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    Highlights of the Copywriting Section for Warrior members STICKY

    Resources for new Copywriters Top Copywriting Books Ever Storytelling Resources for Copywriters and Marketers The Biggest, Most Bad-Ass List of Awesome Marketing Lists If you want to hire copywriters... Directory ... [read more]

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    NEEDED ASAP: Article writing and submission specialist for recurring business

    ak2000 in Copy Writing

    Looking for an article writer who can write 10 articles for me on "how to get a job in banking and finance" It would be a ***very*** nice to have ... [read more]

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    Please critique my long copy sales page for chiropractic marketing course

    fcajon in Copy Writing

    I've attached a pdf doc with the sales copy for my chiropractic marketing course. It's a 6 month long coaching program that teaches chiropractors who to ethically build the personal ... [read more]

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    Objection Resolution

    Alex Cohen in Copy Writing

    Objection resolution is an often over-looked component of a good sales letter. As the prospect reads your ad, certain reasons not to buy pop into his mind. If your ad ... [read more]

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    Who has the SHORTEST sales letter...

    04real in Copy Writing

    Most sales letters are long and the best I've ever done is skim through all of the information. Bulleted benefits lists, highlighted portions, underlined sentences and bold captions make it ... [read more]

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    Please Review: Updated Sales Page V.2 :)

    willyboy104 in Copy Writing

    Hello everyone, looking for feedback/constructive criticism for my second version of my sales page. Sticky PLR - High Quality Monthly PLR at Affordable Prices Please excuse the headline, black Sticky ... [read more]

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    Matching Story To Product For Emotional Traction... Here's How!

    Todd R in Copy Writing

    “Remember your first time driving all by yourself ? This is better.” The picture of a silver Jaguar convertible with top down and white leather interior is just above that ... [read more]

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    I built A Squido Lens Months Back Please Some Advice

    ojack43 in Copy Writing

    I am completley new to research and writting I do not even know how to set up an information blog and I see alot of wonderful professionals here. I hope ... [read more]

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    Does this work with anyone?

    marciayudkin in Copy Writing

    Here's a passage in an email received today for an upcoming seminar whose early registration deadline is closing in: But we still haven't heard from you. That can only mean ... [read more]

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    Another freebie - Guerilla Marketing

    arfasaira in Copy Writing

    Here's another freebie... Guerilla marketing tactics and ideas to help you sell effortlessly by Perry Marshall. You can choose a book or CD, and pay shipping and handling which isn't ... [read more]

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    Want to Hook Your Reader's Emotions... Here's How

    Todd R in Copy Writing

    Want To Hook Your Reader's Emotions... Here's How We were sitting on my neighbor's elevated deck. Our whole village gathered, as it does several times a year, to eat, drink ... [read more]

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    Critique me pleeeeeeez!

    BrenDavis in Copy Writing

    Here is my first stab at it. Your feedback is kindly appreciated. PLEASE DON'T HOLD BACK! A message to the technically challenged: If you... ...are frustrated with the technical side ... [read more]

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    [What I Learned] Day Three: Research Is King

    Hank Rearden in Copy Writing

    If this is the first post you're reading in the "What I Learned" series, welcome :-) In this daily series, I'm going to take something I learned about copy- writing, ... [read more]

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    Need a copywriter to critique and rewrite review based site

    vossman in Copy Writing

    I have a couple review sites that are ranking and bringing in consistent sales and I'd like to take it to the next level. I am looking to hire someone ... [read more]

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    Do you find yourself using copywriting techniques outside the realm of copy?

    ASCW in Copy Writing

    I have found that studying copy has increased my overall ability to communicate effectively. (I think the fact I've always been a good communicator is the explanation for my "knack" ... [read more]

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    Practice sales letter ( pointers and suggestions welcomed)

    WRI in Copy Writing

    What it takes to Win BIG in Internet Marketing. It does not matter whether your a novice or a seasoned veteran, all journeys begin with a single step. Internet marketing ... [read more]

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    hiring a copywriter, details inside

    hyuuu in Copy Writing

    Hi Warriors, I would like to tap into your talent in copywriting, what I need is a copywriter and an article writer who has had successes in weight loss/diet/health niche. ... [read more]

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    Flash Video sales page versus Video Player sales page??

    Absulote in Copy Writing

    I was wondering if anyone had experience in using the flash video version of a video sales page where you are forced into watching the video and then a order ... [read more]

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    I need some critique here!

