What would make a good title of Biography book?

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What would make a good Biography title and tagline to command attention and interest?

let me get the ball rolling...using my warrior name as title name of person, I have the following suggestion:


The Untold Story

Following direct response principles, obviously being clever with words,using cliches or bland boring words is not in scheme of things here.


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    Hi there

    This will help a bit:

    What's the person's background? Why do I want to read about him or her anyway? Hard to make a title without knowing a bit about that.

    Example - are they someone with a special story to share? A marketing genius? A doctor? Teacher? Animal Trainer? Elephant Mad Scientist?
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    "Let's have more ideas?" And not even a please in sight...

    In my opinion, that's a pretty rude way to ask busy copywriters "can I have some of your ideas for free?"

    Cheers and I wish you luck with your book.
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    Look for a book called, "The First $100 Million". Its nothing BUT book titles. Bring your wallet.
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    I forgot who originally said this, It came from an NLP book about modeling, but focus more on your questions and less on your answers. That works universally. OP Danielle has a point, there is only so much we can do with guesswork.



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