Conversion Rate Optimization

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    New Forum: Conversion Optimization STICKY

    mattbarrie in CRO

    Hello Welcome to a new forum on conversion optimization. Here we'll start a new section discussing strategies for converting traffic into customers better. Topics will include, but not be limited ... [read more]

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    Why your website is making people hate you!

    adamcurran in CRO

    OK, that might be a bit strong, but there's nothing more frustrating than a rubbish website, and it can really cause people to get frustrated with the business, or in ... [read more]

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    Anyone have results regarding show/hide video controls?

    Marcus W K Wong in CRO

    What performs better in a landing page: showing video controls or hiding video controls ? Does anyone have any insight into bumps of engagement / opt-ins if you hide the ... [read more]

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    Can someone help me with this FB ad + landing page?

    Patty Rivas in CRO

    I just ran this ad for 48 hours and got 1 sign up which cost me $15. Would love any feedback at all on this ad and landing page. My ... [read more]

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    What sort of pre-sell should I use?

    karmadog in CRO

    I've been selling this affiliate product which is a software that fixes a particular problem with Windows computers, but the conversion rate has been very low, I've been getting a ... [read more]

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    Is there a way to monetize incoming traffic without ads/banners?

    hirethestache in CRO

    We have a community-driven site that I am running out of pocket currently. One of our positions is to be a trustable community, and as such, ad-free(or at least the ... [read more]

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    Auto tracking conversion with clickbank and voluum ?

    crespy in CRO

    Hey, I am using voluum tracking and i am wondering, if i choesed a clickbank product then i got my ID (Hoplink) then placing an offer with the hoplink and ... [read more]

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    Mobile ROI vs Desktop ROI

    fernando25 in CRO

    I wonder if someone has a clue about those two values: Mobile ROI vs Desktop ROI in 2014 the average desktop conversion rate was 4.3 and it might have grown ... [read more]

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    Ideas on Monetizing Website

    Shawn Arms in CRO

    I run a website caused I was going to sell it recently on Flippa but really noticed that the traffic keeps growing exponentially every month with no effort whatsoever. ... [read more]

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    Do you send branded SEM traffic to your homepage?

    timokeefe in CRO

    It's something I've never really seen much data on, but have heard a few differing opinions. Some people swear that branded SEM traffic should go to your normal homepage, others ... [read more]

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    CRO As A Service?

    PaulintheSticks in CRO

    Most websites desperately need it and it seems you could get better results fairly easily for most. What do you think of selling CRO as a service?

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    Fomo (formerly Notify)

    automathings in CRO

    Fomo (formerly Notify) is an app that rotates a banner with the details of recent orders. They have pretty substantial claims on how this type of social proof increases conversion ... [read more]

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    Correlating page loading times and conversion rates?

    geekybiz in CRO

    Hi Have a couple of quick questions: 1. Do you keep a tab on your website's performance and correlate it with conversion rates? I mean, to see if any poor ... [read more]

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    7 Awesome Tips to Boost Your Conversion Rate

    bvwall in CRO

    If you're looking to up your game it is time to look into increasing the proportion of your website traffic that converts into sales through Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). Quite ... [read more]

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    CPVLab with Adwords - How to Track

    Cataclysm1987 in CRO

    I need to know how I can track Adwords traffic in CPVLab without losing keyword tokens. Any time someone visits the site, they immediately lose any keyword data if they ... [read more]

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    How should I use Google Analytics to setup goals for this?

    karmadog in CRO

    I have a site full of informational articles, as well as a handful of sales copy articles. What I want to do is, I want to test to see which ... [read more]

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    Free quality traffic sources

    BFX in CRO

    Hi there, Could you please help? I need to find out a way to target people with free ads and I do not know how to. I advertise on Facebook, ... [read more]

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    how can I send trafficto my website

    ilidriissii in CRO

    i have started a website 2 months about weight loss niche. i need methods to increase traffic toward my website. i use facebook and google page. i get about 25 ... [read more]

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    1% Click to buy conversion rate !?

    mactube in CRO

    Is it safe to say, that at least 1% of online campaign clicks should convert in a sale of a physical product thats under $30 ? I promote my T-Shirts ... [read more]