    Sakkid in Copy Writing

    I have created a sales copy for a new CB product, at Learn To Speak Kiswahili in The Fastest Time! which is the only one of its kind in the ... [read more]

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    Trying Again and Again...

    Thomas Michal in Copy Writing

    Ok, this is like the 10th time I've redone my page and would like some constructive criticisim if you would and the link is in my sig box thanks in ... [read more]

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    2 Copywriting Legends, One Post...

    BrianMcLeod in Copy Writing

    Hey gang, Got a couple of really cool things to mention to you guys today (it's been a busy freakin' day, in a good way!) A) David Deutsch Let's just ... [read more]

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    How do you justify a free gift?

    Matt MacPherson in Copy Writing

    List some "reasons why" you are giving a gift away for free (ebook / audio / etc). How do you give it perceived value in an opt-in subscribers mind? Cheers, ... [read more]

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    Lifts response by 25% when writing

    ewenmack in Copy Writing

    Thought you would like to know how to get an immediate lift in response when writing to somebody. Comes from Drayton Bird. Helpful Ideas 1 EADIM All the best, Ewen

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    Here's Exactly How To Get High Open Rates

    ewenmack in Copy Writing

    Steal Jeff Johnson's highest converting email subject lines YouTube- Broadcast Yourself. All the best, Ewen

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    Where can a copywriter find a job??

    Are there a list of companies around here that hire copywriters? Also can you make at least 100k per year working for someone else?

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    Spec Portfolio Composition -- Beginner Seeks Advice

    Hello all, I'm a copywriting self-student and have no prior copywriting experience or samples. I am however an experienced writer, so I want to get started and create a spec ... [read more]

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    Need Someone To Do My PPV Ad Copy

    EdwardDennis in Copy Writing

    Hi all, I need someone to do my ppv ad copy. It's more or less like PPC ad copy, but slightly more words. If anyone is interested, please do PM ... [read more]

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    Newbie in copy writing - Need Help with sales page critique

    Richard Essi in Copy Writing

    Hey warriors, Let me me keep it short and straight to the point. About a 9 days ago I was recently graciously challenged right here in the warrior forum to ... [read more]

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    Are You Making These Mistakes on Your Website?

    John Ritz in Copy Writing

    If you missed out on one of my video critiques, I've got a special treat for you. You see, out of the dozens of sites I've reviewed, I saw a ... [read more]

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    need feedback on salesletter

    Wage Mills in Copy Writing

    need feedback on this Twitter Viral CPA

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    Ladies & Gentlemen, Please Review my 1st Draft Sales Page :)

    willyboy104 in Copy Writing

    Hello everyone. It's taken about 9 months in production, from hundreds and hundreds pages of notes, iphone notepad, sleepless nights, planning, plotting, producing, communicating, mistakes have been made but I ... [read more]

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    Looking for Press Release Headline Help

    AnneE in Copy Writing

    Hi, I have a draft press release ready to go and am looking for headline suggestions. What I currently have for a headline is: Accomplished Author Unveils Innovative and Entertaining ... [read more]

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    Need your ideas for a product name

    delosense in Copy Writing

    Hi there fellow Warriors, I am working on an information product ( video course ) for writers on "my way" of earning money while you write. I cant come up ... [read more]

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    Copy for "Short" Ebooks

    Dan Axelrod in Copy Writing

    Hey Guys, I'm laying down some copy for a short ebook (under 40 pages). Do you guys have any experience (or sales page examples) justifying the length in the sales ... [read more]

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    Can you share great presell landing pages for CPA offers?

    Ronak Shah in Copy Writing

    I need to see some CPA offer pre-sell pages. Can you guys share some really cool examples that many of you copywriters have written? I wish to know how you ... [read more]

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    Do Your Headlines Hook Your Buyer's Memory?

    Todd R in Copy Writing

    Everybody in sales talks about the minimum of 7 contacts before a buyer will really consider buying from you. It's one of those rules of thumb that float around on ... [read more]

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    What do you guys think of my headline?

    sizzleld in Copy Writing

    Hello fellow Warriors, Im starting my education on copywriting, and the goal i have now is to get people to join my mailing list. So of course i need a ... [read more]

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    What's with all the false scarcity on clickbank?

    AndrewStark in Copy Writing

    Hi I've noticed a lot of clickbank products are using scarcity tactics that are blatently false, just wondering how the vendors have been allowed to get away with it, and ... [read more]

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    I'm trying more a sales letter now, so how did I do?

