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When I began teaching NLP Copywriting, I was stunned to see an order come in from Christian Godefroy.

In the United States, we learned the names of Bencivenga (TM), Makepeace, Schwartz, Ogilvy, Kennedy, Halbert, and many others.

In Europe, one name stood above them all - Christian Godefroy.

Every time I put out an NLP product, I received an order from Christian. Sometimes, he liked my copy so much he ordered twice!

We began an exchange of emails and one day, I got an email that he was visiting Florida and he would like to visit me.

I never published the videos (I believe I have more some place) but this is a short glimpse of one of the greatest copywriters who ever lived.

When I published my latest NLP product - Connecting With Stories - I was not surprised to see Christian's order.

I was shocked to discover of his passing recently and wanted to share this with you.

Rest in peace Christian.

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    Here's an audio of him with Craig Garber
    to reflect on the passing of this great man...

    FREE Audio Interview with Craig Garber & Christian Godefroy

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    I'm going to devour everything Mr. Godefroy has written.

    This man projects such a quiet confidence and a remarkably limitless perspective.

    Thanks for sharing, Harlan.

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    Listen up copywriters:

    Christian did what I've been telling you guys to do.

    Write for yourselves!

    There's more money in it.
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    Harlan, thanks.... this is awesome!
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    I got on Christian's list a while back when I heard Lawrence Bernstein mention him. He told stories in a special way that was so unlike many marketers. He will be missed.
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    Thanks for making this video and sharing it, Harlan.

    A friend once said that when someone dies, their death is one final flash of their "isness". One last glimpse of what made them, them... and how that matters to you.

    I see a man I wish I had gotten to know and learn from.


  • Profile picture of the author Harlan
    He loved a good story...

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