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    Highlights of the Copywriting Section for Warrior members STICKY

    Resources for new Copywriters Top Copywriting Books Ever Storytelling Resources for Copywriters and Marketers The Biggest, Most Bad-Ass List of Awesome Marketing Lists If you want to hire copywriters... Directory ... [read more]

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    How useful have you found the 'copy' technique to be?

    CraigF in Copy Writing

    Hi there! Having been a lurker for quite some time on the forum, I decided to go ahead and get involved with this, MY FIRST POST. While my fingers may ... [read more]

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    Good Aussie gig going here

    The Copy Nazi in Copy Writing

    This is for copywriters/online marketers/content writers. Went up today. Based Melbourne - AU$85K I know the dude - he's VERY smart and a great writer himself. Very high-profile - on ... [read more]

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    Please, critique my sales page

    boafinancial in Copy Writing

    Please, critique landing page. Let me know what to do to increase sales conversion. This copy was written by an expert copy writer. Home

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    Is This the Best Salesletter Ever??

    osensnolf in Copy Writing

    I need some honest feedback about my site. Link Removed by me due to great feedback and changes made. Honest and critical feedback are greatly appreciated. Thanks! Other comments. All ... [read more]

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    Critique my sales page?

    screwaverage in Copy Writing

    This is a work in progress, and is going to need a lot of editing. I am selling an ebook to a very active niche, and am looking for some ... [read more]

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    Attention content writers, creative writers, English majors and newer copywriters...

    gjabiz in Copy Writing

    You've been had. Tricked. Had one weird, albeit effective, move made on your wallet. Skunked. Psyched. Faked out. But there still may be hope. I can best explain via a ... [read more]

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    What does an assignment look like?

    augentier in Copy Writing

    I'm new to copywriting and I've been wondering how you format a typical assignment..what does it look like and in which form do you send it? For example, if I ... [read more]

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    What sort of content should I add to this site? any copywriting tips?

    saxguru in Copy Writing

    Hi everyone I have started an amazon affiliate site which I will eventually try to make into some kind of authority site. My three niche areas on the site are ... [read more]

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    Are you, were you, an addict?

    RickDuris in Copy Writing

    Washed up? Homeless? Convicted? Broke? Lost your creative edge? Think people think lesser of you? Bullshit. Here's an ad agency that's doing quite well. Best of all? Staffed by former ... [read more]

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    Email marketing start up

    Hi I wanna start my email marketing campaign, but where I have to start I do no know about this. can any body know or suggest about this ?

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    The best kind of email copy?

    aldentan in Copy Writing

    Hey guys, Couple of questions here for you all: 1) What do you all think of an email copy that adds a lot of value? To be more clear, instead ... [read more]

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    Do I make this umbrella site?

    TyBrown in Copy Writing

    I'm looking for advice for something I'm considering doing with my sites. I own a dog training company. It takes the form of: - Dog Training Utah - CommuniCanine. A ... [read more]

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    Top Lead Gen. Sales Letters? - Direct Mail

    TakenAction in Copy Writing

    I would like to compile a list of some top lead generation sales letters for direct mail. Mainly because I am sending some out in attempt to acquire web design/ ... [read more]

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    Where Did I Go Wrong With This Article?

    Jonathan 2.0 in Copy Writing

    Hi Gentlemen,   So I tried to make this post as inspiring/motivating and “valuable” as I could. However (it seems like) it completely bombed. : ( I now realize that ... [read more]

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    Day care Ad Critique

    FullExMedia in Copy Writing

    I have a client that has been doing some eddm mailings recently for her day care and actually received 1 or 2 calls from the 5000 piece delivery in the ... [read more]

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    Guess I ought to post more often...

    angiecolee in Copy Writing

    ...otherwise random dickwads send me emails with sob stories about how the WF mods are big meanies and won't let them get new accounts. Please Angie, let me buy your ... [read more]

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    Please critique my squeeze page

    bobson8788 in Copy Writing

    Hello warriors i am looking to increase my conversions for my squeeze page, can you guys critique the copy on my squeeze page. Tell me is it compelling enough or ... [read more]

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    A Quick Way to Find the Emotional Hot Buttons of Your Market

    shawnlebrun in Copy Writing

    So, I just got back from vacation... and while on break, I read several books on my Kindle. And while going through a lot of the Amazon reviews... trying to ... [read more]