    Thomas Michal in Copy Writing

    Again the link is in the sig box and I'm looking to see if my copy looking better?

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    Brian McLeod And His Three C'S

    ewenmack in Copy Writing

    I'm always looking to seriously sharpen my edge. Brian McLeod just delivered a dangerously sharp edge to me a few minutes ago. Had been getting under Carlton's wickedly good salesmanship ... [read more]

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    The "Catchy Slogan" Trap

    Dan Axelrod in Copy Writing

    Hey guys, Since there are a lot of new copywriters here, and business owners interested in improving conversion rates, I'm going to be sharing something more basic, but absolutely essential ... [read more]

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    How much should I charge?

    arfasaira in Copy Writing

    Hey guys, I have been asked to do a newsletter for a high school and have no idea how much to charge per page. The headteacher wants two quotes - ... [read more]

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    Need a little help with a Resume (non-native speaker)

    Valentine in Copy Writing

    Hello fellow warriors, I am on a prawl for a job as a web-designer and first thing first I had to write a resume. So, even tho my English is ... [read more]

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    Can You Help me Choose The Best Headline

    Warren.Richards in Copy Writing

    Hey warriors I am writing a sales copy of a product that shows you how to make money online with only 4 hours of work per week. I have written ... [read more]

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    Expert PPC Copywriters...

    BoostMedia in Copy Writing

    I am looking to connect with some experienced members of the WarriorForum for advice on building out network of expert PPC copywriters. I have founded a company called that ... [read more]

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    How Do I Put My Own Personal signature on a Sales Letter

    John_Edwards in Copy Writing

    Hey Guys, I want to know how to put my own personal hand written signature at the end of a sales letter, the last one I created, I used '', ... [read more]

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    Sally McPherson Copywriter Introduction

    247Copywriter in Copy Writing

    Dear Fellow Copywriters Greetings all. My name is Sally McPherson, long form sales letter copywriter. A good friend of mine recommended this forum by email, telling me it was an ... [read more]

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    I'm Tired of reading "biased reviews"

    FuNwiThChRiS in Copy Writing

    As copywriters, all we do is use, sell, and respond to words. We have an end goal. We need to sell. But when does it cross the line and all ... [read more]

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    So just when I think I might be "alright"

    Hey folks, I take more peeks in here than making posts. But I just had to mention something. I'm grateful for the wisdom and contribution here. But I've discovered I'm ... [read more]

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    Critique my copy?

    TomBulls in Copy Writing

    Greetings to all you writers out there in cyberspace- I have been doing some long copy/hard sell writing (part time) for a little more than a year. I say it ... [read more]

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    Email Subject Lengths -- Guidelines?

    Dan Axelrod in Copy Writing

    Hey guys, Is there a "sweet spot" for email subject lengths? What's the number of characters (including spaces) that get the best open rates? Thanks. --Dan

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    This Comic is Interesting from a Copywriting Point of View

    ASCW in Copy Writing

    Why I'd rather be punched in the testicles than call customer service - The Oatmeal This comic is essentially presented like a sale letter. This comic has better scanability than ... [read more]

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    Drayton Bird Reveals Unusual Headline Secret --> FREE Video

    Copydog in Copy Writing

    Have you seen this 13 min. video from Drayton Bird? Well worth watching. Gives a fascinating behind the scenes look at some of the most powerful headlines ever created (by ... [read more]

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    Need some help with a tagline for my site

    icun in Copy Writing

    Hi guys, I'm in the middle of setting up a new website. Anyone feeling charitable and able to help me out with a few ideas for a tagline or slogan? ... [read more]

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    iphone 4 sales pages...

    M_Jones in Copy Writing

    I'm sure its been disgust, 'er i mean discussed here over and over - the copywriting on apple's website for the iphone 4. I just browsed their features for the ... [read more]

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    Hello Copywriting Forum...

    thetruth23 in Copy Writing

    ...I'm a complete novice when it comes to copywriting (writing in general, in fact) but i've always admired and appreciated the amount of work that goes into writing good, high-quality ... [read more]

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    Video Sales Letters .. a Fad or here to Stay?

    Jack Bastide in Copy Writing

    Hey Guys, Been seeing a lot of these Sales videos where they basically just read the copy I find them annoying ... especially if I can't fast forward ,, But ... [read more]