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    Highlights of the Copywriting Section for Warrior members STICKY in Copy Writing

    Resources for new Copywriters Top Copywriting Books Ever Storytelling Resources for Copywriters and Marketers The Biggest, Most Bad-Ass List of Awesome Marketing Lists If you want to hire copywriters... Directory ... [read more]

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    Advice/critique please...

    Anyanna in Copy Writing

    Hello all, I have read all the information pertaining to reading the guidelines before posting to ask for advice. I wanted some opinions on my sales page below. If anyone ... [read more]

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    another place to get copy jobs...

    shawnlebrun in Copy Writing

    I've used off and on for a few years, and have always been able to land some copy jobs pretty easily from that site. the cool thing is, there ... [read more]

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    Time on site for Buyers vs Non-buyers

    copyassassin in Copy Writing

    For you analytic junkies: Do you notice a difference between the amount of time a buyer is on your site vs a non-buyer? Do any of you use a live ... [read more]

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    Video Sales Letters: Do you see people leaving once the "pitch" begins?

    rimam1 in Copy Writing

    Hey guys, I recorded my first power-point style VSL (it was created by a top-notch Warrior... PM me and I'll tell you who) It's currently 40 minutes, and in my ... [read more]

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    Using Testimonials As Headlines

    Mark Pescetti in Copy Writing

    I'm in the process of filming one of my products right now. I'm putting in a lot of time and energy working with people - teaching them my program in ... [read more]

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    Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm

    James Fame in Copy Writing

    I didn't see a thread in here about rhythm in copywriting, even after pulling a search. Just assuming you've gotten everything else right (the hook, etc), what do you do ... [read more]

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    Quieting that Negative Voice in your Head

    shawnlebrun in Copy Writing

    I touched on this in a thread about my "wow" books... but I think this will help a lot of other copywriters here, especially the newer ones. Now, I don't ... [read more]

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    "Does It Have A Handle?"

    Mark Pescetti in Copy Writing

    Why did this ad work? "Does It Have A Handle?" - JOHN CLEESE Compaq Commercial - YouTube

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    If you were John Kerry, you would _________

    copyassassin in Copy Writing

    If you live under a rock, then you've missed Obama asking congress for authorization to kill some naughty people somewhere in the middle east. Obama's Billy Mays is John Kerry. ... [read more]

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    10 questions

    copyassassin in Copy Writing

    What 10 questions about your ideal client MUST you be able to answer in order to get the highest possible sales revenue. If 10 warriors share, I'll let u see ... [read more]

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    Favorite Quotes By Claude Hopkins

    I'll start with... "We cannot go after thousands of men until we learn how to win one."

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    When You Wish Upon A Star...

    Mark Pescetti in Copy Writing

    “You Are One Sales Letter Away From Being Rich ” – Gary Halbert What does virtually everyone on the planet want? Financial freedom, right? That doesn't mean you want to ... [read more]

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    Sales video script - NEED an experts opinion

    daavid3 in Copy Writing

    Hey guys, I have been working on my product launch for a little bit TOO long. Anyway, this is my first product launch and I went all out and NEED ... [read more]

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    CopyWRITING dead?

    Joshua P in Copy Writing

    It seemsevery other website now has a video for their copy...seems like traditional sales pages with just text are getting lesser and lesser...and I wouldn't be surprised if they sold ... [read more]

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    I need a video script written

    BobbyBoucher in Copy Writing Pretty much the same thing as the first guy in the video. It would be for an owner of a senior care agency. His part should be ~1:30. PM ... [read more]

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    Internet Marketing Live Conference, Convention and Seminar List

    Live internet marketing seminars, conferences and conventions are a great way to grow your business. Add a reply with any conventions you know about and I'll add it below. (This ... [read more]

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    Do you write copy in word or directly to the sales page

    blackhawkup in Copy Writing

    Just wondering how the masses do. Do you all write the entire copy in a word doc then format it on the sales page? Or do you write the copy ... [read more]

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    Hottest Headlines

    What are some headlines that have really caught your attention? My fav : "Kindle Case Study: How I Went From Escorting to Publishing eBooks!"

