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I just tried sending out a personalized email to 20 people who recently ordered (and I verified with their tracking number that they received the product, and I got a whopping two responses. One person wrote one sentence and one in-complete sentence, and the other person replied to the email.

I even included a link directly to the product to review in the email. How could I have done this better?

Here's a real example. I blanked out personally identifiable information.


Hi Edward,

Once again thank you for your XXXXX order and I hope that your XXXX enjoy it as a much as you do!

We've recently added a reviews section to our site that will help people make decisions on which XXXXX would best suit their needs. After all, there's no better advice than advice from an actual user! Hearing from our valued customers will also help us improve our products and customer service.

If you could kindly take a couple of minutes of your day and write a quick review, we would greatly appreciate it.

To write a review, go to the product page for the product(s) that you ordered and click on the "Reviews" tab. Then click the link that says "Write a review."

In exchange for your time, here's a $10 coupon that you can use for your next order (its good until February 28, 2017). Enter it in while checking out.


Thank you so much and have a wonderful evening. Please let us know if there's anything else that we can do for you.
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    2 out of 20. Actually, when you are doing it for the first its really tend to go horrible. Many people send hundreds of emails and then get 2 or 3 but in this case I have to say that its pretty impressive.

    Here is an opinion first send a stand alone thank you email and then send it. And if you are giving coupons then I will suggest keep it around 15% with respect to original price.
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    I agree with expmrb. 2 responses out of 20 doesn't suck, for your first try.

    One other suggestion I offer you is, tell them you will give them the discount in "exchange" for their review.

    When I ran my E-commerce site, I once sent out an email asking customers to take a short "customer service" survey. At first, I used the method of paying them a discount coupon in advance (thinking the law of reciprocation would take effect?) The response was minimal. Around - 0.5%.
    Although I did notice a lot of people still used the coupon. So repeat sales is a good thing, but I was really going for the customer feedback this time around.

    Another time I tried an email that said I would like to pay them for 2 minutes of their time. If they would answer a quick survey, they would receive a discount on anything, and everything, on my website. The discount was the same 15% off, but the response from my second email was closer to 20%

    I think the lesson learned was... people are willing to help out, but they are busy (or lazy?) so give then a reason to give you their time, but don't pay them in advance?.

    Originally Posted by automathings View Post

    In exchange for your time, here's a $10 coupon that you can use for your next order (its good until February 28, 2017). Enter it in while checking out.



    SARubin - Direct Response Copywriter / Advertising and Marketing Aficionado

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      That was good advice. I know I have personally intended to give someone a testimonial but get busy and do not get around to it. A discount in exchange for the review would, I believe, be a nice incentive to remind me.
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        Originally Posted by Pat H View Post

        I know I have personally intended to give someone a testimonial but get busy and do not get around to it. A discount in exchange for the review would, I believe, be a nice incentive to remind me.
        I agree, Pat,

        I know when someone gives me exceptional service, I always think "I should go give them a good review. They deserve it."

        But if I don't get to it immediately, then life ends up distracting me from doing it. Then the next thing ya know... weeks have gone by.

        A little reminder can sure help. (and a monetary incentive doesn't hurt either )

        SARubin - Direct Response Copywriter / Advertising and Marketing Aficionado

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    2 out of 20 is actually quite good, it's 10% of your buyers! I've conducted large scale interviews with thousands of people with a much lower conversion rate than that. Here's some advice for getting even more reviews as you go along:
    • Craft an engaging headline. Don't use the same boring copy everyone else does. Make it feel personal and special, especially if you are doing these by hand in the beginning. Try something like: "I'll trade you for 10% off your next order" or "Thanks for being you. Here's 10% off your next order" Remember that people are getting 10's of emails a day. Your headline needs to stand out in the crowd.
    • Shorten your body copy. People don't need a detailed explanation of what a review is, everybody already knows that. The longer you make someone read the less likely it is they'll get to the bottom and see that sweet 10% off deal down below. Imagine you're the customer. What information would you need to be motivated to review a product? What do I do, what's in it for me, what did I buy, how do I get there? Done.
    • Don't call people "users," or "customers" it's dehumanizing. No one likes to be thought of as a stack of money moving through a revolving door. Connect with them on a human level, say something that makes them WANT to help you outside their own selfishness. "To tell you the truth X, we're trying to spread the word about [the product] and we need your help" or "I'm very curious to know how you're using [the product]. What are you enjoying about it most?" or "We've been getting a lot of questions about [the product] and I think you'd have some great insights." Make it feel like a conversation, not an empty command.

    But most importantly just keep at it. The reviews will come as long as you're engaging with your audience.

    Good luck!
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    Testimonials are a great way to leverage social proof for your business. They can be published a designated page on your website, or they can be included on other pages such as your homepage, about page, or sale pages. I discuss at length the many strategies you can use to get testimonials here: 6 Ways to Get Testimonials for Your Business but I will note two:

    1. Run a Survey

    Have you ever run a customer satisfaction survey? It’s a great way to get valuable feedback from your customers, good and bad. There’s also a good chance you’ll get some useful nuggets you can use. Either way, a survey will help you figure out which customers to target for testimonials. This can be a robust survey you send out to all your customers once a year, or a simple email following a transaction, or something in between. Just make sure you get permission to make the information public.

    2. Ask Customers

    Finally, the only surefire way to get great testimonials is to ask for them. People are always happy to help businesses they like. Those who have already said good things about you online are prime candidates for testimonials, but you can ask any of your customers. There’s no pressure to use it if you don’t like what they say.
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    Change your coupon statement to the top. You'll see a rather big boost in conversion as you'll engage the reciprocity principle. People tend to feel that they must give something back when they're getting something for free.

    Also, don't say that you're giving them this in exchange of the coupon. It will just make it look like a transaction and make them ask themselves "it is worth to have my name there for $10?". Give them the coupon for free and then ask them for the testimonial.

    The reciprocity rule is found in the basic programming of human psychology and works every time.

    Best regards,
    Razvan Rogoz
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    Well, this really is a very hard task. It's better to have a rating system/starts
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