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Profile picture of the author shawnlebrun by shawnlebrun Posted: 02/15/2013
Last night, picking out a Valentine's Day card for my wife,
I must have read over 50 of them... and some of them had
some of the best writing and "copy" I've ever seen.

Emotional, persuasive, etc... have to really pack a punch
in a very short space.

I'm curious to know if greeting card writers are "trained"
in copy, if they're paid well, if there's much of a market,
etc... anyone know much about the industry?

I know the tabloids like the Enquirer pay their headline
writers insane amounts of money... but I wonder what the
top greeting card writers get?
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    There's a greeting card section in Writer's Market. Or at least there used to be.
  • Profile picture of the author CharismaticMannequin
    Am I the only one that goes for the cards with little writing (and cute pics) so I can put my own copy skills to the test?

    Made my girl tear up, so I'm doing something right!
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    My wife prefers when I write my own cards so I just
    use a card program on my computer and compose
    my own poem.

    There is definitely a market for card writing but I think
    you'll be termed a poet rather than a copywriter.

    For me I think that the card companies are ripping
    us off with $5+ for a 2 page "book".

    -Ray Edwards
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    Alex Ceskavich
    Greeting card writers get paid decently well. Although they don't make the millions that top copywriters do.

    If it's interesting to you, it's a way to earn some extra income. Although many companies now a days are buying art + copy as a package. So you may want to meet an artist.
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    Steve The Copywriter
    I think I might have mentioned on a few posts that I do a lot of Postcard Marketing.

    One angle that works a greetings type Postcard (themed for any event, including all the major ones, Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, Mothers/Fathers day, Valentines, Anniversaries etc. etc.).

    Why are they so popular and bring a high response?

    Well, there's a range of deep psychological answers.

    The best one is...

    People like getting them.


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