Is Dan Kennedy's material still relevant?

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I remember reading a lot of Dan Kennedy's copy writing material in the past.

Is his stuff still regarded as the best, like it used to be? If not, who is the 'go to' person for learning to write good sales letters?


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    D.K. is without a doubt one of the best copywriters around.

    I've not seen a lot of direct praise for his copywriting products.
    His stuff on direct marketing is quite good, but as far as the
    nuts and bolts of writing sales letters I think you'll find there
    are many teachers you'll find teach the topic better.
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    Originally Posted by Daniel Ray View Post

    I remember reading a lot of Dan Kennedy's copy writing material in the past.

    Is his stuff still regarded as the best, like it used to be? If not, who is the 'go to' person for learning to write good sales letters?



    Dan Kennedy is okay. Sometimes he leaves me in left field with some of the stuff in his courses. His videos have him talking quite a but I find little meat in the offering. I still refer to him though. Can't totally discount Dan.

    I have a file for Jay Abraham. I have been his fan for many years. I miss all the great stuff he used to send via snail mail. I kept everything he ever sent to me. Many gems in there.

    Bob Bly is worth a look at.

    More than anything, I take lessons from a lot of marketing I see that draws me in. If it caught my attention (especially when I wasn't looking for it), and I stopped to read it and thought about buying it, it must be pretty darn good. Goes in my swipe file.

    That's my 7 cents.
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    Originally Posted by Ken_Caudill View Post

    That'll be $2000.00.
    Lol! That's great! I appreciate your input. I'm a big believer in practice...
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    Dan Kennedy gets rave reviews, but he's not my favorite. I've learned the most personally from Eben Pagan. His material on bullets and educating the prospective buyer is excellent...

    You can always read a Gary Halbert letter. That's always an education in itself.

    There are so many great copywriters, why not read them all?
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    If you read Gary Halbert's sales letters and swipe files, you'll get quite a good education.

    He was one of the greatest copywriters known to man.

    Check out his stuff.

    Another great is John Carlton. You'll love his approach too.
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    I love me some Dan Kennedy. His book "The Ultimate Sales Letter" is one of my favorite's. I love his examples all throughout the book.
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    I found Kennedy's $20 - $30 books (as Ross put it) not only a brilliant source of information... but a great lesson on how to inject personality into your writing and make your writing entertaining.

    His "No BS Time Management for Entrepreneurs" was one of the most entertaining books I've read in ages.

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    For a guy who is something of a grumpy curmudgeon, Kennedy
    is one heck of an engaging writer of books. He's got verve to
    his style that goes way beyond his sales copy chops... some of
    his stuff just sails by, it's so much fun to read. I particularly
    enjoyed the book on marketing to the affluent.
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    Dan Kennedy is definitely still relevant. My favorite books of his are The Ultimate Sales Letter and The Ultimate Marketing Plan.
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    geeting old to me
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    DK is still relevant. His copywriting and marketing resources have helped build my businesses. Like he said, "Good time tested sales and sales letter strategies do not wear out or become obsolete"

    Learn your history to know your future

    - Sam
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    There's good stuff out there as mentioned earlier. Dan's print material is still relevant for specific types of marketing. But since he's gone to the dark side and Bill took over I'd stick with his older stuff. I haven't been impressed with the B team events as yet. Possibly in the future. GL
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    To me Dan Kennedy is as relevant today as he ever was.

    I've probably got most of what he's created over the last 20 years. Admittedly some of it is a bit derivative from his earlier works, but that's understandable - the guy's prolific!

    While not about copywriting, his book, "My Unfinished Business" is a fascinating look at how Kennedy thinks and the motivations/actions leading to his successful business.
    I'd recommend it to any serious marketer.
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    Of course Dan Kennedy's material is relevant.

    Looking to write a sales letter... practice copying by hand and keyboard the type of sales letters you want to emulate or for the market you are pursuing.

    Gary Halbert recommended using the top rag mags to copy to learn quickly and how to pickup speed and accuracy in saying things directly.

    Like any practicing writer just copy the writers you want to write like.

    John Carlton readily said he wrote and copied and wrote and copied thousands of pages and people would tell him they would do anything to write like him... his answer, no you wouldn't. (otherwise they would have done the same thing he did.

    If you want Mark Joyner style check Maria Veloso.

    Ray Edwards stuff in his emails and letters, and Yanik Silvers stuff works along with Brian Keith Voiles...

    Rosser Reeves, Robert Collier (considered by many to have the sales letter bible), etc...

    Buy all the courses if you want formats and checklists... otherwise just write, write, write.

    Good luck
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    One thing you can say about Dan is that he sticks to the basics.
    His Ultimate Sales Letter book is a great introduction to copywriting
    but not all there is on the subject. But again, it provides the
    basics which many copywriters often miss.

    Kennedy provides a lot more information on business and direct
    marketing in general and has done wonders for my MINDSET.

    After you've read a couple of his books you have read them all
    because he is an information marketer at heart and makes
    money from selling more books. He teaches and follows the
    'rule' of re-using the same information in different ways to
    sell more.

    -Ray Edwards
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    I just recently got my hands on DKs Magnetic Marketing Tool Kit & Ultimate Sales letter, and I think their still relevant
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    Dear Daniel,

    Lots of great stuff on the Warrior forum.

    I would check out Clayton Makepeace's blog

    The Total Package

    Lots of free copy writing ideas and tips from seo to blogs to copy.

    I use Clayton's emotional and in your face style of copy techniques works the best for me.

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    Dan Kennedy's material is STILL the best. Best of all subscribe to his IC newsletter, if you run your own business. If you want to lean to write copy, get John Carlon's Simple Writing Systemn at or Clayton Makepeace's 6-Figure Copywriting Course at his blog. Click on resources or products. I can'trememer which now.
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    Dear Daniel,

    Is Dan Kennedy's stuff still relevant? Yes.

    Who is your 'go to' person for learning to write good sales letters?
    You are. You do not learn by copying, you learn by doing, and you
    become a better writer by READING, and by writing.

    Your success depends on your attitude towards copy creation,
    and it depends on your attitude towards your reader.

    I've been writing copy for the best part of 20 years, on line and
    off, and it was almost ten years before I wrote an ad that was
    worth a light.

    I'm often asked by junior writers who they ought to turn to for
    copyadvice—just who it is that they ought to emulate. I tell them
    all the same thing: don't "copy" anyone. By all means LEARN,
    but your voice in writing ought to be your own.

    Copywriters I admire include: Bob Bly, Luke Sullivan,
    my mentor Neil French; Dan Kennedy, John Carlton, Tim Delaney,
    Barbara Noakes, David Ogilvy, and David Abbott.

    There's a great book ("The Copywiter's Bible") that was published
    by D&ADin 1995 that showcases the work of 32 of the ad world's
    best writers. True,it might sound a bit dated now, but if you can
    find it, it's worth spending the money on because it tells stories
    about the writers AND their writing.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards, —Gary B.
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    Dan is relevant.
    In my opinion, his writing is effective because he "personalizes" it. He lets his own personality shine through. His style gives the impression he is sitting down and having a chat with you and answering your question, or telling you what is on his mind. I think that is the best kind of copy, because it keeps a person reading. And isn't that the point? If you stop reading, I've lost you ...unless it is because you've read enough to buy.

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