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    not having any success with conversions

    dj2590 in CRO

    I have tested several different follow up series and i'm hardly getting any of my emails opened or any of my links clicked. I always send valuable content for the ... [read more]

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    Tabs vs Expandable Sections On Product Page

    automathings in CRO

    My product page was getting much too large with product info, dimensions, shipping, returns, reviews and so on. I condensed them down to tabs. One advantage to tabs is that ... [read more]

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    Best Landing Page Builder?

    ahmar2 in CRO

    Hi, I am getting into CPA Marketing with FB Ads. I want to create simple responsive landing pages for this purpose. Here are only features I am looking for 1. ... [read more]

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    Conversion Optimized WP Website Themes?

    PaulintheSticks in CRO

    Plenty of landing pages but can't find any CRO website themes. Anyone?

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    50 Ways To Be Better at Conversion Optimization

    dansilvestre in CRO

    Conversion optimization is the primary goal for any person who runs a website. And for those who run a site but don’t know about it, it is the percentage of ... [read more]

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    How to optimize my funnel - any ideas appreciated

    rritz in CRO

    Hello fellow marketers, I am in the traffic biz and run a lot of traffic through all kinds of funnels. They are mostly optimized for getting opt-ins to my email ... [read more]

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    What wordpress plugin can rotate banners in this way..?

    karmadog in CRO

    I've been searching for days to find a plugin that can do what I need, and literally none of them I've tried can do it. All I want to do ... [read more]

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    Good Conversion Tool "Autopilot Leads"-but having problems

    JGK in CRO

    A year ago I bought Autopilot Leads (APL) from Barry Pascoe and Roger ?.(a dynamic never stop selling duo) from Really Successful LTD. APL was designed to improve conversion. After ... [read more]

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    How should I split test banner ads on my site?

    karmadog in CRO

    I have this wordpress "fandom" viral quiz site that is getting a few thousands visits daily. I am currently only monetizing it with CPM popunder ads, but it only makes ... [read more]

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    How to increase conversion rate?

    diggbay in CRO

    Sometimes it hears that Many people have big email list or traffic but no sale or $.It' totally depends on other specific thing. friends do you know which this thing ... [read more]

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    Why everyone seems to run away from my Landing Page?

    wkakao in CRO

    Hi I created a landing page which literally is just a: background photo, headline, video sales letter and a section where you can buy a product (but it appears after ... [read more]

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    Criticize my page

    Goatermountain in CRO

    Hey Everyone, My brother and I have started a t-shirt company 2 months ago. We're looking for some feedback on how we can make our shopify page better. Here is ... [read more]

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    How to make your landing page so emotional it can't fail to convert!

    wordsandthebees in CRO

    OK so we all know that conveying some serious emotion converts, but we also know that a landing page only gives very limited space so it can be hard to ... [read more]

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    Does device fingerprinting work?

    David Fraudhunter in CRO

    Hi, I've been researching the topic of device fingerprinting for quite a while now. Many fellow marketers list fraud protection among the trends and hottest topics for 2017. There are ... [read more]

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    Do Habit Challenges Work for Lead Gen

    siimland in CRO

    Hello, I'm thinking of creating a website where people can sign up for a 3-5 day video series that teaches them a habit or an idea one day and then ... [read more]

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    Criticize my Landing page

    krasnivi in CRO

    Hi, Before launching the L/P for the masses I would like to know your opinion in the website? Which areas I could improve and how? Here is a link: Get ... [read more]

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    why track cart additions

    dgmufasa in CRO

    Hi, Just working on putting in tagging for my site. Saw that there is an option to track when people add items to a cart. I was just wondering why ... [read more]

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    Registration problem

    Scroogefrog in CRO

    Hi! I have such problem ( I have a lot of target traffic on my web site , but very low rate of registrations). And I don't know what is ... [read more]

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    Best converting adult traffic providers

    mole72 in CRO

    Hi Hello to everyone new to this forum. Does anyone know ant good Adult traffic providers for conversions.

