Subliminal Advertising Embedded Imagery

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Examples of subliminal advertising and embedded imagery...

Any more examples of subliminal advertising / embedded imagery?
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    I don't even know how I got here
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      To be honest I thought the coke one was a used condom! Hanging of the side, only once I dragged the image to the browser bar did I find out what it was.

      Kind of interesting.

      The dodge truck one seems a little far fetched though.

      And the burger king one doesnt look like it was supposed to subliminal

      Although I am no expert on subliminal stuff.

      Interesting stuff though.
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    I think there's something to this subliminal advertising stuff, I think it could seriously influence a buying decision.

    But a great offer and call to action will always work and I'd gladly do a direct response ad to run up against any of these, for a percentage of sales.
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    It's no secret people put in subliminal messages. The secret is these can be done for a variety of reasons having nothing to do with sales.

    There is a lot of this done as revenge for cheapsake logo design. Many ad agecies think they are pushing the edge -- I can assure you the Burger King ad was done so you "get" the subliminal message on a very conscious level. The Burger King ad targets young males; specifically those lacking two brain cells to rub together to run a subliminal level of consciousness.

    And if you look at the buzz about that Burger King ad, if it was supposed to be subliminal it wasn't subliminal enough. It's suggestive. Not subliminal.

    Branders love to monkey with this. Notice the examples never some with A/B test results. And they won't.
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    Some of these aren't subliminal. The BK one is the exact opposite of subliminal; it's literally "in your face" filth. The Intel ad, from what I can see, has no subliminal elements. It's simply politically incorrect, showing a number of black men bowing before a white man. If the races were reversed, no one would have ever said a thing about the ad.

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