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    How to pitch your idea on a crowdfunding site without giving the idea away?

    SEO4hire in Copy Writing

    I have an extremely good idea for an online business, and am preparing to raise capital for the expenses. I am considering using crowdfunding service in an effort to generate ... [read more]

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    Discounted deals for copywriters...

    shawnlebrun in Copy Writing

    Just finished reading a pretty interesting thread on Noah Kagan... How to Create a Million-Dollar Business This Weekend (Examples: AppSumo, Mint, Chihuahuas) He started Appsumo as a site that offers ... [read more]

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    So is Anyone an Expert in Making Banging Sales Pages?

    Eliezer F in Copy Writing

    So is anyone an expert in making banging explosive sales page i'm in trouble need a little help with my first one.

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    Mobile ma-cheens

    What type of copywriting ma-cheen do you use outside the house? Laptop? Tablet? I'm considering a tablet of some kind. If you use a tablet, what do you wish it ... [read more]

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    Minimal Words - High Impact Copy Help Needed

    TheBigBee in Copy Writing

    I am looking for help... with writing a 75 word script designed to get a business owner to first Press 1 (there goes two words right there) and then, speak ... [read more]

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    PaulintheSticks in Copy Writing

    "Would you pay a penny to have an ideal prospect see your ad?" This is a headline for a lead generation ad. On a scale of 1-10 what do you ... [read more]

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    Looking for feedback on autism site

    tkhowse in Copy Writing


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    SEO Sales letter: Why reinvent the wheel?

    seabro in Copy Writing

    Hi all, I was thinking about writing a letter to sell SEO services to local businesses. (Yep, selling an online business generation tool - offline). Then I thought, SURELY thousands ... [read more]

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    How to Resonate with your Readers

    shawnlebrun in Copy Writing

    It amazes me just how powerful our words are. I mean, it's pretty amazing that we as copywriters can influence such a large amount of people with the words we ... [read more]

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    Best PPV, PPC, Retargeting sites for Health & Fitness niche?

    AeroBuilders in Copy Writing

    What are the most effective ad sites/programs for running paid ads in the H&F niche?

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    Chevy Volt Marketer Gesse tries to describe their "Avatar"...

    DavidG in Copy Writing

    Chevy Volt Marketer Gesse on Tesla Competition - Businessweek Check it out. Reminds me of the Edsel.

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    does anyone else watch The Pitch?

    shawnlebrun in Copy Writing

    so... one of my favorite shows is back for a new season... AMC's The Pitch. My question is... does their editing just make traditional advertising agencies and copywriters within those ... [read more]

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    Screw Sales Letters, Videos and all that other crap...

    max5ty in Copy Writing

    Looking for a lazy way to get rich? Want to jump in on a 2 billion dollar a year business? Want to sell loads of your product and never have ... [read more]

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    It's Sooo Hard!

    AnabelleFlorida in Copy Writing

    I love to go on cruises, do it all the time, I've traveled near and far, and I've had tons of fun, but ... I'm well aware of the dangers ... [read more]

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    "Write to sell not to impress"

    Jonwebb in Copy Writing

    Hello newer copywriters, This is a quick message.... You Don't Need Our Approval to Make Money with Your Copy. You need only to follow a few guidelines: 1 start with ... [read more]

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    My Website Gift For Wife - Copy Advice - Thanks In Advance

    Mr Squeeze in Copy Writing

    Hey guys, I recently created a website for my wifes cleaning company (its a surprise she doesn't know about it yet). Basically I would like to know if there is ... [read more]

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    Looking for a copywriter that is familiar in telesummit funnel

    sweettnao in Copy Writing

    Im Looking for a copywriter that is familiar with online telesummit funnel,

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    High Quality Content Creation Required

    Paul Tovey in Copy Writing

    I'm getting tired of producing weekly mundane junk and really want to get content produced for my website that is actually engaging and well thought out, quite frankly, i'm not ... [read more]

