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    Highlights of the Copywriting Section for Warrior members STICKY

    Resources for new Copywriters Top Copywriting Books Ever Storytelling Resources for Copywriters and Marketers The Biggest, Most Bad-Ass List of Awesome Marketing Lists If you want to hire copywriters... Directory ... [read more]

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    Where can I find "Scratch and Dent" template?

    filmmaker in Copy Writing

    Hi, I did search here and google but can't find template. my website client is doing trade show so reason why is great (LED Display Lighbox) any help will be ... [read more]

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    The Copywriting of Politics ...

    Raydal in Copy Writing

    I don't know how many copywriters have been following the political conventions in the U. S. but the speeches are really sale letters open to critiques and analysis. At least ... [read more]

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    Just A Suggestion

    The mall could have been right out of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. I got a job selling shoes after school at some now-forgotten shoe store. My first day. A ... [read more]

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    How to become a highly paid Independent Marketing Analyst...

    gjabiz in Copy Writing

    Just do what many copywriters do...just call yourself one. First, I don't care for PM, prefer email, only because I don't always sign in here everyday, so your PM may ... [read more]

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    super copy

    seobro in Copy Writing

    I love this commercial because it has excellent copy. Hope that it will inspire you. This mini movie is energy. Please put in your own copy more of the same ... [read more]

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    Cosmo Headline Worth Swiping

    copyassassin in Copy Writing

    Just the other day while at the checkout line line at CVS for some pain meds, I came across a killer cosmo headline: The Naughty Orgasm Trick Couples Love I ... [read more]

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    Brand Success Story

    Mark Pescetti in Copy Writing

    "Initially my income was low and I was unknown. As soon as I launched the Mars-Venus brand, my income sky-rocketed even though my knowledge level had not changed. Branding is ... [read more]

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    Split testing - A/B, mutlivariate -- what do you use?

    MaxReferrals in Copy Writing

    Growing tired of using Google experiments/optimizer. What are you using to A/B and conduct multivariate on your pages? Thanks, Max

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    Putting your money where your mouth is for more sales

    I was working with a client recently and suggested putting in place a “lifetime money back guarantee” for the product. Gasp!! Because affiliates where involved this was not possible but ... [read more]

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    Ultimate Headline Swipe File

    RickDuris in Copy Writing

    140,000+ PDFS of headline swipe files: - Rick Duris PS: I was doing a little copywriting coaching this morning, and the person I was coaching needed a bit of ... [read more]

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    Landing Pages Analyzed For Conversion

    The good, the bad and the ugly of 15 different company landing pages: 15 Landing Page Examples Analyzed for Conversion (By a Honey Badger) | Unbounce

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    Do any copyriters ever do work for a percentage of product sales?

    bigballin6161 in Copy Writing

    Do copywriters ever work for a percentage of sales like a JV of some sort? I know some take a percentage anyways but was wondering if they would do it ... [read more]

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    The Love Boat

    Speedboot (2012) - Centraal Beheer Achmea -... Speedboot (2012) - Centraal Beheer Achmea - YouTube

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    "Special" Technique

    SethTheUBotGuy in Copy Writing

    Quotation Marks Add them into your headlines. If you look at who has them in their subject line in the copywriting forum, you'll see it's about 1/10 posts. And they ... [read more]

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    After buying some WSO ...

    Did all the study help me write an okay sales copy? how to draw human figures | MasterPaintingNow I bought a few WSOs, researched online, found a cool free book ... [read more]

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    Autoplay video/audio on landing page?

    dilnaj in Copy Writing

    Do you like it when you visit a landing page and bam some video+audio starts playing right away? Have you tried it? Is it really effective? :rolleyes:

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    SOS: Please What Must I To Do To Improve The Conversion of This Web Consulting Course Sales Copy!

    jompert in Copy Writing

    Hi Everyone, Thank you for reading this thread... I have a Web Consulting Video Course. It is a very comprehensive course with lots of verifiable testimonials. I have a sales ... [read more]

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    Please critique this sales letter - Just starting (Updated 8/27/12)

    Rob28x in Copy Writing

    This is my first sales copy, I have been reading "The Ultimate Sales Letter" by Dan Kennedy and wanted some honest feedback. This is for myself, not a client. Thank ... [read more]

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    Critique my landing page!

    MuscleProdigy in Copy Writing

    Using many of your suggestions, I came up with this: Honest feedback would be much appreciated. Again, thanks so much for taking the time to give me critiques.

