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I know sometimes we as copwriters go back and forth about issues...

...and I don't visit other sections of this forum often, but I read something that is important for everyone to know...more important than how we feel about certain issues...a fellow copywriter needs help.

Some of you may know about this...maybe I'm just behind...but it's worth bringing up.

I read a post by Ken Strong:

I Have Cancer | Kenneth Strong

I can only imagine the thoughts and fears one must have when dealing with something like this.

I'm hoping for the best...and know that a positive attitude can work wonders.

There's a way to help:
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    Please don't thank me for this's not my intention.

    More important is to show your support by buying the's one of the best deals you could possibly get.
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    Please don't thank me for this post
    Why not? I am thankful. I'm glad you drew attention to this, because it's important. I haven't seen it brought up here in the CW forum yet.

    I'll add one more to it. You can also contribute by purchasing Fast Effective Copy, through the link in this post:

    Direct Link To Buy

    ...which is, in my mind, is not only an irresistible offer, but an awesome copywriting resource.

    But wait, there's more...

    Check this out:

    All the guys doing this are awesome... for real... now THAT is a no brainer.

    So there Max (sorry, I already forgot your real name, Mark?). I do believe you're entitled to that "Thanks" up there and hopefully this post will help further the cause.
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    I found the second offer and just updated my OP. It's something no one around here should miss out on.
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    Donation made. Hoping for a positive outcome for Ken.
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    Thanks for posting this, Max - and thanks AA for the heads up.

    I was going to make a specific thread in here today anyway, but this is much better!

    Here's the story...

    Think of it as our own copywriting Live-Aid to support Ken Strong's cancer treatment.

    Click below to read all about The Crazy 8 Sales Video All-Star Jam:

    ==> The Crazy 8 Sales Video All-Star Jam to benefit Ken Strong's Cancer Treatment

    And look at who's involved:

    John Carlton, David Garfinkel, Kevin Rogers, Ben Johnson, Brian McLeod, Million-Dollar Mike Morgan, Jimmy Curley and Stacey Morganstern...

    We're all on-board for this one-time-only live webinar and it happens this Thursday, November 17th at 6 PM Pacific (9 PM Eastern)....

    We're going to reveal The Crazy 8 Sales Video Formula
    anyone can use to get a powerfully persuasive, high-converting
    video sales letter (VSL) done in record time.

    Plus - Kevin and Ben have donated an amazing bonus Cheat Sheet where they completely deconstruct and walk you through their most recent #1 Clickbank sales video script.

    And David and I are also giving you another juicy bonus right away. Interesting side note - this was the first thing David and I ever did together.

    And the best part is...

    The cost for this one of kind live event?

    Only $27.

    It's all for a great cause because 100% of the proceeds go directly to Ken's medical fund.

    No administrative costs, no overhead...

    Every penny goes straight to Ken's family so he can get the treatment he needs to save his life and - do it RIGHT NOW.

    Kevin Rogers made this quick video to tell you all about it:

    Register right now, while you're thinking about it.

    All the details (as well as the bonuses) will land in your email inbox immediately.

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    @Brian -- this sounds like something that's too good to be true.

    I'm signing up.

    I imagine this will probably sell for much more after the offer...

    It's not often you can get a star studded list of people like this giving away big money ideas for only $27.00.

    Anyone into marketing knows that video is where it's at...most (like me) just don't know how to connect the missing links.

    This is a no brainer.

    Thanks for being so giving for a good cause.
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    If you'd like to be a part of the program but don't have the funds for one reason or another...send me a P.M.

    I'll pay for 10 others to take part of this.

    The only thing I ask is that you pay it back to someone else by doing something helpful with the the money you'll gain from the knowledge you learn.
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    Hey gang,

    The response to this webinar has been inspiring - I thank you, Ken thanks you, and Ella (Ken's beautiful 5 year-old daughter) thanks you.

    I'm working on the webinar slide deck today and this stuff is bottled lightning, folks.

    And I'm not sure how we'll be able to ignore some of the high-profile peeps that have bought a slot and are going to be in attendance Thursday night.

    I don't feel comfortable naming names without permission - but there's a veritable who's who of copywriters registered for this thing... and momentum is climbing.


    Lots of private emails wanting to mail for it and promote to their lists - each greatly appreciated (and needed).

    We're doing great but we've still got a long way to go and not long to get there.

    Please share on FB, Twitter, your blog - wherever you can:

    The Crazy 8 Sales Video All-Star Jam:

    Thursday Nov. 17th at 6 PM Pacific (9 PM EST)

    You can share the logo or bonus graphics if you want (just right click it to copy the image url), you can share Kevin's video if you want (just click through to youtube)

    Talk more soon... BUSY!

    Best to all,

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    Is there anyway to get this spotlighted?

    At the very least stickied here in the copy forum? At least for the time being?
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    I just stickied it now. Good suggestion.

    Hopefully it doesn't go unnoticed up top (sticky thread blindness happens).

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    That is an amazing offer. Thank you!

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    Are you going to record the call for people who can't be there?

    I didn't see this mentioned on the sales page and thought it may be stopping some people from ordering.

    Has Ken got a donation link set up anywhere, BTW?

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    Thank you gentlemen one and all. The information contained in this webinar? Priceless.

    One nugget banged out one after the other worth many, many times more than the $27 investment asked for. And all for such a good cause.

    You guys just blew my socks off.

    Thank you ever so ever so ever so much.

    Kindest regards and all best wishes,

    Mark Andrews
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