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    Highlights of the Copywriting Section for Warrior members STICKY

    Resources for new Copywriters Top Copywriting Books Ever Storytelling Resources for Copywriters and Marketers The Biggest, Most Bad-Ass List of Awesome Marketing Lists If you want to hire copywriters... Directory ... [read more]

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    When are you ready to launch a copywriting career?

    SMSWriter in Copy Writing

    To clarify, how much training is enough to begin marketing yourself as a copywriter? I was first introduced to copywriting 4 years ago when I made the decision to become ... [read more]

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    Where to find some good books on copywriting history?

    Hey guys, don't know whether this has been posted before, but has anyone got some recommendations on books based on the history of copywriting, and it's 'golden age' in the ... [read more]

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    Can you Point me to Examples by These People?

    Will Edwards in Copy Writing

    I am learning, so please bear with me. I suspect the following names must be very well known in this sub-forum and for very good reasons I'm sure. But I ... [read more]

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    David Garfinkel on storytelling

    Ross Bowring in Copy Writing

    YouTube - Use STORIES to Perk Up Your Business David Garfinkel (the world's greatest copywriting coach) posted a nice video on story in marketing. Two quick takeaways: 1) Story ... [read more]

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    Interesting And Unique Hook

    travlinguy in Copy Writing

    Okay, maybe not so unique but certainly entertaining. I'm surprised there haven't been a bunch of knock offs. I'm thinking of a couple right now. Complements of the main board. ... [read more]

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    What do you get your clients to do before accepting to write copy?

    WittyBlogger in Copy Writing

    Questionaires... That one is a must for research. But yes, what about the legal agreements? Does any copywriter have any "templates" they use? -WittyBlogger

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    Pretty funny. (pic)

    ChloeCKimberley in Copy Writing

    Maybe my sense of humor's warped. :p

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    Any Copywriters interested in Chinese Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Qigong

    FranklinF in Copy Writing

    Hi All I have an online school with lessons in Traditional Chinese Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Xing Yi, and Qigong. While I have spent my life learning, training, and teaching ... [read more]

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    What do you guys think of these headlines/graphics?

    Hey guys I'm planning to launch a Warrior for Hire thread soon, and I've been busy creating headline graphics for it in inkscape. I don't really have the budget to ... [read more]

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    Headline feedback, please

    getdusty in Copy Writing

    It might be more of a slogan, but I'd like some feedback on this: "A Floor Care Experience That You Will Brag To Your Friends About... Or It's FREE!" Shorter ... [read more]

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    Critique My Squeeze Page?

    Asher in Copy Writing

    Hey guys... I'm currently slamming lots of solos for my squeeze pages and according to Google's Website Optimizer, I'm converting on average of 23.47% 1st version: 21.8% ( 2nd version: ... [read more]

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    "Where the prices are sofa king low!"

    The Copy Nazi in Copy Writing

    Sofa shop told: ditch rude catchphrase | Media |

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    Sweet story, with great marketing lessons

    perryny in Copy Writing

    This is one of the sweetest videos I've seen, and because it's loaded with great business lessons, I'm happy I can share it here with you guys. Caine's Arcade on ... [read more]

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    Marketing Copy For Coaching Services

    kevintaylor in Copy Writing

    First shot at my copy. If you can give me any feedback on overall persuasiveness, clarity of offer, and the flow. Thank you! Outcome of the copy is to inspire ... [read more]

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    Mobile Ads on Google

    Da68vid in Copy Writing

    Not sure if this is the correct forum. If not, I apologize in advance. Does anyone know of any resources, books, articles, etc, for writing mobile ads on Google adwords ... [read more]

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    Best Font to Use?

    PaSteel in Copy Writing

    In your opinion what is the best font to keep a readers eyes moving and interested? What is most persuasive?

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    What Would Be A Good Headline For...

    jasonsluck in Copy Writing

    I am planning an email and whitepaper around the topic of blogging for small businesses. Basically I am connected to many small businesses and I want them to understand why ... [read more]

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    And I thought Mal was tough...

    perryny in Copy Writing

    Late-1914, an aspiring young writer named Max Fedder sent a copy of his manuscript, "A Journal of One Who Is to Die," to Jack London, the author responsible for such ... [read more]

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    Hypnotic Copywriting Example...

