Squeeze Pages, Sales Pages Conversion rates and traffic amounts

by Davisre1984 3 replies
Seeking info from the pro's.
Lets say you are getting traffic to your squeeze pages or sales pages for an evergreen niche like weight loss or internet based businesses.

What sources are you using/would you use for quality traffic?
How much traffic do you expect from a low budget campaign ( Low like $100 first month low)?
What is a realistic/expected conversion rate?
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    I am just trying to get some un-hyped real information with realistic numbers.
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    There is no right answer.

    So many factors to take into consideration, everybody's going to give you a different answer.

    You gotta figure out what each visitor is worth, not the overall volume of visitors (that's meaningless).

    When factoring in your conversion rates, the price of the product you're selling, and how much you're spending per click, nobody can give you straight forward numbers because all this stuff varies widely.

    If you're driving cold traffic, the average conversion rate is 1-2%.

    Warm traffic is considerably higher, but comparing yourself to others isn't going to do you any good - it's likely to make you feel lousy about your results (but lousy results are normal for a while when you're starting out).

    Personally, I'm very happy with a conversion rate of 30%, then I stop tweaking things for the most part.

    You need to test everything.
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    well it depends on the market you are tuned into.
    for traffic, there many different sources of traffic.
    from what you wrote,
    it all comes down to testing.

    which paid traffic therez right or wrong answer. you get to know by testing.
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