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    Copy Critique Please

    Gene.Gerwin in Copy Writing

    I'm re-writing a sales letter for a golf product. Original sales letter: Original version New version: My re-write Commenting is enabled on the Google document... feel free to leave comments ... [read more]

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    Critique my copywrite please

    B2BEcharger in Copy Writing

    Hey Warriors, Can you please review my copyright. I did my own copyright because I am new to internet marketing and I am on a very small budget. Can you ... [read more]

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    Hahaha I LOVE this Forum!!! Success Story!

    Beats4Legends in Copy Writing

    Wow, just wanted to, ONCE AGAIN, come onto the Copy Writing section of Warrior Forums and thank you for all the wonderful advice you were giving me. I made some ... [read more]

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    re: What is the Best Copywriting Course?"

    netvicar in Copy Writing

    In another forum posting the question was asked, "What is the Best Copywriting Course?" Unfortunately few links were provided for the referenced resources. So I took the liberty to "Google" ... [read more]

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    Sex doesn't sell: tell me why my dating copy sucks

    MADEXMEN in Copy Writing

    This is my first (published) attempt at a sales letter for a male dating advice ebook. Fair warning: it's pretty long, but that's what seems to work in this niche. ... [read more]

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    Will This Sell? Critique Please

    stemdrea in Copy Writing

    I've worked on the headline and lead You'll find them here Attention Internet Marketers V3 I really appreciate your help and advice. --------------------- Thank you in advance - your suggestions ... [read more]

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    Vintage Ads Site

    Marvin Johnston in Copy Writing

    This site has a lot of vintage ads in a variety of subject areas with some going back several centuries: Vintage Ad Browser It is fun to read the copy ... [read more]

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    What am I actually saying with this statement?

    Michael Mayo in Copy Writing

    Hi Warriors, What do you perceive this to mean? "We build on your trust." This is coming from a company that Builds New Homes, Remodels and does Restorations on existing ... [read more]

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    Converting at 1 out of 150. What can I improve on this Tattoo Site?

    link8 in Copy Writing

    Hi guys, I own Celebrity Tattoos | Search and Download Tattoos Fit for a Celebrity!, what do you think I can improve to increase conversions to at least 1% thanks! ... [read more]

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    I seriously needs some help ! !!

    Mindz in Copy Writing

    Ok first off thank you for even click on this thread. secondly I want to say I'm just a musician but I have been around for a minute. Learn this ... [read more]

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    Copywriting for Game app description

    fanstudio in Copy Writing

    Hi guys, I was wondering if there's anyone with experience in game app description optimized for the App Store. We will launch a new game soon and we want to ... [read more]

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    Copywriting Forum moderation issue ...

    Raydal in Copy Writing

    There seems to be more and more posts of people looking for a copywriter or writer to hire from this section. The only little problem is that there is a ... [read more]

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    Lack of flow in your copy

    ThomasOMalley in Copy Writing

    I've been noticing a lot of copy put up for critique lacks flow and cohesion. Definitely model some successful sales letters as a start. Then put your mind to the ... [read more]

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    Need copywriter for an 50+ ebook.

    OneRedCan in Copy Writing

    Hey guys. Like the tittle says, we need a copywriter for a 50+ page ebook. We need: Native English speaker Experienced ebook writer We're not going to reveal anything else ... [read more]

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    More Crazy Classifieds: This Isn't Your Normal Mustang

    More crazy classified copywriting--this time for a Mustang on Kijiji (NSFW): 2000 Ford Mustang GT Coupe -- Certified & E-Tested - Oshawa / Durham Region Cars For Sale - Kijiji ... [read more]

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    Without This, Kiss Your Conversions Goodbye...

    Mark Pescetti in Copy Writing

    I was hanging out with another copywriter yesterday at a coffeehouse and we talked about some of our personal objection-shattering signatures. I let him in on a deep unconscious trigger ... [read more]

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    Need to Hire a Copywriter (Screwed up last time) - Need Advice!

    jbrett in Copy Writing

    I hired a copywriter for an offer in the dating niche about 3 years ago. He put in a great deal of time and commitment to helping me market it ... [read more]

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    Critique my landing page! PLEASE HELP!

