“My” Versus “Your” — Which Call to Action Copy Got 90% More Clicks?

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I love it when you change just one freaking word and response rates go up...

in this case by 90%.

Choosing the right word in the right place is so crucial.

An obsessed direct response copywriter
agonizes over words.

Then pours over split test results to
see where they can be applied on his/her project.

Ah the magnificent obsession we have!

Anyways, here's the split test quiz to see which word won
and the results after you take it.

“My” Versus “Your” — Which Call to Action Copy Got 90% More Clicks? (2013 Award Winner) : Which Test Won

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    Thanks for this Ewen - took me a minute to figure out how to see the article, because the images were too small for me to see well. I just clicked straight through to "see results" instead of voting. This is pretty cool though!
  • Profile picture of the author DavidG
    Great result.

    I obviously would think the word "your" would win but looking at it closer, I could see why "my" won...

    It's a button. And when they press it, they know EXACTLY what's going to happen. It also might have something to do with "my" being more personalized than "your"...

    Just my hunch.

    I'll make sure to use this on my buttons from now on.
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    "Your" is defintely a powerful word in copy but when placed
    up against "we" and "our", but I've never seen it placed against
    "my". This is an interesting test results for sure.

    I think this would go under the "assume close" technique.
    As Ewen suggested, it is assumed that they already own
    the product.

    -Ray Edwards
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    My recent tests:

    1. I have an optin page where name + email is beating email alone, 2 to 1.

    2. I have a long form sales page where white text on dark blue background is beating black text on white by 27%.

    3. Same sales page, thin v. wide body copy is neck and neck.

    - Rick Duris

    PS: These tests are in the self-help market in the last 3 weeks.
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    I once run a test that improved conversions by INFINITY:

    And all I did was change the text from white to black!
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    LOL...another advertising ploy.
  • Profile picture of the author RichBeck
    Thanks. I appreciate.

    Unfortunately, people are over-influenced by other people tests. Laziness, assumption, rush to implement as well as guru worship cost a marketer big time.

    "Never put white text on a black background." Every marketer 'knows' this is true. (Except me. )

    "Optin pages with email alone perform better than those with multiple data items." Every marketer 'knows' this is true too. (Except me. )

    I wish I could show you more.

    - Rick Duris

    PS: Even on my blog, CopyRanger.com | Rick Duris, CopyRanger | Killer Copywriting, I was told 2 column blogs work better than 3 column. I've discovered differently.

    Thanks for sharing your split testing results and wise words...

    Too many times, people blindly accept these "rules" or whatever "sounds best." When in fact, they are merely untested theories.

    Take Care,

    Rich Beck BCIP, MCSD, MCIS
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    Split testing is extra fun on your own projects because you can test wild versions without any push back. Heck, you already did all the research. Why not test some copy that pushes the boundaries? Or is a completely different style?
  • Profile picture of the author top tier enterprises
    Thanks all for sharing your test results.
    Some surprised me.
  • Profile picture of the author mgreener
    Does my tweet count if I got it right after reading all the comments on this thread?

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