Who are the best female copywriters out there

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Hey Folks,

I am looking for a top quality direct response copywriter to help us with our squeeze page and email copy with the main goal being to increase opt in rates and increase sales conversions.

We prefer a female copywriter since our target market is female. Could you seasoned copywriters out there provide recommendations?

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    Do you think female copywritings are better than male copywriters when the target market is female? I think any copywriter can write for any audience...

    Elion Makkink

    SEO & Content Marketing Consultant

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      Yes, I do. But that's just my opinion. And given that I am the one paying....
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      When you hire an outsource - YOU get to set the parameters. This is not an opportunity for a gender based argument.

      I know there are female copywriters on this forum so hopefully one will see this and respond or other well known copywriters here will provide some contacts for you.

      I agree there are issues of male and female that are best addressed by someone who could/has experienced them.


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    Hi there,

    If you want a hard-sell approach with a lot of hype, I'm not the right copywriter for you.

    However, if you want a sales page that establishes rapport with female readers, addresses their concerns, dramatizes the offering in a non-macho way and gets perfect customers to press the "buy" button, then that's what I'm especially good at.

    For proof, look at the Alexa listing for my main web site, yudkin.com and you will see that my visitors (and fans and clients) are substantially more women than men.

    Yudkin.com Site Info

    Good luck with your project.

    Marcia Yudkin
    Check out Marcia Yudkin's No-Hype Marketing Academy for courses on copywriting, publicity, infomarketing, marketing plans, naming, and branding - not to mention the popular "Marketing for Introverts" course.
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    Originally Posted by adesbarats View Post

    Hey Folks,

    I am looking for a top quality direct response copywriter to help us with our squeeze page and email copy with the main goal being to increase opt in rates and increase sales conversions.

    We prefer a female copywriter since our target market is female. Could you seasoned copywriters out there provide recommendations?

    Not every copywriter writes for every single niche or topic so my recommendations might be null and void for that reason alone.

    But the "best" female copywriters that I'd recommend (off the top of my head and in no particular order) are Susan Landry, Collette Gilliam (screen name Collette), Anita Ashland. For A-List copywriters (mostly offline media) I'd say Carline Anglade-Cole.

    As a previous member mentioned, a number of seasoned male copywriters have written hit pieces in a female voice aimed at a female target market.

    So I wouldn't completely dismiss working with a male copywriter IF you can't find a match with a female copywriter.

    Hope that helps,

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    Killer Emails. Cash-spewing VSLs. Turbocharged Landing Pages.

    Whatever you need, my high converting copy puts more money in your pocket. PM for details. 10 years experience and 9 figure revenues.
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    I see some great names above, so I won't bother with my full list. But here's another for you: Deanna Blanchard. Like Carline Anglade Cole (and myself), Deanna studied under Clayton Makepeace.

    She's very good, and I don't know if she has room in her schedule. But you may want to give her a shout. Her website is: Deanna L. Blanchard - Your Resource For Copy That Sells!

    Hope this helps!

    Len Bailey
    Feel free to connect on LinkedIn or Twitter

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    As a female copywriter myself, I'm going to have to agree with most of my male counterparts on here - a good copywriter can research and write selling copy for you regardless of gender.

    I once read a piece directed at woman that converted amazingly - and was written by a male copywriter (his name escapes me right now).

    But as you said, ultimately it's your project and your choice

    As far as references, there's a lot of great names up there - Any of those ladies would be able to craft an awesome direct response piece for you.

    Best of luck!
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      I generally turn down work when someone wants a female writer. People put too much emphasis on the sex of a person and his or her abilities to do specific tasks. That's so prehistoric.

      I wrote a series of radio commercials for CBS, Los Angeles, for a male enhancement product and it is doing great. In fact, it's hitting the mark better than any spot they ever used. And, they only used male sales writers up until me.

      Had they said only a man could have created such a spot, they would have lost business. They weren't that stupid.

      You have a right to hire anyone you want based on any criteria. And, if you can find a writer willing to work because of their sex, you both will be happy.


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