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    Highlights of the Copywriting Section for Warrior members STICKY

    Resources for new Copywriters Top Copywriting Books Ever Storytelling Resources for Copywriters and Marketers The Biggest, Most Bad-Ass List of Awesome Marketing Lists If you want to hire copywriters... Directory ... [read more]

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    Need help serving your clients?

    Keeslover in Copy Writing

    To those with much more copywriting experience and wisdom: I'm looking to offer services that most writers don't. I love to write ezines and newsletters (see my site) so may ... [read more]

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    Sales Letters on Different Browsers

    Jack Bastide in Copy Writing

    One of the things I do with My Sales Letters is provide design as well (I'm not a Pro Designer but I can make decent pages) Do you guys look ... [read more]

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    Copywriters: Your questions about creating infoproducts

    marciayudkin in Copy Writing

    Hi everyone, I'm preparing my presentation for the upcoming copywriting summit (Copywriting Success Summit 2009 - Speeding your path to an executive income as a business copywriter) and am wondering ... [read more]

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    What's your sales process for copy clients?

    I am curious what you guys do to "close" copy clients. My process works something like this... I get a call or an email from a "potential" client who has ... [read more]

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    Basic framework for business sales copy

    ThomasTe in Copy Writing

    Hi, I'm about to do a sales copy/white paper/web content for a software product marketed towards businesses (Medium/Large). Do you have a good framework that I can use, to structure ... [read more]

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    Could Some Please Look At My Sales Page Before I Go Nuts?

    coryjean in Copy Writing

    Hi Folks! If anyone could please take a look at my sales page and give me your advice. I have read it over so many times that I'm starting to ... [read more]

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    Project dropped.

    Shaun Lee in Copy Writing

    PROJECT DROPPED Hello, fellow Warriors and Copywriters! Please brutally and honestly provide a review or comment on my PRE-sell Page: Beginner Guitar Lessons For All I tried my best to ... [read more]

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    What is a good WSO conversion rate?

    Zeus66 in Copy Writing

    Hello, I recently posted a WSO for which I wrote all of the sales copy. It's obviously a bit amateurish, but it is converting around 5%. I'm wondering how to ... [read more]

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    Introduction and question

    ebrown in Copy Writing

    Hello, my name is Eric. I am new to the warrior forum. I wanted to take a moment to say hello to everyone in the Copywriting forum because I have ... [read more]

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    Did HE Make Them Rich or Did I? Expert Opinion Needed "Right away"

    jukeboxhero in Copy Writing

    Okay, I've never seen this discussed anywhere, though admittedly I haven't really looked either.. Keep in mind, I'M FAR FROM AN EXPERT in Copy....I'm More like an enthusiast....It's something I ... [read more]

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    Converting at 1.7%, but PLEASE help me out

    Ian Clifford in Copy Writing

    Hi, I'd appreciate any and all comments on my sales page but I can't put the link in as I don't have enough posts! If you would be good enough ... [read more]

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    Email Autoresponder copywriter Required(Ghost Writer) [30+ emails]

    Networking_now in Copy Writing

    I need a good email copywriter to write an email series. Niches: bad credit repair and Government grants I Need an email autorespnder series written for either of them, but ... [read more]

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    Specializing in writing autoresponder copy?

    HenryH in Copy Writing

    I've heard about how Jay White is famous for his autoresponder copy. Do any of the copywriters here focus their services on writing this form of copy? Does it tend ... [read more]

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    Short or Long Headlines? Answers Within... (Great Article)

    Matt James in Copy Writing

    Just read this fantastic article from Michel Fortin on Makepeace's blog. If any of you guys missed it, go here... The Truth About Mega-Headlines | The Total Package Great discussion ... [read more]

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    Guarantee Periods

    I've never actually tested it, but I offer a full 56 day refund and $97 out of my own pocket (given they've filled out the workbook in the program). No ... [read more]

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    First swing at Copy Opinions Please

    Shane Hale in Copy Writing

    This was my first product 10 videos for CPA blogging. Trying to improve conversion. I may end of getting a site redesign once I get some more money. I was ... [read more]

