Will asking for Name in my Opt-in form drop conversion?

by imorama 11 replies
I want to collect the Names and use it to personalize emails in my Autoresponder sequence.

I hear from lot of people not to include Name in Opt-in.. will it drop the conversion rate?
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    Originally Posted by imorama View Post

    I want to collect the Names and use it to personalize emails in my Autoresponder sequence.

    I hear from lot of people not to include Name in Opt-in.. will it drop the conversion rate?

    That depends on the situation.
    • If you're selling insurance, yes, get the full name.
    • If you're selling Wordpress themes, no, forget the name.
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    Yes . We just ask for the email.
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    a lot I would say
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    I've subscribed to both - with and without a name. So it depends on the appeal you are creating before you show this opt-in.

    In fact, recently we implemented an opt-in on our website without a name. And we are generating a really good amount of subscribers. It works.

    Here is the image:


    Yuvrajsinh is a Growth Strategist at Space-O Technologies.

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    It depends on a case to case basis. Generally, the more you ask, the lower conversion you'll have. However, this is not always true and remember, that one's name is the most important word in the English language. It is about the trust he has / has not in you. If he likes you and feels like you're genuine, then asking for the name can actually boost conversion. The above rule generally applies to asking more intrusive details like your phone number, location and occupation.

    When in doubt, split-test.

    Best regards,
    Razvan Rogoz
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    Your conversions may drop on the squeeze page, however, your subscribers may be more motivated and conversions from your follow up emails may go up in consequence

    There's nothing for it but split test, but do not only look at squeeze page conversions. Also look at email engagement.

    If you use an autoresponder like aweber, a lower number of leads who are more engaged will profit your business:
    - you pay less for the autoresponder (fewer leads)
    - You get higher engagement = your deliverabilty will likely improve over time
    - You get higher ROI and lifetime customer value
    There's nothing an agnostic can't do if he really doesn't know whether he believes in anything or not
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    As a general rule every additional ask drops the rate. But depending on your situation that might be negligible and worth it. Simple fix is to AB test it and see.
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  • honestly the only way to know if it will affect YOUR CR is to simply test it.

    Just do a split test
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    As others have mentioned, it depends.

    However, my own experience is that I don't think I've ever hesitated one second to put in my first name no matter who was asking but almost every time I get asked my last name I hesitate for a second no matter who is asking.

    And I completely avoid most requests that ask for more than email and name.

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