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Dear Warrior, first of all thank you for taking the time to read my post.

There is a problem with 2 of my websites I cannot understand. Both websites are in the "women's issues" niche. They are and Both websites are on page 1 of Google and have a PR 3

Both sites were created using another (someone else's) site as a template. The site I used as a template DOES make money and is in a similar niche and makes around $200.00 a month.

Both my sites have been up and running for about 3 months.

I do get high (around 20-30 visitors a day) on each site, which is not bad considering that these are "buyer key-words" that I'm being found for and not just "generic" or "information-browsing" keywords. I also get around 20-30 clicks to the respective Vendors. Yet neither site has ever made a single dime...
I've made this post in another part of the Warrior forum and I've made the suggested changes, but they also suggested I post it here for some copy writing tips.
In 21 months of doing Aff. Mkting and 14 Clunker sites this is the first time I've ever ranked for anything at all in Google, so it's a big deal to me...
Can someone please take a look and offer some advice?
Best Regards and thanks for reading my post.
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    The page was made for googlebot to buy, the problem being 'bots don't have wallets.

    If this was a copy, and you only want some change for the parking meter, just go back and figure out what they are doing you are not.

    I suspect you've set your mind on copywing this other site. So go, copy better.

    Otherwise your content is at odds with just about all the advice you'd get here. It just isn't for a human who buys. It's a content scrape with high hopes.

    There is too much wrong to go into, but the major problem is world view. This site is what you're supposed to be doing ...from the point of view of SEO. That puts up a big hurdle in understanding the different world view of copy and conversion over traffic and search engine spam.

    These two world views should complement each other, and SEO should easily and naturally understand the need for conversions. That is not happening. SEO is at war with everything else, from marketing to simple usability.

    Once you go down that road, adive doesn't help. Tips won't be much use. A course of deprogramming and re-education is required.

    That's why you are shocked at topping the SERPs and not getting sales. In SEO world that can't happpen.

    SEO has, sorry to say, gotten that close to cult territory.
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      Hi John_S, first of all thank you for your input.

      I didn't just copy willy-nilly. I was following advice from the person who owns he advised me to copy his style if I wanted to make money because he does with that copy, his website is and he makes about $200.00 a month with that. I even tried the same theme for a while, but then I thought the theme might be a bit to "hip" for my audience.

      I'm definitely not out to copy, I just want to find out how this works... Can you give me examples of what I should be doing? I've tried the SEO route and apparently it seems to be a hit and miss thing... You're the expert here... Nothing is set in stone so I can make any changes that are necessary for better conversions... I'm just seeking advice from someone with more and better experience than myself...

      Your ranting about world views etc.. doesn't really help I asked for advice not debunking without knowing where I'm coming from... I made these 2 sites based on what I was told to do and not based on any personal preference or pre-conceived ideas..

      Best Regards
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    about $200.00 a month with that
    Yeah. About that ...I can't help you. I won't even turn on my computer for two hundred.

    You are in the wrong place. (There are a number of ways to intrepret that, and most interpretations you come up with probably apply)
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    You may not be able to help John_S, but maybe someone else is... So my post stands, whoever wants to help... Your advice and input is greatly appreciated... Some of us do turn on our computers for even $50.00
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    I can immediately see your problem. This copy is actually boring. You need to go back and answer these questions.

    Why does your prospect want this?
    What will it do for them?
    How can you connect with them on an emotional level?

    I actually just wrote an article about this. Spend some time reading about tips on copywriting blogs. There's quite a few out there. Make sure you know your prospect and connect with them. Give them validation. Put yourselves in their shoes. It will help.
    Read sales copy that works. (I guarantee it always tells a story and that's what keeps peoples attention. Facts won't do it, and right now that's all you have.)
    Copywriting at it's Best! - Tips and tricks to connect with your reader.
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      Originally Posted by carlstarus View Post

      Your ranting about world views etc.. doesn't really help I asked for advice not debunking without knowing where I'm coming from...
      Originally Posted by carlstarus View Post

      You may not be able to help John_S, but maybe someone else is... So my post stands ...
      What on earth is the point in helping someone who first rejects the professional help given to him and then insults the person offering their time and expertise freely?

      Way to go man, way to go. How to create a best impression! Slap the advice straight back in the gentleman's face. I can see you're going to go a long way on this forum. Not.

      You just shot yourself in the foot. No self respecting and very experienced copywriter / marketer here, is now going to want to even consider helping you out with your questions.

      Why should we, just to be insulted by you in return?

      What's the point in trying to help someone who doesn't even appreciate very high quality professional advice when it's handed to him on a plate?

      Maybe all the newbie pretend copywriters will chirp in now instead? Good luck operating on their advice.

      John is one hell of an experienced copywriter and marketer. Throwing his advice straight back at him was not only extremely rude but completely uncalled for too.

      You might try next time sticking an appreciation cap on your head when you wake up in the morning.

      Pete Walker
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        Your missing what's going on here Pete... It's the bit in quotes here that ticked me off. He was rude and I answered in kind, that's just who I am.

        "If this was a copy, and you only want some change for the parking meter, just go back and figure out what they are doing you are not.

        I suspect you've set your mind on copywing this other site. So go, copy better
        ." He's replying as if he's talking to his dog... " In contrast look at how RHert replied... Now that is non patronizing - non insulting piece of advice. (Which I can probably take to the bank too.) I've looked at some copy writing forums and to say the least, I've still got a way to go... I guess what I'm saying here is: I seek help and advice, but I'll be damned if I bend over to get it...
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          He wasn't being rude, not in the slightest, he was trying to help you.

          Don't take it personally. The reason he speaks authoritatively is precisely because John knows exactly what he's talking about. This is his area of expertise afterall.

          You asked the copywriters for their advice - so take it on the chin when it's freely given to you, otherwise you're simply shooting yourself in the foot and everybody offering you their advice... you're just wasting their valuable time.

          With all due respect RHert is a newbie in this section, he might be a copywriting genius for all I know (although I've never seen him posting in this section of the WF before,) John_S on the other hand has a very good track record here spanning several years.

          Who would you rather take advice from, a newbie or a pro? Someone inexperienced or someone very experienced in their game / specialization?

          Pete Walker
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    If he honestly wasn't trying to insult with "I suspect you've set your mind on copywing this other site. So go, copy better." Then I apologize... But in my ears that sounded more like an insult than help... In never implied that I had my mind set on copying, I was just trying to find out how it can be explained that 2 sites with the same PR and positioning. One sites sells and the other doesn't that's all...
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