    MuscleProdigy in Copy Writing

    Guys, I have been constantly switching around my landing page for my fitness product. I previously had a long sales letter but that wasn't converting as well as I thought. ... [read more]

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    Jim Sheridan's Lake of Cash

    To help explain direct marketing to people, copywriter Jim Sheridan poses this scenario: You are stuck out in the wild, and need to catch a fish to survive. Of the ... [read more]

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    Need Help with Conversion. FREE Product for Top 5 Answers.

    jjbalagosa in Copy Writing

    I actually studied a great deal of stuff from John Carlton, Jason Fladlien, Joe Vitale, and Michael Masterson before writing this. So I do know some technical aspects of copywriting. ... [read more]

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    Review of My Sales Copy??

    MattStevens in Copy Writing

    Hey Warriors, Long time time first time here at the forum. Finally! I have come out of the dark decrepit corner where all lurkers reside. Ahh, how refreshing the light ... [read more]

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    Writing with EMOTION? Help

    stemdrea in Copy Writing

    Can someone help me figure out how to put emotion in my writing - I seem to be missing this in a BIG way??? I've read through the archives and ... [read more]

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    Copywriter needed!

    Isalauantdi in Copy Writing

    Hi Friends! If anyone has had recent success with Copywriters in (Self Help, Arts and Entertainment, or E-business & E-marketing) please advise. Thanks In Advance.

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    What Do You think of this headline?

    Ahmed Auf in Copy Writing

    "Discover The 3 Steps System Designed By a 21 Year Old Engineering Student That Allowed Him To Score 427 Subscribers Onto His List and 135 Sales In 12 Hours Without ... [read more]

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    Checking to see if this old dog can still bark

    Jayone in Copy Writing

    I'm new on WF and really appreciating all the resources more and more. I'm an old marketer who has been out of action for quite a while and a bit ... [read more]

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    need some critique on my sales page for Mobile CPA WSO

    dancingbudha in Copy Writing

    anyone wanna have a quick look at my sales pages for my upcoming wso? I had it done by a professional copywriter but I just feel its a bit overhyped ... [read more]

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    Headline Innapropriate?

    Gene.Gerwin in Copy Writing

    This is a follow-on to my original thread here which was about a complete overhaul. The completed sales page is I'm now at the point where I'm about to ... [read more]

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    Who makes INSANELY good squeeze pages?

    Jarrett in Copy Writing

    hey! what's going on fellas? I'm looking for someone who can write the copy for a squeeze page to get people on a webinar in the IM / make money ... [read more]

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    Is creating a feeling trust a big part (or concious part) of your copy?

    Big Al in Copy Writing

    Just had a bizarre week where everything I'm reading seems to have bigger and bigger elements of trust. First Ewen Mack posted this answer to one of my questions about ... [read more]

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    Fellow Copywriter Needs Critique...Pretty Please

    1robert in Copy Writing

    "Discover the Little Known Secrets to Writing a Simple Sales Letter That Pulls" In a Few Moments, You’ll Discover: 1. How to write a compelling headline that moves readers into ... [read more]

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    If it's crap, rip it. If it's good, pat me on the back...

    Ben_Doyle in Copy Writing

    Hey, I've just written some copy for a WSO that i'm planning to run at some point in the next couple of weeks. I've kept it short deliberately and I've ... [read more]

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    Bridal Shop Swipe?

    JohnRussell in Copy Writing

    Hey Guys, I have an appointment with a local bridal wear shop tomorrow to help them with their ads. I have some ideas that I am sure will work but ... [read more]

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    This copy needs "serious" critique...

    Kalednet in Copy Writing

    Hi Warriors, I must say that copywriting is a true art (or a science?), and if you're a copywriter then you're my hero. Because I spent the past week trying ... [read more]

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    Research email marketing / expert

    Supersizeme in Copy Writing

    My company is active in the SEO in Belgium (French). We are looking for a marketing expert who will create in English (we will translate it into French) an effective ... [read more]

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    how long till I am expert?

    lukee in Copy Writing

    So i'm starting to read into CR long do you think it will take to become an expert in the field ? I'm an above average learner

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    Free Copy Critique For Warriors By $1,000,000 Copywriter!

    1robert in Copy Writing

    I've been noticing a lot of critique requests here on the forum, so I thought I would share some $1,000,000 tips: 1. Your sales letter isn't ready to be "critiqued" ... [read more]

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    Why do they want to hire someone in the US alone?

    emkay in Copy Writing

    I am a freelance writer based in the UK. I have worked with a number of clients based in the UK but when it comes to the US, a lot ... [read more]