My website averages 3500-4000 unique visitors but I'm only making $5-$20 per day

by vmustang 21 replies
although my website averages 3500-4000 unique visitors, I am only making $5-$20 I think this is really low and I don’t know if its a design issue or technical issue. Please assist!
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    It really depends. What are you selling? How high is your price point? What are your conversion rates? Do you have a long lead time or a short lead time? How much should you be making to break even/profit? And most importantly, what is your website?

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      Not selling anything, it is a content/news driven site.
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    Getting unique visitors isn't enough. The visitors has to be targeted. People can get tons of traffic but if they are random then what's the point.
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    With over 40,000 visitors monthly, there are many ways to make a lot more money. Tell us a couple of things on how you monetize your traffic, or if possible add a link, so we can check your site.
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    What kind of website it is? Is it a webstore or a blog? Read your analytic data. Read carefully the interests of your inbound traffic. Where they came from; where they landed and how long they stood. Analyse source of your traffic. For example if you are selling wood stuffs and getting traffic for undergarments will do work right? Check ad placements in case of you run a blog. Run some experiments (A-B test), implement some high value related keyword at the beginning of the document, control types of ad to be delivered in that page/site, etc... hope this help.

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    No offense but the site looks boring.
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      I agree, sadly, any tips to change that?
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    First thing to check: Are you sure you're getting that many visitors? Is that info from something Google Adwords, or some stats software on your webhost? If the latter be careful it's not including bots and spiders in the visitor count...
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