Infographics: Yea or Nay?

by Diana S 9 replies
What does everyone think of infographics as a type of content that adds value to a block of text?

As the focus shifts towards user experience, copy/content writers need to supplement their written content with something visual. Unlike an image, an infographic can provide additional information for the article or landing page, effectively killing two birds with one stone. This is best done by the writer him/herself for a consistent voice.

However, there has been some debate about whether infographic creation is worth taking the time away from actual writing. I was wondering what the people on this forum think.

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    Yes, infographics is really useful to us.
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    Could you perhaps elaborate on how you use them?

    It doesn't have to be a specific example, just a general overview like I've provided above.

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    Infographics are way more shareable than copy, moreso long copy.
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    Infographics are worth the time and effort you invest making them. They make information much easier to digest and are on the eyes so readers feast on them more often than they would be willing to spend time reading lengthy posts.

    "Pictures are worth a thousand words." Makes me wonder what an information-rich picture is worth. :-)
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      I would also highly recommend using infographics in your articles. It will break up the blocks of text and give your reader something visual to engage with: solidifying what they've learned from reading.

      If you feel that you can make these infographics yourself, then great! If not, I would be able to suggest some designers who can do that kind of work skilfully.
      I'd avoid fiverr though, I've browsed around there and some of the work on display is honestly cringe-worthy. If you're stuck, Behance is always a better option for browsing talented designers!
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    I've found readers on my Facebook page seem to respond well (meaning more views) to infographics. I've assumed it's the text + image nature of them.
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    I think info graphics can definitely be good especially if the illucidate some very big trend to capitalize on.

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      Yes! I definitely think infographics are useful and worth the time to create and add to content. You have the benefit of being able to customize each infographic to your particular brand or service and readers are likely to share a handy, cool-looking infographic, so this is especially useful for social media marketing.

      I like the fact than an infographic breaks up the text, is visually appealing/eye catching and they give a clear and concise overview of the key points of a topic by simplifying and providing the information quickly. Information contained in an infographic is easier to remember than long, complex or multi-step text-based-only content.

      I think of infographics as mini cheatsheets. If I find one that is useful to me, I print it out to refer to at-a-glance.

      It's a win-win for creator and reader. So, yes...very worth it!
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