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    How many page visits until you say the page doesn't convert?

    iRunThis in CRO

    I have a landing page that sends people to a product on clickbank. It's set up like a review page. I've been driving traffic to it for about 3 days ... [read more]

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    FaceBook Ads 0 Conversion Rate

    hillbro in CRO

    So I am new to the whole internet marketing thing. I teach courses on Udemy and generate on average about $8,500 a month (I only get $3000 of that number). ... [read more]

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    5,000 person email list.. 30k visitors per month.. STILL CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO MONETIZE THIS SITE!

    NetJunkie913 in CRO

    I currently run this niche relationship advice site: I've built the list to 5,000 people and we get 30,000 visitors per month through email, social media, search engines etc... ... [read more]

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    Google Analytics: Viewing acquisition source of sales

    Josh MacDonald in CRO

    I have Analytics setup for about 30 days. Since then, I've received a bunch of sales. I want to track down where the sales came from. I understand future sales ... [read more]

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    5 Dumb Mistakes to Avoid in Landing Pages

    dansilvestre in CRO

    Landing pages are a pivotal component of the marketing strategy that tends to provoke the site visitors to take a specific action. They are standalone pages that do all of ... [read more]

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    Forget writing blogs, video content is the new black!

    wordsandthebees in CRO

    I'm not talking about auto playing here because I don't think there's an internet user alive that auto play doesn't bug the hell out of! But video content; if you're ... [read more]

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    Countdown Timer

    thirdeyeblind82 in CRO

    Hello everyone, I'm looking for a countdown timer to add to my landing page and to the emails I'm gonna send after, something that track the IP of the user ... [read more]

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    Looking for the perfect Tracking System

    sharoncm in CRO

    Hi, I'm looking for tracking system that can handle traffic and conversion from mobile and desktop, who can work with several affiliates.daily, thousands of traffic from variety sources. what do ... [read more]

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    Traffic but no sales

    Panda Wang in CRO

    Hi all, This is my first post here. My website has about 4K views (Nov 12-Dec 12) but we only have 2 sales so far. This conversion rate seems ... [read more]

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    Affilate website review:

    Mpmurray in CRO

    Hiya, I have an Affilate website I am currently getting 10 visitors a day approx. I am having trouble converting these into sales. Anyone got any ideas why this ... [read more]

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    Nobodys reading your blog but it has nothing to do with your writing.

    mattsuth in CRO

    Theres nothing worse than putting your heart and soul intoa blog or piece of content only to have your number of views and commentsawkwardly hang around on zero. Youre a ... [read more]

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    Increase sales!!

    Maria Jones in CRO

    Hello, I have a jwellery related website and have ran a product listing campaign. I am getting 100 click per month but i am not getting any sales. Can anyone ... [read more]

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    How do you track conversions with Instabuilder 2.0?

    karmadog in CRO

    If my landing pages lead to a Clickbank affiliate product, how do I track conversions?

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    How to track sales by traffic source

    marios521 in CRO

    I will try to explain my concerns as simple as I can with an example. Lets say we have 3 main traffic sources to our website. Facebook, Organic and AdWords. ... [read more]

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    Decrease in Traffic!!

    Latlon Technologies in CRO

    We are experiencing a continuous reduction in the traffic. Can anyone help to sort out the issues with this site? I have shared the link below. Looking for your ... [read more]

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    Converting visitors into enquiries

    benjones25204 in CRO

    Hello all I have come here as I know many of the users are professionals and very good at what they do. What would you say is the best method ... [read more]

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    Looking For a Little Help

    samburland in CRO

    I'm been looking at this site for so long I can't figure out why its not converting. I would really really appreciate any feedback The site is and the ... [read more]

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    Recently launched my new site. Help needed to optimize it for conversion

    devilasangel in CRO

    Basically I need your help guys Let me know what would you have done differently to capture the right customer. Thanks in advance for your answers

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    Site has 12k visitors - How to raise conversion?

    Mike Johnson0 in CRO

    So my technology site has 12,000 daily visitors and I have sold ebooks, affiliate products and all manner of advertising but have only gotten to high 4 figures a month. ... [read more]