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    Weirdness Wanted

    ewenmack in Copy Writing

    Being weird and humble are part of the job descriptions for 2 copywriters wanted at The Motley Fool. In return, you'll be working in a workplace that has been voted ... [read more]

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    Hilarity in Classified Ads

    V12 in Copy Writing

    Came across this list and thought I'd share it: 11 Funniest Classified Ads Ever - 11 Points

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    How Would You Explain These Split Testing Results?

    sethczerepak in Copy Writing

    I'm testing a hypothesis in the copywriting niche. This is one of 20 emails I'm using to do it. (Sent 36 days from opt in date) Control Version: How to ... [read more]

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    Starting a Sales Letter with Testimonials.

    GlenH in Copy Writing

    Hey Guys, I have a quick question about the general sequencing and formatting of sales letters. I’ve recently seen some examples of copy written by a few well know copywriters, ... [read more]

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    Critique Request, House Painting

    maximus242 in Copy Writing

    Hi, Please critique my copy, attached in pdf in this post. Muchas Gracias

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    Are You Embarrassed By Your Titles? Here’s What To Do

    joe golfer in Copy Writing

    Need some inspiration, a jump start, a kick in the old cranium? This is a useful title generator that will give you some ideas for products, titles, headlines, bullets and ... [read more]

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    odesk help

    fahax in Copy Writing

    Hi all WF members My current odesk profile have 5 stars(feedback) based on one review. I heard that got first hiring is need patience but here I find it very ... [read more]

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    Critique site content - teeth whitening product

    marcovandaar10 in Copy Writing

    Hello everyone, I'm selling teeth whitening at home products online, and I know the content on your site is critical for your conversion rate. I'm hoping you guys can critique ... [read more]

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    web traffic

    Rdelgado00384 in Copy Writing

    I wanted to practice what i have been learning so i started a blogger account and picked a product from clickbank to practice with. I wrote a small page of ... [read more]

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    Thoughts on Yanik Silver Ultimate copywriting program?

    kennypowers in Copy Writing

    Hey guys.... Anyone out there purchased the ultimate copywriting program by Yanik Silver. Looking for something that will help but $795 seems a bit steep, any thoughts or reviews would ... [read more]

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    Letter critique

    Rjoneslaw in Copy Writing

    I found this site by accident one day. I'm a lawyer defending the masses against the tyranny of the government. (Sounds a lot better than criminal defense lawyer.) This is ... [read more]

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    Email swipe: example of Market to Match to Offer

    copyassassin in Copy Writing

    Hi Copy Gang, Just wanted to share with you a successful email offer I've got going on. Feel free to use this concept in your business. ========== A little background ... [read more]

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    People who want to become copywriters...

    gjabiz in Copy Writing

    become copywriters. Over the last 5 years I've kept track of many people who came here and other places saying they want to become copywriters. Few do. Why? Is it ... [read more]

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    Need Help Dialing in a Headline

    Outlaw123 in Copy Writing

    Hey guys I need some help with a headline for a client. Here's the headline targeting car dealerships and the product is for the service department NOTE: "Fixed-Ops" is basically ... [read more]

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    Infographics: How to display them for marketing purposes?

    marciayudkin in Copy Writing

    Hello copy friends, I've commissioned several infographics that I'm going to use to promote an upcoming telesummit. But I'm unclear on how best to set them up to have the ... [read more]

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    Any copywriter could have told you that...

    Research published in the American Journal of Health Promotion showed that advertisements telling smokers why to quit are more effective than ads telling them how to quit. In fact, even ... [read more]

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    Catalog Copy: How to Get Experience/Samples?

    dbellm in Copy Writing

    I'm interested in branching into writing catalog and product copy. But I don't have any samples I can show potential clients. Any thoughts on where I could get a chance ... [read more]

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    I don't have a products!

    Rdelgado00384 in Copy Writing

    OK, I'm ready to get started in writing some copy is there a way for me to find a product to sell online that can create a steady income? I ... [read more]

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    Need Help! Which of my 2 copies do you think will convert better on launch date!

