A Good Sales Page - What are the main things needed?

by Simon Nicholls 13 replies
Hi All,

I've in the middle of creating my first product and would like to start the sales page.

What are the key elements needed for a good sales page? I know testimonials always help. What about a Video explaining the product? Do these tend to convery higher than the more "traditional" sales pages?

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    A good attention grabbing headline, Video should work good though. But you need to grab their attention right away...

    Bullets use these to put across the main points and recaps.
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    Hi Simon,

    Mark Hendricks provides a cool template to help you along...

    Mark Hendricks - Salesletter Template

    Sign-up and he'll send it free.

    Hope this helps!

    Regards, Pete
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    Thank you Pete, I'll take a look! I need to put the sales page on a Wordpress page if that makes a difference?
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    That is your very very very most important part of your sales page because it dictates whether people will read on.

    (this is something I always used to space on when I started.)

    -good luck

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    I focus on these critical elements:

    - The Headline (must clearly state the USP otherwise, people bounce)
    - Telling your story with FACTS.
    - The Offer (This is actually the most important piece of the sales letter because people buy the offer and not the product(s).. seriously)
    - The Guarantee (Nobody likes to be scammed... good disarming device)
    - Strong Call to Action. - This is your most wanted response... click to claim this limited offer now!
    - Testimonials - Social proof never gets old and if its working for them, well....

    There are other elements to key in on but if you nail these ones down properly, the rest is easy enough to test and tweek for higher conversion rates.

    Split test your page by changing one variable at a time (This is where you can test Video & Graphics et al) while keeping a keen eye on your multivariate statistics to find the winning combination of all sales page elements for your market.

    Give your sales page a strong foundation first before getting fancy with it.
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    Originally Posted by Simon Nicholls View Post

    Hi All,

    I've in the middle of creating my first product and would like to start the sales page.

    What are the key elements needed for a good sales page? I know testimonials always help. What about a Video explaining the product? Do these tend to convery higher than the more "traditional" sales pages?

    As a war room member you can get this for free:


    -Ray Edwards
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    If you really want your sales pitch to work you need a big idea

    You need something that sets you apart… Something that gets into the heart and minds of your clients and customers and taps into their wants, needs, desires, and motivations.

    You have to be able to put yourself in the shoes of your customers and ask yourself what is missing. What is keeping you up at night.

    Fill that hole with whatever you're selling through your sales pitch.

    Mastering this is the hardest part and what makes a real copywriter, the rest is just logistics.
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    Yeah Simon... you could get all the advice you want in the thread, but it'll be disjointed and incomplete... because we can't fit a copywriting course in a single post

    You'd be better of getting hold of Raydal's incredibly generous offering above.

    Having said that... Make sure you tell a story and tell it well. So many amateur sales letters I see are just facts... almost as though they've written their copy as an SEO piece.

    Make it emotional. But don't indulge

    Ignore me, just get through Ray's course
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    AIDA is a simple method...

    Attention - HEADLINE
    Interest - BENEFITS
    Desire - SATISFY NEEDS
    Action - BUY NOW!!!!

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    There's only one thing you need to have...

    Complete and absolute knowledge of your target market.

    Know what they want. Then, give it to them -- up front, above the fold.

    Know what their fears and objections are -- then immediately alleviate them.

    Throw rocks at their enemies -- align yourself with their interests -- and they will trust you.

    Make them an offer they would have to be an absolute idiot to refuse.

    Make it easy for them to part with their money.

    In other words...

    Know your target market -- their demographics, psychographics.

    Know your target market -- and let them know you.

    Barry A Densa - Freelance Marketing & Sales Copywriter - WritingWithPersonality.com

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