Simple Writing System Relaunch - Also Action Seminar

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Received an email stating Carlton's SWS is being released. There will be an express version which will be free, and a Coaching program.

In the email they also state they are holding an Action Seminar in San Diego. Anyone ever been? I guess it's more markting based than copywriting, but there are copywriting elements involved (and a free year of Insider Club membership which I was thinking of going to). Seems as if it's ran mainly by Stan Dahl

I live in San Diego so it'll be very cheap for me to attend. The theme is to develop a one page, concise action plan. They also will conduct a Copy Court, where a panel will tear apart your copy.

I see our very own Harlan is one of the panelists.

Just reading the copy for the event alone provided some lessons (creating urgency by stating the earlier you join, the better chance you have of getting your copy reviewed).
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    Went to their last one. Learned a lot, made extremely valuable connections, had a blast.
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    David Garfinkel and I have a uniquely valuable bonus for any CW Warriors who sign up for the Action Seminar through us. You'll need to get in touch privately to do it, though.

    I won't pitch it here - let's just say that you'll get incredible value far exceeding the $600 it costs to register for the Action Seminar (so it's almost like going to the event for free).

    Now, you might be interested in going, but stuck on the fence about the time, money and travel...

    Anyone here is invited to join Garf and I next week for our upcoming FastEffectiveCopy webinar with Stan Dahl, Carlton's long-time consigliere in Marketing Rebel and the real "brains" behind the Action Seminar.

    It's happening this Tuesday at 8 PM Eastern here:

    David Garfinkel & Brian McLeod present: The Action Webinar with Stan Dahl

    Stan is an effing brilliant businessman and he almost NEVER does interviews or webinars like this - so it's a cool thing just for the numismatic value - but the real purpose is to clarify any lingering questions or doubts you may be feeling about going to the Action Seminar.

    Love to have you on the call whether you're going or not...

    Best to all,

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    Sadly, I have a speaking gig at the same time as the Action Seminar. But to reiterate what Harlan and Kevin said, I was just reading about Ed Dale's 30DC coming up in April ( interestingly being funded on IndieGogo: Beyond The Edge | Indiegogo ) where he says "Every important person I've ever met in this business, I met at a conference."
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    Andy -

    I had never gotten the full story. I just figured you went out and killed a goat with your bare hands. Not sure if I like your version or my version better.

    Give Chamberlain my best.

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    I'm not trying to be a freelance copywriter or anything (maybe in the future - who knows). I just want to learn a few things on marketing my own business, a personal injury practice.

    Lawyers are terrible marketing types, which gives ample opportunity to a lot of marketers and coypwriters (many who rip them off hah). It's like pulling teeth to get lawyers to advertise, but they have a lot of money. I've seen direct response work so well for me, even on a very small scale, with no copywriting experience whatsoever (mostly learned through Dan Kennedy and those who studied under him).

    So I'm looking to develop enough skills to be better than most of the other legal marketing out there, which isn't that high of a standard at all.

    That's what I'm hoping to get out of this seminar. Also some of the other stuff is very intriguing. The website conversion stuff, etc.

    At first I thought it was mainly a copywriting seminar (which seems a bit much considering my experience, none, and what I'm looking to do) but it appears to be a little bit more. If I can find a few techniques to translate into my field it'll be well worth it. Just one technique is good enough already.

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