    Max Stryker in Copy Writing

    Hi warriors, I've been spending lots of time working on my sales pages. I created a story, sense of urgency, product 3D mockups, call to actions, everything. But I can't ... [read more]

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    You are only ONE "swipe" away from becoming rich...and that swipe is:

    gjabiz in Copy Writing

    Coming up in just a moment. But first; Do you accept the premise promoted by Kennedy, Halbert, Abraham, et al. which goes something like: You are only one sales letter ... [read more]

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    headline smasher

    joe golfer in Copy Writing

    Get some inspiration for headlines with the Headline Smasher--it smooshes headlines from Buzzfeed and Upworthy-type sites: Headline Smasher | Stupidly Funny Computer-Generated Fake Headlines Examples: 13 Jurassic Park but With ... [read more]

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    flex your copywriter muscles

    Rdelgado00384 in Copy Writing

    Hello everyone I just joined the forum to get feedback and learn more about copy writing. I have been learning on my own for several months and would like to ... [read more]

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    Is it time to reconsider your copywriting career?

    max5ty in Copy Writing

    Do you really believe a sales letter can make you a millionaire? Is it just a mantra you heard from a guru and you use it to motivate yourself? Do ... [read more]

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    Would you say a sales page should include as many "trigger" words as possible?

    aldentan in Copy Writing

    Hey guys, To what extent do you all think a sales page should include all the copy and "trigger" words? Is it to say that it's only sensible to include ... [read more]

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    busted: supplement company rips off "before / after" images

    joe golfer in Copy Writing

    I know, I know. Shocking. Still, it's good to see them called out. This website owner calls the alleged offender to ask them to take down the image:

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    Landing Page cretique

    texasseoguy in Copy Writing

    Hello all. I wanted your opinion on the landing page I created: Prescription 360 What I am looking for is input on design. - Usability - Call To Action (What ... [read more]

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    Good short copy examples?

    svedski in Copy Writing

    Posting an ad in a magazine and only have very limited space (maybe 500 - 750 words or so). Anyone can share some good examples of successful short copy?

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    Apparently, all you really do need is a starving crowd

    perryny in Copy Writing

    From today's NY Times: NARAHA, Japan — “Out of work? Nowhere to live? Nowhere to go? Nothing to eat?” the online ad reads. “Come to Fukushima.” That grim posting targeting ... [read more]

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    Amazing Coffee Discovery!

    MagneticKopy in Copy Writing

    Hey Warriors, I had some time off yesterday and I decided to hit the local library to see what was around. I came across this book titled: The Golden Age ... [read more]

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    Reaching my 1000th post...

    max5ty in Copy Writing

    Told myself several months ago when I got to a thousand posts I was gonna bow out gracefully. That time has come. Not that I dislike the forum...just need to ... [read more]

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    ...and the winner is

    The Copy Nazi in Copy Writing

    The Winner of the 2014 BBC Corporate Guff Awards is... Rob Stone, CEO of advertising agency Cornerstone... come on down! As brands build out a world footprint, they look for ... [read more]

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    Looking for copywriter for my first wso

    lucidbs in Copy Writing

    Hi talented writers, I'd like to know anyone would like to help out with my first wso launch for my report. Anyone can send me some pointers or want to ... [read more]

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    Funniest salesvideo I've ever seen

    svedski in Copy Writing

    Got spammed by someone saying that "I had a new commission payment waiting". Clicked the link and got to this video: Easy Money Machines Literally laughed out loud. Is it ... [read more]

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    Question about this offer

    Sean Fry in Copy Writing

    Any info on this offer? I see ads for it on google all the time, they must be buying truckloads of traffic. Any ideas on sales volume? Who wrote the ... [read more]

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    Nobody wanted cookies, untill...

    ewenmack in Copy Writing

    One word was added... Your tasty treat is here... The Power of Words « I Love Marketing Best, Ewen

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    Is my site good enough?

    Logia in Copy Writing

    Hello and good day! I'm starting an IM career, and I made a website, I submitted it to google today but I don't know when will it be viewable at ... [read more]

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    Which Sales Page Do You Like Better?

    MaksP in Copy Writing

    Hey whats up fellow warriors. I have just gotten into this forum 6 months ago and learned a lot. So before I start I just want to say thank you. ... [read more]

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    My All-Time Favorite Gary Halbert Rant

    DanSharp in Copy Writing

    Why do I love quoting this guy so much? Because the stuff he talks about is still so freakin' relevant! From The Gary Halbert Letter You know, every so often, ... [read more]