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    Highlights of the Copywriting Section for Warrior members STICKY

    Resources for new Copywriters Top Copywriting Books Ever Storytelling Resources for Copywriters and Marketers The Biggest, Most Bad-Ass List of Awesome Marketing Lists If you want to hire copywriters... Directory ... [read more]

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    Dynamic VSL?

    Mikesweeney in Copy Writing

    Has anyone seen any live vsl's that are using the "Dynamic Vsl" technology? I heard the people behind the "Venus Factor" were going to be testing one soon. If you're ... [read more]

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    Want Sales Copy that gets thru the Clutter? . . .

    Skystar in Copy Writing

    . You gotta stand out! You gotta be different! You _Gotta Sock 'em'! Not this - "Highly motivated business executive seeks a dynamic position to effectively align my skill set ... [read more]

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    Just in case you write copy for the Chinese market

    Raydal in Copy Writing

    You may want o know that it is now illegal to use puns in your copy. Maybe not a bad idea for copywriting. Why China is now banning puns – ... [read more]

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    I just analyzed a new headline and got this...

    I was over at Advanced Marketing Institutes website to practice creating headlines to see if I could raise my percentage on my Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) words. After hours of ... [read more]

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    Catching a whale with my hands

    2Legit2Quit in Copy Writing

    I just reviewed the top 50 direct mailers list (The Top 50 Direct Mailers by Campaigns Received in 2014 : Page 1 of 2 : Target Marketing). Predominantly finance related ... [read more]

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    Kitchen Sales Copywriting Product Production Question

    David Rosa in Copy Writing

    Hey boys and girls I'm looking to jump into a specific niche i'm personally quite fond of. Have the product in mind to create (outlined and ready) but wanted some ... [read more]

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    Tear me a new one (review my copy)

    Libman in Copy Writing

    Ok, I have two self defense eBooks out on the market right now through my website. I am re-writing the copy for each as I learn new skills through research. ... [read more]

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    Marketing Maniac Interviews Roy Furr (Wrote Titans of DR Letter)

    David Rosa in Copy Writing

    Wes did it again with another great writer, Roy Furr. If you've read the letter to titans of direct response - you've seen the power. In any case - here's ... [read more]

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    Advice on project proposals for freelance writing.

    wheelstb in Copy Writing

    Hello, I am looking to get into freelance writing. Since I am just starting out I want to use a couple of the main freelancing websites, ELance and Odesk. I ... [read more]

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    Titans Of Direct Response Seminar Notes

    ewenmack in Copy Writing

    They are from the copywriter who wrote the promo. 12 lessons were... Titans Takeaway #1: It fulfilled on the “once in a lifetime” promise 100%… Titans Takeaway #2: ALL the ... [read more]

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    Direct Mail: Handwritten versus Handwritten font

    Thursday in Copy Writing

    Does anyone know of any tests of this type, on envelopes: Handwritten versus good imitation handwritten. the handwritten version in blue biro. And the good imitation handwritten being with ... [read more]

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    The 22 Rules to Perfect Story Telling, According to Pixar

    Chriswrighto in Copy Writing

    Hey all, I found something on my Facebook timeline which stood out today: "Back in 2012, now-former Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats tweeted a series of pearls of narrative wisdom ... [read more]

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    How to Get Clients Now and in the Future

    shawnlebrun in Copy Writing

    I just read a reply by Ray on another thread... and I really agree with what he said... Originally Posted by Raydal Actually it is quite the opposite. There are ... [read more]

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    I need sales page software or template

    andirn1 in Copy Writing

    Does anyone know where to get a sales page software or templates? There was one website that was mentioned somewhere on here and I need them desperately. The sales pages ... [read more]

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    Writing Copy without Knowing the Product

    ahakimi in Copy Writing

    Quick question for copywriters. When you write a Sales letter for a product (eBook for example), do you typically go through/read the whole thing first to really get INTO the ... [read more]

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    Is This Acceptable?

