What Job Did You Say Cheerio To...

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...before that beacon of light led you into the wonderful world of copywriting?

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    Sports Rehab...

    I used to help athletes with their injuries. Afterwards I did a more business type rehabilitation service.

    Howbout you sir steve?
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    I am not really a copywriter but I will still chime in as I am a writer and am teaching myself copywriting skills as I go.
    I have been on a disability pension for 8 years but the last J.O.B. I had was one where I worked part time from home for a call centre. It wasn't good money but it suited me. However, I gave it up when they cut the commission even more and I decided to do my own thing. I have not regretted it because my health is even worse and I could not hold down a regular hours job now anyway.

    I can write whenever I want to...midnight, mid day, whenever... and rest when necessary so it is ideal for me...and the income is slowly growing too.
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    I gave up every job where my boss makes more than I do, while doing something I hate. Came straight out of college (that's UK sixth form - pre-uni basically) and started this. It's ironic, since my job IS to make my clients a heck of a lot of money (more than I charge, anyhow).

    World swings in roundabouts, I suppose... :p
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    Yes, the irrefutable rule in copywriting is -

    Make the clients lots of cash.

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    I used to work in transport & logistics. Everything from managing depots to compliance roles.

    I think I've always been a copywriter of sorts though. I managed to sell my first sales letter via the AOL forums when I was just 16 and have been making money from it on and off ever since.

    Only the last few years have I really taken it seriously as a viable career option :-)
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    Ben, I know I rarely mention it (lol).

    I try to keep it top secret. Because they really do work so incredibly well.

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    I was working in scripted television development in LA. I know first hand how much people enjoy a good story! I read The Well-Fed Writer by Peter Bowerman, which led to reading Bob Bly, and so on and so forth until I wound up here, doing this

    And I love it!
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    Boring housework for which I was never paid. eg my own lol .
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    Daycare teacher. I was in college at the time. Don't let anyone tell you keeping two dozen seven-year-olds form destroying the building or each other isn't a marketing job.

    My first "real job" was for singing telegram company where I wrote sales scripts, among other things. Everything I've done since has involved writing copy in one form or another.

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