    Mark Pescetti in Copy Writing

    Anyone run across any fantastic examples of Hypnotic Copywriting.. ...not written by Joe Vitale?

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    Traffic system sales page

    Wytnyt in Copy Writing

    Hi guys, I just stumbled on this sales page a couple of days ago. The video and the graphics look really well-done, the copy looks okay for me as well. ... [read more]

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    Is there any site to earn money by freelance writing like iwriter?

    fpdeziner in Copy Writing

    Hello, I am a freelance article writer. I am keep on working on iwriter and its great so far. But one of my friend was telling me some other site ... [read more]

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    Really solid copy - found via facebook ppc. Very impressed.

    ASCW in Copy Writing

    I thought this landing page was very impressive - and the whole process smooth and streamlined. Creative Text Headline ATTN: Email Marketers! Body Copy: Load this proven email promotion ... [read more]

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    What are the emotional triggers that will guarantee the sell?

    Mark Pescetti in Copy Writing

    One of the questions I always ask my would-be clients before they hire me is, “What emotions do you want to elicit in your audience?” The reason being… When I ... [read more]

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    When you think you're gorgeous you write better copy

    Mark Andrews in Copy Writing

    I mean, for example just take a look at me... I'm so dashingly handsome I have beautiful women swooning at my feet all day long. What can I say? Modestly ... [read more]

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    Ever Feel You Need To Get Away From the Computer to Get Writing Done?

    saleswriter101 in Copy Writing

    Do you ever feel you need to get away from the #$%! computer for a while in order to get some good writing done? What alternatives do you use?

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    Copy That Makes Me Want To PUKE

    EmmaPowell in Copy Writing

    Hiya, I love to write copy and come up with catchy slogans.... its fun and me and Ryan (hubby) seriously just laugh and laugh at some of the crazy ideas ... [read more]

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    Anyone care to take a look? (Critique)

    dennis09 in Copy Writing

    Hello warriors, Im looking to build my list and would much appreciate a brutally honest critique of my squeeze page: .... Review finished (thanks!) Also, do you think the instant ... [read more]

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    Write if you want work

    The Copy Nazi in Copy Writing

    Rick Duris just sent me this. Mainly because he knows I started my career as a 16 year old runner for J. Walter Thompson - then the world's largest ad ... [read more]

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    Still Rollin' After All These Years (er...Year)

    I just checked on the very first salesletter I wrote after starting to haunt the CW forum which I described a year ago here: A little like visiting the ... [read more]

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    Please critique my sales page - read sticky already!

    afilmarket in Copy Writing

    Hey guys, So I'm promoting a Mixed Martial Arts product through ClickBank, and have come up with this sales page, based on all the affiliate resources. I read through the ... [read more]

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    27 "Pearls Of Wisdom" from Gary Halbert

    Dayne Dylan in Copy Writing

    Pretty awesome wisdom from the late, great Gary Halbert. Figured I would share it, it has some great reminders for us marketers... The Gary Halbert Letter And my favorite nugget ... [read more]

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    Cheese And Whiskers Offers

    ewenmack in Copy Writing

    Are you being ignored? Just might be the whiskers attached to your offer. Are yours being gobbled up? Then you just might be laying out the cheese. Full story here... ... [read more]

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    Logistics of getting a percentage of sales

    anthonybartoli in Copy Writing

    Having read quite a few threads, it looks like a good strategy when getting started is to write for free (or a very low fee) and get a percentage of ... [read more]

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    2011 Freelance Industry Report

    anthonybartoli in Copy Writing

    I found this recent report very helpful for specific data on freelancers in general. The data is broken down into countless categories. Copywriting is one of them. I can't upload ... [read more]

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    Any sport fanatics here / copywriters? Got a contact here for you.

    Mark Andrews in Copy Writing

    I just turned this one down as it's a subject I know nothing about... NBA, NFL, MLB, NCAA etc - sports picks membership website. $1 trial. Thereafter $97 per month. ... [read more]

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    Thank you card with coupon

    brundleflyguy in Copy Writing

    I'm working on a thank you card to send all clients after they receive service. I'd like to include small coupons to go with the card that they can give ... [read more]

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    Looking for a top notch copywriter to join launch team

    RobHiness in Copy Writing

    Looking for a copywriter with great experience in the field to join a launch team. Private message me if you are interested. Please include a little bit about yourself, and ... [read more]

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    In copywriting, as in Scrabble, some words are worth more than others

    RickDuris in Copy Writing

    Several gems in this one: Choose your words carefully - Direct Marketing News - Rick Duris

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    Passion - completely offtopic nonetheless other copywriters might enjoy this...

