Need some feedback for my Website. Conversion rate optimisation help.

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Hi Warriors,

I was looking to get some feedback as to where I could improve my website to get more conversions.

The site

The site gets a fe hundred visits per month and i'm hoping I can optimise it to get better conversions.

Many thanks .
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    1st. I like the Search block in your home page.
    2nd. There are too many products and blocks in your home page. I can't really browse through it. Your home page is the place where your visitor should get tempted to browse through the rest of your site. I would remove everything under the Search block and add 3 blocks that would redirect the visitors to the pages I would want them to go: my blog, my shop and the reviews.
    3rd. Consider removing all your Adsense ads from the homepage. Instead, you should have them added in your Blog.
    4th. Your subscription form should appear in your homepage after 5-10 secs.
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    thanks for the feedback Mark.

    I forgot to delete my browser history and didn't realise that Adsense was so distorted. After you mentioned it, I saw it another browser and see what you mean.

    I like the idea of the 3 blocks, but I don't really have a shop at the moment so the homepage with only 2 blocks looks to empty.

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