Email Copywriting Course?

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Hey all,

after 2 years of done email marketing, I still think I suck at writing good emails, my email open rates prove it. I know that there are some threads about this already, but still i'd like to know:

What are the BEST email copywriting courses in your opinion?
Just enter the name and why?

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    I find CopyBlogger to be very good at this. They have tons of free materials for emails, headlines, content marketing and so on.
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    Copyblogger is an excellent source for overall writing of content. And there is specific information on Email Copy as well.

    I know a couple of courses at Warrior Plus that are good overall courses for Email Marketing. And they give you great strategies for writing Emails....."Email Boosters" and "17 Email Hacks".

    You can just go there or google them.

    - Robert Andrew
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    you can follow the udemy email course.
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    Ramit Sethi's "Call to Action" course is really good. It covers everything from email marketing to blogging, sales pages, headlines, opt-in copy, etc. What I liked about it was that it offered templates and swipes, but also explained the psychology behind the copy and why it works. He's doing a free copywriting course next week, most likely leading into paid version. Might be worth checking out.
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      I would love to get a copy of that course "Call to Action".
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      Originally Posted by Sarevok View Post

      I have an email copywriting course on Udemy. It's the best email copywriting course that I've ever encountered, but I may be a bit biased.

      The name of the course:

      "Email Copywriting Strategy".

      It has over 1,000 students, and a near perfect 5 star rating.

      PS: I'm not sure if referencing my own content is against forum rules in any way. I don't feel bad for the shameless plug, however I have no intention of breaching the forum policies. So, if I'm in violation, simply let me know and I'll happy delete this message, no offense indicated.
      I think it is against forum rules, but on the other hand, i think the forum mods see you're trying to provide value here instead of self promotion. Thanks!

      Thanks everyone, I'll definitly take a look at all of them.
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    Commission Black Ops by Michael Cheney

    Commission Machine by Michael Cheney

    Email Players By Ben Settle (hell just get his list and you'll learn from him actually doing what he teaches)

    Hope that helps,

    If You Are Still Struggling To Build Your Email List - You Need To Download This Free Report Because It Reveals... How To Get 1,000 Email Subscribers In 30 Days Or Less - Without Feeling Confused, Frustrated, or Overwhelmed
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  • Copyblogger is good. You should join the email mailing lists of some of the most prolific copywriters ever, and emulate their style. Here are some of them:

    - Gary Halbert
    - John Carlton
    - Jeff Paul
    - Michael Fortin
    - Dan Kennedy
    - God
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        Ben Settle & Andre Chaperon -- two copywriters that actually make money from their own emails, not just from teaching people how to make money with emails. They're 100% email copywriters, too.
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    Ben Settle & Andre Chaperon -- two copywriters that actually make money from their own emails, not just from teaching people how to make money with emails.
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    Matt Furey's Email Copywriting Course is good
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    I still think Udemy has the best email copywriting course.
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  • I suggest you to find out what Ray Edwards have to share.Actually, I think you probably will love his lessons,but unfortunately, the enrollment is currently closed unless you can wait until he re-opens.Thank you.
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    I think it's Elite Email Marketing of Bertus
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