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Here's another advertising copy example by Joe Sugarman from the archive.

When I first saw this ad I was confused and curious. In the headline and subhead Joe has two seemingly unrelated concepts.

That alone pulled me into ready the STORY ... (the slippery slide).

Check this out for yourself and let me know what you think.

Here's the free download link to this great copywriting example, a valuable additional to your own copy swipe file.

Joe Sugarman Free Copywriting Example |Unusual Curiosity Headline| Add to your copy swipe file
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    Is it an ad for the anti-gun lobby? Your page says -

    Hooks: Finally an easy way to use two highly effective ingredients to battle gun disease

    BTW - It's a great line.

    "Finally! An easy way to use two highly effective ingredients to battle
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      Just testing to see if anyone actually read it

      Bu you're right it WOULD make a great headline.

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    Hi Drez,

    ... as with the smile, thank you for the link, and helping some new unknown 'toddler' internet marketer. It's going to be a great source of reference and guidance when drafting my first ever sales page, for my first ever eBook product.

    Cheers Again,

    Best Regards,
    John Pugh
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      There is something very special going on in this ad.
      In his book, Joe says that the duty of the headline is to get the reader to the next sentence and the duty of that sentence is to get the reader to the next one and so on.
      In this ad he takes that idea one step further. He has hooks at the end of many of the paragraphs that get the reader to continue on to the next paragraph. Here is a list of some of the last sentences he uses:

      "And as I woke up out of this horrible nightmare, I was in a cold sweat."

      And the realism of the dream made me wonder what I was going to find at the dentist.

      "What have you been doing?"

      The principle was simple.

      The reason is simple.

      Here's how it is done.

      But there's more.

      So here's what I have done.
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    thanks for sharing
  • Profile picture of the author yourstory
    thanks for sharing this !
    • Profile picture of the author jimbo13
      Hi Drez

      I enjoy reading these examples you put up but I was wondering were they all effective?

      I guess I mean that me being in the UK the product names mean absolutely nothing so even though it seems like a good ad to me, was it for the company?

      Or do you only post ones that were succesful?


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    Brilliant ad. Flows like a greased slide. Classic Sugarman.

    Thanks for sharing, added to the ol' Swipe file.
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      In fact that's what Joe called it "The Slippery Slide" ...

      Once you hooked someone with your headline ... pulled them into the first line ...

      Then the first line pulled them into the next line.

      And so on ... until they had read the entire ad.
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    Hey thanks for posting
  • Profile picture of the author stufftheme
    nice post
    thanks for the tips and sharing it
    • Profile picture of the author Drez
      Don't forget to check out all the other free copywriting example swipe files I've posted on this forum.

      There's something to be learned from each of them.

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