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    Help with sales page

    tw in Copy Writing

    I've had this product for sometime now without paying too much attention to it and I want to step it up. I hired a professional writer to do the writing. ... [read more]

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    Gimmicks to Getting Direct Mail Read

    fcajon in Copy Writing

    What are some fun gimmicks that anyone has used to improve their response rates to their direct mail? For example, I've heard of docs who have mailed letters out in ... [read more]

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    First Time Copywriting Doctor Here....Please Help!

    fcajon in Copy Writing

    I discovered this forum on a google search, and I'm looking forward to improving my copywriting skills. I'm a practicing chiropractor and attempting to teach myself copywriting skills the old ... [read more]

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    Opt In - Typical Percentages

    keystothemind in Copy Writing

    Hey I know it may be hard to give a consistent answer on this, but so that I have a vague idea about where to aim for, from your education ... [read more]

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    Question About Autoresponder Pricing

    Jack Doug in Copy Writing

    Is it possible to hire a person for copywriting of 1 single campaign (ard 60emails) at 30USD?

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    need CPA / IM niche copywriter

    mmickey in Copy Writing

    I need a copywriter for my latest CPA info product... I have a few hot selling cpa products I understand the importance of getting a good copywriter to convert more ... [read more]

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    Looking to hire a Copywriter - $XXXX Budget

    Ripped in Copy Writing

    I hope this is the right place to post this. I'm a full time marketer, working as a clickbank vendor, and have launched several sucessful Clickbank products. I have a ... [read more]

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    How To Create Authority

    I've got three scenarios and I'm interested in how a copywriter would create authority with each one. 1st Scenario You're making a product where you have first hand knowledge of ... [read more]

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    [WTH] need a good copywriter

    Hello , I don't know if this is the RIGHT place . I want to hire a good copywriter with cheap and good prices . My budget not more than ... [read more]

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    You have different types of buyers, y'know?

    Nick Brighton in Copy Writing

    I'm not just talking about people who prefer PayPal to Visa... ..I'm talking about people who buy (or at least make decisions) based on different reasons. For example... - Some ... [read more]

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    I'm looking for people to shred my sales letter (with critiques!)

    sirtom in Copy Writing

    Hey everyone! First of all, I gotta thank everyone who helped me with my last copy-writing issue. I just finished writing the sales letter for that project, so I'd like ... [read more]

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    Need Critique for my B2B Sales Page

    -Jericho- in Copy Writing

    Hi all, thanks in advance for taking the time to look at my sales page. The difficulty I am having is it's an relatively unknown service and many people find ... [read more]

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    Please review my sales page

    opiel in Copy Writing

    Guys, would you be kind enough to take a look at my sales page and offer your constructive criticism. It is the first sales copy I have ever written. Actually, ... [read more]

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    Story wanted: "Finding the hidden trick"/"Small guy beating the system by careful analysis"

    leonardb in Copy Writing

    Hello fellows, I'm a bit stuck here: What I need for my sales letter is a small real-life story that demonstrates how, if you don't fall into the trap of ... [read more]

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    Ideas from other people copy?

    Gwuido65 in Copy Writing

    Hi there, As I am starting to learn about copywriting, I am looking at lots of different sales pages, ads, direct mail etc and gathering lots of amazing ideas, words ... [read more]

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    What Font Is Used With Those Graphic Headlines?

    Maximillion_Z in Copy Writing

    Hi, I keep seeing these sales letters that use a graphic for the headline. Could anyone tell me what font they use? I think I could add the shadow and ... [read more]

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    Can Someone Tell Me If My Sales Page Sucks?

    Mike Hersh in Copy Writing

    Hello friends, I'm just kidding. Just wanted to ask some opinions from professional copywriters like you... This is the first sales page I created, and I feel like I made ... [read more]

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    Great New Copy Writing Resource

    BlaineGlynn in Copy Writing

    Who Else Wants PROVEN Killer Copy Writing Tactics from an Industry Genuis? That is really the basis. I know there are tons of people on here trying to get better ... [read more]

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    Two times in less than 15 days!

