tell and show them how your first email will look like (make a screenshot of your welcome email in your inbox) and tell them to look out for that email. Tell them to look into spam if they can't find it. Ask them to whitelist your email address.
      And give them a reason to look out for that email

      "I have just sent you the amazing case study how to make ... in less that ten days from now - you can do it too, look out for that email and make sure you read it..."
      something to that effect, fitting with your welcome email of course.

      These leads have signed for a reason, they want something. Make sure they know they have to find and open that first email to receive it. Once that first email is opened it becomes a little easier to get them to open the next one.

      After two or three mails though if you didn't catch their interest it will get harder again so think about compelling reasons why they should keep opening up.
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