Can you beat these headlines?

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First, thanks for your time and attention.

I'm seeking newer copywriters, for actual work...that is, you'll be paid.

I need a couple of headlines to start, so, first critique a few, OK?

This is for the Kindle project I'm working on. I've tested one Kindle book for the last couple of months. Many at my forum have rec'd it for free and have offered valuable feedback. It is at Cosmic Power Gaze (Russell Thomas Collection): Gordon Alexander: Kindle Store

If you send me an email, I'll send you a copy for FREE The reason is so you can see my writing style for this series (about 25 titles).

Here are a couple of links to promotions I've don't have to read the promotions, just the headlines and you can either email me, pm here or post up your critiques. The first is a pdf which should automatically open when you hit the link.

Animal Hypnotic-Fascination

These will give you a flavor for the series, and the general topics.

Thanks again for your time.


PS I'm not selling anything, I'm LOOKING, ok?
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    Whore is such a brutal word...
  • Profile picture of the author Thomas Michal
    prostitute, call girl, escort, fallen woman, harlot, hooker, hustler, lady of the evening, pro, slut, streetwalker, strumpet, tramp, working girl
  • Profile picture of the author Pusateri
    Whore is the right word. It's the most visceral choice. Slaps you in the face.

    If you write with impact you are going to offend some people. That's the price of impact.

    Those unwilling to pay it write flaccid copy.

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    "whore" is not the right obviously sounds like a guy writing. Women would be turned off.

    I think the word escort is not only more mysterious, but also better sounding.
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    I hope Gordon won't mind me mentioning this.

    But the "pitch" reminded me of a book Dan Kennedy did with Sydney Biddle Barrows.

    "Uncensored Sales Strategies"

    Must say though, Gordons copy is a lot better (but like the others have said I wouldn't use the "W" word).

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    In stead of using the word whore or call girl how do you guys feel about taking a direct quote from the copy:

    "Call me all the names you can think of, but I'm having orgasms all
    the way to the bank”

    And using that as the main headline
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    I remember reading a course about "ugly yellow signs". These are the signs you see on street corners selling houses. They deliberately look like they're written by some average joe in Magic marker.

    There was a case study about a guy that used the headline, "Must sell my house because my wife is a whore."

    He KILLED it with that sign. Response was off the charts compared to others.

    Visceral works. The headline just has to get them to read the next line.
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    As always...comes down to testing.
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    Some of you commented last year, it's been almost a year since that was written.

    It actually is a promotion for several different products, each a small work to be sold on Kindle.

    Now I have access to advanced and sophisticated eye tracking devices...and of the scores of headlines which were looked at, the Whore headline got the deepest read into the promotion. Also, there was a significant difference between men and women.

    To date, and someone got it right, the promotion doesn't match the offer...this version which is targeted to men interested in persuasion techniques. So, much of this doesn't match up. One fellow with the different headline, about orgasms all the way to the bank is a good (in my opinion) one to examine,

    I appreciate everyone's time and comments. Just as an aside, in thousands of eye tracking studies, it has been proven time and again, the headline and deck copy, followed by the PS are the most read parts of almost all promotion, and the deck copy must get them interested enough to keep reading.

    Agree with TESTING being the answer and this promotion and variations have been in the testing part for pert near a year.

    The tests have included market segmentation, including multi-channel testing for different markets and niches including the "pick-up" market, the find a mate, the better sex and romance market...

    The work is similar to those popular, in the day, little Blue Books, which many of you know from J-H first 100 M.

    And as you know, he tested titles and headlines like no one else has, turning work done once into several titles in his series.

    Thanks so much for offering up your advice, it is appreciated.


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