    Dean Dhuli in Copy Writing

    There was a time when I used to tell people I'm a copywriter and get blank stares. So I started saying I'm a marketing consultant. That seemed to be working ... [read more]

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    I am back !

    barakos9 in Copy Writing

    Hello Guys, few months ago I'd a site which got a really high bounce rate I'd to do something , I asked you guys and you said the copy is ... [read more]

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    Whats the difference between a sales page &

    mattd365 in Copy Writing

    Hello I'm wanting to know the difference in a sales page and a website page.. I have made a website and put a decent article on the home page, not ... [read more]

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    Attn. Copywriting Gods..May I have a Sales Letter Critique, please?

    Doublejm in Copy Writing

    Hey Fellow Warriors- This is my first stab at writing copy for a service I have turned into a product. I was doing this business before I was in a ... [read more]

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    New Product - Critique Needed ...

    Will Edwards in Copy Writing

    Hi Guys Thanks to everyone for the master class in copywriting! It truly has been an amazing experience. Where else, outside the Warrior Forum, could you get a critique from ... [read more]

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    The Decoy Effect | An Effect To Get More Money And Convert Better

    Kelpsi Media in Copy Writing

    These few days I have been researching about an effect or tactic to get your customer to subscribe to something more expensive after reading it on my friend's blog. According ... [read more]

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    Copywriting for PPC Ads - Resource

    raphaelgaga in Copy Writing

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone is selling a really good "swipe file" of some darned good PPC ads. I realize I can just spend hours hunting these down for ... [read more]

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    Don't thoughtlessly rely on formulas!

    DavidO in Copy Writing

    A prevalent copywriting "formula" says you must increase the pain level in your visitor before introducing the SOLUTION. At least a half a dozen well-known copywriters who have reviewed my ... [read more]

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    Need your help

    barakos9 in Copy Writing

    Hi Guys, I need your help with my website, Joongel, Internet The Easy Way It's actually a search center where you can search whatever you need in one place, according ... [read more]

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    Joke gone wild

    Lance K in Copy Writing

    Details here...

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    I've run through the checklist, so I think I'm ready.

    ScoTech in Copy Writing

    Please review my sales page and let me know what you think. I have run it through the new checklist being created, and am ready for your reviews. It is ... [read more]

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    Copywriters: Marketing your own business

    miwriting in Copy Writing

    Hi everyone - I've been reading this board off and on for awhile, but this is my first post. I've been a freelance copywriter for three years and I'm about ... [read more]

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    Helpful copywriting/marketing links

    Hesster in Copy Writing

    We have a thread for top copywriting books, but no thread for web sites? I'm always seeing pages mentioned offhand in posts and looking at trackbacks on copywriting blogs and ... [read more]

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    Free SEX!

    Jack Bastide in Copy Writing

    Back in college we used to have fraternity parties every month I was in charge of the Fliers. the fliers usually look like this: ================ Fraternity Party APD is having ... [read more]

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    Do you use Google Optimizer with your clients?

    If not, what do you use? If so, do you have any unique ideas about how you use it? We don't like telling clients to rely heavily on Javascript, so ... [read more]

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    Pop Ins emphasis?

    ScoTech in Copy Writing

    What do you guys think about using pop ins (the kind that are in the same window as your page) to emphasize a benefit like a limited time sale or ... [read more]

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    Which way to say?

    ScoTech in Copy Writing

    I know it is effective to both make your sales pages conversational, and at the same time, all about me(that is the reader). So when describing your product, should you ... [read more]

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    Deciding how much to charge for copywriting services?

    HenryH in Copy Writing

    Hey guys, For the last several years, I've been a ghostwriter for a professional copywriter. Every bit of copy I write is published under his identity, and while the money ... [read more]

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    Want to know if your Headline or Article title is any good?

    bluebay in Copy Writing

    hey good earthlings, here is a pretty sweet tool that helps you analyze a headline or article title in terms of copywriting "mastery": google search these kws: advanced marketing institute ... [read more]

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    People buy into hype and B.S

    Morning all, How many believe that most Americans like to buy into products that are hyped up to the point when its nothing but straight Bull****? I believe most Americans ... [read more]

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    The word crap?

    Intrepreneur in Copy Writing

    The word crap in a sales copy.. permissable or not so permissable? Thanks.