Is my Landing Page working well?

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Hi, I am new to digital marketing. 6 months back I started. But left it in 10 days. Now, I am serious about it. I started again 30 days back. I bought Get Response as Autoresponder. My niche is Weight Loss. I have done paid traffic and the result is

Spent 20$
Visitors 250
Leads 9

Are my stats good? Also, please suggest me about my landing page. As per the forum rules, i am not providing the URL, instead, i am attaching the screenshot of the landing page.
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    One basic step is to test your landing page by setting up two different ones. This A/B test will show which one works best. When you get enough exposure with those two drop the less effective one and use another new one. Testing like this should help increase conversions.

    As for the specific design try going to Youtube and search for squeeze page design. You will get lots of ideas that way.
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    Originally Posted by Sm Revanth View Post

    My niche is Weight Loss. I have done paid traffic and the result is

    Spent 20$
    Visitors 250
    Leads 9

    Are my stats good?
    9 leads out of 250 visitors is around 3.5% - That's not too bad at all. Especially in a competitive market like weight loss.

    And $20 for 9 leads is only about $2.22 per lead - again, not too bad

    The real question is, how many of your leads can you turn into paying customers.

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      Your words have built more confidence in me. Thanks for that.

      Now, you said this is a competitive market. In that case, what things should I do to be successful? Do I need to take any precautions?

      I heard that we should be unique. But, what is uniquness here? Can you please be specific...

      Thanks a ton for the reply in advance :-)
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    not bad ,, i ask you per lead how many earn ?? and where you paid marketing ??
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      Originally Posted by millieporter View Post

      not bad ,, i ask you per lead how many earn ?? and where you paid marketing ??
      I didnot get any money yet. It is just 13 leads right now. I guess, about 100 members list would earn me money. What do you say? i am using 7Search for the traffic. Any opinion?
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    Yes your overall stats is looking good. Because the competiton for weight loss is much as compare to other niche.
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    I have a question here and this is,
    What is your lead?
    Truly speaking that if your lead is just to get a call or to get a sign up form then I don;t agree. To me my ultimate objective of any eCommerce website is to get money and the only metric I will count is that how much I am making.
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      Obviously, my final goal is to earn money. But, it is difficult to get money if we directly put ads to buy a product. So, my first goal is to give free eBook and take their email Ids. Then, I will be sending autoresponder emails to my list. Then my aim will be to earn money.
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    If I am spending $20, I look for at least 40 subscribers. As I am building my list, it is not always easy to equate subscribers/leads to sales.
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    You need a better niche than just "weight loss." There are hundreds of thousands of weight loss books, tutorials, and white papers, why should anyone buy from you?

    Explore deeper and find a meaningful topic that are people are very interested in but are being under serviced. What about weight loss for mother's trapped in the house with kids? Or maybe weight loss for the corporate cubicle worker? How about training exercises dog lovers can do with their pets?

    The more you make an offer speak directly to the user, the more likely it is that lead will transform into a paying customer.

    Onto the review of your landing page. For an early attempt this isn't bad at all! The image is good, and the overrall layout isn't terrible. The CTA and form fields could be more pronounced and shown higher on the page. The bullets can be done better. The old bold text looks strange and out of place. The "-->" seem weird and unprofessional. Trying using a graphic like a checkmark or an arrow instead.

    By far the weakest part of your landing page is the copy. It doesn't really saying anything that would motivate people to be. Take the headline copy: "Stay Fit, Get Perfect Fitness." 1. It's repetitive, it doesn't flow. 2. It's not descriptive. How do I get perfect fitness? By reading your book? You need to be EXPLICIT with your audience. Treat them like babies. Say something like: "Download your free guide to losing weight fast"

    That answers so many questions: What I have to do, what sort of value I'm gaining (free) what the guide will do for me (lose weight fast).

    The same goes for the sub-heading. "your body is meant to move with a purpose." What does this mean? I have no idea. You only use a small amount of copy on a landing page so every single word has to count. Your subheading should expand on the title and drive home exactly what's so great about this guide.

    "More than 20 pages of 2017's best weight loss advice, direct from the experts" (this would be a great place to include the face of the author with their experience)
    "Key insights from the fitness industry's top voices"

    There's a lot more you can work on. Keep at it, it's getting there.

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