    TwoRoadsDIPA in Copy Writing

    On mobile the initial copy is white-on-white...but other than that, what else needs to be fixed? Is the value proposition/message clear? Are you attracted to anything in particular? Is the ... [read more]

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    Use these for bullets

    joe golfer in Copy Writing

    You can use a lot of these templates for copywriting bullets: 100+ Attention-Grabbing Blog Post Title Templates That Work

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    Critique Please

    malaker in Copy Writing My sales page Get My Song Reviewed My main page Places to submit your song or demo Page that leads to the sales page Any feedback would be really ... [read more]

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    "How Do You Become A Man Women Lust After?" Email Copy [Open for Critique]

    Wrenn in Copy Writing

    Hey all, thanks for stopping by! I've got a new email copy I would be grateful to get some feedback on. It's explores a very fun topic: character traits to ... [read more]

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    How much social proof counts for you?

    marciayudkin in Copy Writing

    The other day, I received a call from someone thinking of renting our condo in Maui. She asked me, “Do you have any more reviews somewhere besides just the two ... [read more]

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    What works better? Daily or monthly figures?

    Kelvin Chan in Copy Writing

    Hi Warriors, Just thought to get your thinking on this. As a split test (with my subject lines and squeeze page headlines), I've been testing something to the effect of: ... [read more]

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    These looong letters don't ask for the sale until the end...

    splitTest in Copy Writing

    Halbert "Water" ad Stop Your Divorce sales letter As I understand it, both these pitches did quite well. The thing that impresses me most is neither asks for the sale ... [read more]

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    Questions for new clients

    coffeediva in Copy Writing

    Hi there not sure if this has been covered but I was wondering when you are approached by a new client do you just ask to review their products or ... [read more]

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    Headline Critique...

    GlenH in Copy Writing

    Hi Guys, Can I please get some feedback about this headline… Version 1: What If I Could Hand You A List Building Building System That Uses a Unique ‘Covert Squeeze ... [read more]

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    This copywriter had a "synapse lapse," I guess...

    TimothyW in Copy Writing

    Check out the first couple of lines of this commercial I just saw on TV... Think carefully! SpeedHex FlipOut 8v Max Li-ion compact power driver - YouTube "Nothing is more ... [read more]

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    Having trouble with headlines and the story?

    The Copy Nazi in Copy Writing

    This will help you enormously. Grab it before Vin comes to his senses and takes it down. ... thank you players... thank you ball-boys and thank you Vin Montello.

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    What are the Perils, Issues, and Downfalls of Taking On A Cub?

    David Rosa in Copy Writing

    How's it going boys and girls? question for the masters who have taken in some kind of cub or apprentice. I'm in need of a mentor, but wanted to know ... [read more]

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    Ambitious newbie

    losttraveler in Copy Writing

    I have no background in copywriting, but I do have that strategic understanding of what makes people tick that marketing thrives off of. I was raised by a lawyer so ... [read more]

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    Reason or Opportunity?

    2Legit2Quit in Copy Writing

    Why aren't their any billionaire copy writers? Why hasn't something like this happened yet?

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    drewcer in Copy Writing

    I don't know which category this question goes in, so I'm posting it in copywriting. Don't hate. Making my first video sales letter for a landing page, and don't really ... [read more]

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    A List Of The Biggest Ad Agencies

    alphajamil in Copy Writing

    Hello Fellow Warriors, I saw a thread on here today that inspired the hell outta me. It was basically about a newbie who had an interview at an Ad Agency ... [read more]

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    Swipe notes for dealing with clients, outsourcers and WF members

    joe golfer in Copy Writing

    Need to communicate something important but not sure how to phrase it? Use these swipes. The Bureau of Communication - Fill-in-the-blank Correspondence (via Adam Simon at CofC)

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    Use of Rhyme

    marbar1989 in Copy Writing

    Hi everyone. I'm new to the forum, but very excited to be a member of this community. It looks like it has a lot to offer and will really help ... [read more]

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    Sales Letters to copy

    Gray1980 in Copy Writing

    Can someone link a file with a ton of goo copy letters to copy them. The gary halbert challenge for exanple. The letters he wants you to write are great. ... [read more]

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    One way to present client testies about your mad copy skillz

    joe golfer in Copy Writing

    Matt Roach and David Lawrie are creatives at ad agency M&C Saatchi. Here is how they put together a single video of their best testimonials from A-listers on both sides ... [read more]

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    Another Joe Karbo gem, the "perfect product" which requires NO copy writing...

    gjabiz in Copy Writing

    We were talking about copy, and I shared some of the small ads we used back in the day for Kristee Products Company. Joe was an ad guy. He liked ... [read more]

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    McLeod on Psych Insights

    joe golfer in Copy Writing

    fyi- Brian McLeod appears with Kevin Rogers and John Carlton on their Psych Insights podcast here: Show 5 – Psych Insight LIVE: Boomers versus GenX’ers | Psych Insights for Modern ... [read more]

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    Money upfront for a project?

    smaddoxjr in Copy Writing

    Hello, Good evening. I am involved with possible to many partners for a project. I am asking for advice on closing a deal. I feel 30% upfront is a fair ... [read more]

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    If you really run into a financial jam...