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    Deciding on a headline

    Sometimes you just can't decide on a headline: Just Couldn't Decide On A Headline | The Smoking Gun

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    VSL (Video Sales Letter) Software: What Tools Are Best/Most Useful?

    saleswriter101 in Copy Writing

    Hiho Warriors! For a VSL with text, audio and simple animation (like moving a still image into or out of frame) what tool(s) would you use? (For PC (not mac).) ... [read more]

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    5 Tiny Wording Tricks That Can Totally Change Someone's Mind

    Jason_V in Copy Writing

    I found this article last night, I thought there was some really good and interesting information in it. I'll share my favorite tip here, and you can read the rest ... [read more]

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    How do I write a catchy signature that converts?

    Max Greenflame in Copy Writing

    Hi, would you recommend me some great trick or idea how to make effective forum signatures that drive people to my new blog? I've read tons of basic tips but ... [read more]

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    Do you use "happy" much in your copy?

    shawnlebrun in Copy Writing

    I don't know why I was just thinking this today... but I went through a lot of my old sales letters... and noticed I almost NEVER use the word "happy". ... [read more]

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    How Good is my Sales Page?

    TemperThompson in Copy Writing

    I made an info product and I now have it on JVZoo. I've already got some really good and big affiliates that made big results, but they've told me that ... [read more]

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    "Help Me, Help You!"

    Mark Pescetti in Copy Writing

    "Help me, help you!" A classic line from the movie Jerry Maguire. And man, does it ever apply to the dynamic between copywriters and their clients (or potential clients.) Maybe ... [read more]

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    Your Landing Page Sucks! Here are 46 ways to make it better...

    LP Copywriter in Copy Writing

    Landing page copy has been by bread and butter for a number years now, and I do believe, I’ve become pretty damn good at it. I've posted this one one ... [read more]

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    Who The Hell Are You Talking To, Huh?

    Mark Pescetti in Copy Writing

    A lot of product developers get so turned on by their own solution (falling in love with it) that their ideal customer is kind of an afterthought. What about you? ... [read more]

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    You can't write for worth a DAMN!

    DaniRodriguez in Copy Writing

    That's what copywriters have been telling me all my life. This time instead of trying to be one, I want to hire one. There is an affiliate offer that I ... [read more]

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    Which copywriter did this one?

    The (current control) video sales letter for PaleoBurn is a very long (52 minutes). Anyone here have any idea who wrote it?

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    SEO Copywriter!

    saddists in Copy Writing

    Hello, I'm looking for SEO copywriter who can write followups/autorepsonder series for our upcoming SEO product. Our budget is around $500-1000. Thanks

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    Exposing The "Person of Interest" In Your Business

    fasteasysuccess in Copy Writing

    Ever seen the show...Person of Interest? Great Show. A computer genius created a program that spits out social security numbers of terrorists. Then the government tracks the person down to ... [read more]

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    Giving It Up On The First Date

    Mark Pescetti in Copy Writing

    Laura is a little insecure. But she really wants to find The One. So when she meets a man she's attracted to, it's hard for her to hold back. She ... [read more]

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    What's your recommendation for learning copywriting?

    scottcunningham in Copy Writing

    I want to learn how to write good copy. What is your recommendation on how to get the best education? So far, I've picked up a few books, but was ... [read more]

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    Looking For Best Up To Date Resources On Opt-In Conversions

    Mirnova in Copy Writing

    ...Something that's fully up to speed with the latest technology and what can be done with it to convert higher optin landing pages. Any recommends?

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    Embedded Commands Results!

    Gary Ning Lo in Copy Writing

    Hi Guys, Been reading some stuff about embedded commands recently. For use in a selling context (video, in person, text). However, even though it seems that a lot of people ... [read more]

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    I Need a Star Copywriter

    DMWood in Copy Writing

    Hey Guys, I need some help, I really need to update my sales page for my time management course. For that I need a really good copywriter. The reason I ... [read more]