How to increase "Add To Cart" rate in E-Commerce ?

by Eddy Suryadhamma Yansen 2 replies

Currently i am working in one of biggest ecommerce in my country selling baby related products ( diapers, formula milk, etc ). We are running campaign through DoubleClick, Adwords, Facebook.

The promotion and pricing of products is very competitive in the market, our ads CTR% around 4-5% in search, and 0.8-1% in display.

The problem is our add to cart rate is only 0.6- 1.3%, where i try to do little research and find out market "add to cart" standard around 7-9% ...

Cart to Checkout ( purchase ) currently is 20%, mean abandon rate is 80%.

Any ideas that i should do on our ad campaign setting / targeting / channel that i need to explore to increase "add to cart" rate ?

although, our design team also keep improving the UX/UI in our website.
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    Re: Adwords, you can set it up so that it only targets by users's device, location and network, start there if you haven't already. Also make sure to fill in your negative keyword lists to dissuade tire kickers with words like "do it yourself" and "handmade." Quaility traffic is the most important conversion factor. I assume your design keeps the Add to Cart button above the fold across all devices?C
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    First thing that comes to mind is retargetting those who abandon their Cart. I've automated this process through Mailchimp.
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