    RickDuris in Copy Writing I love it when I read stories like this when people are financially forced to get creative... - Rick Duris

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    If You Were to Hire a Copywriting Pup, What Would You Look For?

    BudaBrit in Copy Writing

    You're having a meeting with a potential hire who turns out to have very little actual experience. What could (s)he say or do to make you want to hire her/him? ... [read more]

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    Critique my squeeze page please?

    myattitude in Copy Writing

    This squeeze page has to adhere to Bing Ads' terms and conditions - pure squeeze pages are not allowed. So I made it a semi-article and then asked for the ... [read more]

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    Revisiting press release software

    hbennick in Copy Writing

    After searching to forums and reading a zillion posts, I'm left with a simple question: Is there a good press release submitter out there that doesn't cost an arm and ... [read more]

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    The Ultimate Copywriter's Checklist

    Raydal in Copy Writing

    I know that we have our own checklist here in the stickie above but doesn't hurt to add to that one. There is also a PDF printout for this list. ... [read more]

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    The "new" WordPress sales letter designs

    Raydal in Copy Writing

    I'm thinking about redesigning my website (long sales letters) because I think they are looking dated in this "new" WordPress design economy. I know a lot of marketers are using ... [read more]

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    Is there any way I can get out of this one?

    wtemradio in Copy Writing

    I contacted a prospect at the beginning of this year about potential projects. He had one, and said I had to sign an NDA. So I did...BUT... The project was ... [read more]

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    Instead of "homework"...?

    marciayudkin in Copy Writing

    Hi everyone, I'm working on the writeup for a class I'll be offering in 2015, and it includes homework assignments between class meetings. That is, they have a task and ... [read more]

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    The egg and the Sumo wrestler - the power of demonstration

    joe golfer in Copy Writing

    Here is a good example of demonstration in action:

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    How Would You Promote a Kindle Book?

    ecoverartist in Copy Writing

    Just yesterday, I released my second book -- this time for Kindle: Blog Prompts: 101 Creative Topics... I've got a print version in the works, but for the time ... [read more]

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    Possible to buy email hooks?

    ElmerDSalazar in Copy Writing

    Kind of a weird question, but I have a follow up campaign that I am working on in the internet marketing niche and I want to be able to simply ... [read more]

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    Phoenix Self Storage Website

    DougHoltOnline in Copy Writing

    I'm working with a client on their self storage website in Phoenix Arizona - a very competitive area. The client has copy on the page that they feel is good ... [read more]

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    Is it just me, or is this advertisement terrible?

    MatthewRHallEsq in Copy Writing

    Today, Amazon announced Echo, a pretty cool little device that's like what would happen if Jawbone's Jambox and Siri had a kid. I'm actually pretty excited about the tech (NERD), ... [read more]

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    What works best in Internet marketing – long copy or short copy?

    Lightlysalted in Copy Writing

    Based upon your own experience just trying to find out wether short or long copy is best. I'm often turned off by long sales pages like those frequently seen on ... [read more]

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    daveski in Copy Writing

    Hello, This is my first ever landing page, I know it's cheesy but let me know what you think. SECRET COPY & PASTE FORMULA GENERATES ORDINARY PEOPLE EXTRAORDINARY INCOMES FROM ... [read more]

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    i need your honest advice about my review site

    MikeFareez in Copy Writing

    Can somebody judge my review site. And also how i build my list... Go here = I admit that my mistake is: 1)my English is not good = that's ... [read more]

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    How to reward agency copywriters

    joe golfer in Copy Writing

    Are you an agency or corporate copywriter? Here is a special reward system you might propose to the agency owners, division manager or copy chief -- a unique way to ... [read more]