    Mark Andrews in Copy Writing

    Why?... Well they're all not all relatively speaking as 'lively' as you lot in other parts of the forum. It's you guys who have the biggest egos and can get ... [read more]

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    The effect of music on buying behaviour

    arfasaira in Copy Writing

    I'm curious as to which kinds of music influence buying behaviour (if at all)... Is there anything you should totally avoid? Or is it just a matter of personal taste? ... [read more]

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    Sales copy critique/review

    m30jake in Copy Writing

    Hi Guys, how are you? I'm currently making 250 euros a month on average selling courses to prepare people for an official English exam, for foreign students. Could you please ... [read more]

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    I Need A COPYWRITER For A Postcard Campaign - HELP!

    sownsow in Copy Writing

    I am looking to run a postcard campaign sooner rather than later for my primary business. However, I am a little stumped on what I should write on the actual ... [read more]

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    The big boys don't usually step into headline quicksand like this...

    TimothyW in Copy Writing

    Seen on Fox News... (note: this was on a prominent promo that runs over + over + over) "Don't waste your time anywhere else!" lol -- TW

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    How Do You Research For Your Copy

    kevintaylor in Copy Writing

    Hey there, I am working on putting together some copy to sell my coaching services to soloprenuers (entrepreneurs that work by themselves when not using outsourcers or working with clients). ... [read more]

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    Client Organisation Software?

    Hey forum, just a quick post. Now I used the search feature for this but couldn't find anything, so if there IS a previous post on this topic, I apologise! ... [read more]

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    "If you are like me..." Headlines [do they work?]

    YourZulu in Copy Writing

    Perhaps it's just that I am exhausted and over-worked right now, but I was tossing this thought around. Starting a sales page with "If you are like me...." Ex. If ... [read more]

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    new to salespages/need critique

    Wage Mills in Copy Writing

    i need to know what to change on this page to get sales List Building Automatic

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    She must be a copywriter - Amazing video

    The Marketeer in Copy Writing

    Hey Guys, Hope you're doing well. I saw this video posted up today and it reminded me of: The Power of Words Now that's what I call being able to ... [read more]

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    Vin Montello copywriting

    7BigTrades in Copy Writing

    I'm looking for opinions/insight on Vin Montello's copywriting expertise because I am considering using his services for an upcoming launch. Not to brag but I've already established my brand as ... [read more]

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    We write ads or people die...

    Pusateri in Copy Writing

    ...and your logo doesn't sell product... A few Good Creative Men - YouTube

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    The Most Annoying Clients?

    sethczerepak in Copy Writing

    Is it just me or is the most annoying kind of client the one who asks for revisions on account of "grammatical errors," only to send you suggestions full of ... [read more]

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    I Call Bull do-do

    sanjaypande in Copy Writing

    I've been hearing this phrase in way too many places ... "People don't like to be sold too ..." What a crock of you know what. People LOVE to be ... [read more]

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    Kindle stinks for copywriting books

    anthonybartoli in Copy Writing

    As a noob to copywriting, I just wanted to make this note so perhaps other noobs to copywriting won't make the same mistake. Since so many copywriting books contain images ... [read more]

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    Noob copywriters can learn a thing or two from Daniel Day-Lewis

    NickN in Copy Writing

    Actor Daniel-Day Lewis was probably a dick on the set of There Will Be Blood. Day-Lewis is a method actor. While filming TWBB, he stayed in his character Daniel Plainview ... [read more]

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    Sales Letter Review - Be Gentle, it's my first time.

    Hi, I'm hoping someone who is experience with sales letter would be able to take a look at my first attempt. The page is optionstradingiqcourse (dot) com I tried to ... [read more]

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    Online and Distances Copywriting Class Resource List Here

    davidreese in Copy Writing

    Hi, I complied a list of online and distance copywriting classes. I'm providing it here as a resource for others interested in the various training options. They aren't listed in ... [read more]