VSL (Video Sales Letter) Software: What Tools Are Best/Most Useful?

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Hiho Warriors!

For a VSL with text, audio and simple animation (like moving a still image into or out of frame) what tool(s) would you use?

(For PC (not mac).)

Powerpoint, Windows Movie Maker and Audacity come to mind ... but I'm not that up on it.

Do you know of anything better/more useful?

I appreciate your help very much!
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    This is kind of cool.

    I had a 20 minute video done through this company: Text to Video Service - TypeVideos.com

    Powtoon is kind of fun.

    But if you want to make more pro looking vids...

    ...Adobe Premiere CS6.

    Honestly though...

    PowerPoint vids are crushing it.

    Simple, ultra ghetto PP vids are doing better than the pimped out VSL's
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    I'm really happy with the Video Scribe Desktop by sparkol.com if you want hand scribed VSLs, which I think outperform PowerPoints in some niches. For around $20/month, it's hard to go wrong.

    If you want PowerPoint videos, just write your copy in MS Word outline mode using a new Heading 1 for each sentence or group of sentences intended to be on one slide. Format your heading style the way you want it to appear in PP.

    Save As an RTF. Then open Powerpoint, select a background image, or plain white. Edit your Slide Master by dragging the title of the first master slide down into the center of the slide.

    Then choose "New Slide..." "Slides from Outline". Pick your saved RTF document and it will import them in, creating slides as it goes.

    I learned this when I did a VSL for Dan Caron's contest and it took some fiddling but works great once you get the hang of it. I've created 100 slide VSLs in minutes.
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    Great thread, gang.

    @Vin - I loved hearing YOU do the VO, pal. And, of course, the copy is blisteringly good.

    @Sean - very similar workflow to mine. Keynote FTW. Have you ever used Garageband for preparing your VO/Audio? Give it a try if you haven't.

    @Bruce - great power tip. I do the same thing with keynote, but I just copy the text to the clipboard and paste it into Keynote in "Outline" view. Boom... hundreds of slides in a second.

    @Jeremey - you've touched on a raw nerve for me. Apple has removed many little hacks like this over the last few OS iterations and it drives me bonkers. Quicktime is a fantastic media layer, with tremendous power under the hood - but Apple seems determined to make it "dumber" as time goes on. ARGH!

    Just a quick post to acknowledge some great shares.

    If I can find some time this week, I'll try to lay out a workflow/template for everyone here that wants to use Keynote to create VSL's.

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    Guys... the copy is totally private. I never see it at all. It goes from "machine" to email and it's out of my life. I couldn't afford to do this if I had to be involved.

    That said, I'm going to have a feature where you can send in the link to your completed video to be showcased on the page in a slider of some kind. Just a way to get a little free publicity.
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    Thanks for the feedback. It will be clear to them they're getting slides and not a video. But that will be on the page before they buy.

    That said... the whole thing about the graphics is moot since there are no graphics included in this. You get the slides with the words and are shown how to add graphics.
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    Johnny. I may want to work on making that clear. Thanks again for your feedback.
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    synching the slides to the audio is key.

    i can't tell you how many vsl's have the slides coming before the person speaking... or vis versa.

    really crap production by nitwits who dont know what they're doing.

    and it TOTALLY gets the viewer out of the 'moment'.
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    Vin, that tool looks amazing. Count me in!
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    Same here, would be the perfect tool right about now...:-) Update?
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