1% Click to buy conversion rate !?

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Is it safe to say, that at least 1% of online campaign clicks should convert in a sale of a physical product thats under $30 ?

I promote my T-Shirts with Facebook Ads and I'm trying to find out which campaigns / Shirts I should kill , when I get 100 clicks ... I should have at least 1 sale ?

... or should I keep testing ?
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    I read somewhere that the average conversion ratio for e-commerce is 1.85%. I know a guy who works for a major apparel retailer and he told me that their conversion ratio is over 4%. They have massive brand recognition and social proof though.

    Have you gotten any sales yet? Obviously direct your funds to those first. What is it again, 20% of your products make 80% of your income?

    Have you A/B tested the landing page itself yet?
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      @automathings thans for the data .. even if its ballpark .. still gives me an idea. If you have some organic traffic or free social .. than those low conversion rates are ok .. but if its all paid.. it really hurts. I have hardly any sales.

      I can't really test the page where the pages land because its not really a landing page.. its a Shopify online store which a Shopify rep. told me .. looks ok.. now major critique, just advice for some smaller changes which I did.

      I will now test the same design with the same ad/set on tee spring and see if the problem really might be my online store.
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    Originally Posted by mactube View Post

    Is it safe to say, that at least 1% of online campaign clicks should convert in a sale of a physical product thats under $30 ?
    It's not safe to say any such thing... The price tag and number of clicks doesn't matter nearly as much as the quality of traffic, and your offer once those people land on your page (including your copy, and site design / ease of use for your shoppers)

    If you're not getting an average of at least 2% conversion rate, then something in you sales process / sales funnel, needs to be adjusted.

    Originally Posted by mactube View Post

    ... or should I keep testing ?
    YES!!! Never stop testing and your marketing will never stop improving.

    SARubin - Direct Response Copywriter / Advertising and Marketing Aficionado

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      @SARubin I guess I should have at least 2% conversion rate for a product thats $20-$30 if I pay $0.25 - $0.35 per click...

      what do you mean by : (including your copy, and site design / ease of use for your shoppers)

      Thanks for the feedback and yes I will keep testing.. but I might have to test other pro shirt designs or it will get real boring..
      ( to see ads improving .. costs going down but no sales)
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    Mactube, maybe you could share the link to the store so we can try to give you a good advice?
    I agree that when you have some organic traffic, you don't really care about the low conversion rate. But when you buy it, it really hurts. You made a good calculation earlier, but the problem is that with these numbers, you are on the edge of profit. What will happen when somebody will want a refund? And what if the transaction was fake and a chargeback request comes from PayPal or your bank. They charge additional for the chargebacks. And you get yourself in the red numbers.
    It can be really hard succeeding with a store online. But it is possible.
    As Automathings said, some people increase their conversion rates with their own brand, customer trust and social proof. Brand is hard to build, but is possible. I remember a store called Meowingtons, which is actually just a dropshipping store, but has an amazing branding and social proof. This store is actually so good that makes even me want to buy some fancy cat rings even thought I don't really need them because I am a guy
    The thing that made me believe that their business is legit was the little popup in the bottom left corner of their screen. I researched it and they are using an app like this one
    I think that it is really amazing how much branding can be done on stores which are basically just dropshipping most products from Aliexpress.
    Maybe you could try to do something like they do and see where it takes you?

    And if you don't mind, sharing a link to your store could help a lot
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      @carltonman sure I would like to share the link ( I will post the linke in the next post / replay.. because I'm used to moderators delete the post because they think its spam/promotion even though I just want make my case visual .. it"s legend shirts with a dash in between.

      I started to test some campaigns on tee spring, with the same Facebook campaigns just to see if if my store just don't look professional enough. I can't really use a social proof app, because I don't get any sales even though people love my shirts.. ( so they say.. )

      I put up a design on tee spring and it immediately sold .. ( only 2 pieces ) so I don't now what to make of it..

      No I don't even know where to start over with the testing.. shop or campaigns.. designs.. ads/designs.. assets.. or nitches ..
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    by the way .. I'm just trying to make sales not .. no matter what.. I'm not really looking for profit.. even when I have returns .. it doesn't really matter, because I burn though alot of money right now.. for payed traffic so when I have sales, I will find out where to optimize.

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