Difficulties in Dropshipping business

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I am planning to start a dropshipping business. As many people on this forum are familiar with dropshipping, so I would like to hear difficulties that many people face in this kind of business.
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    Solutions are always more than difficulties. Don't worry, just do it. It's low risk because you don't have to invest much money to keep a stock of products. One thing you should be cautious of is PPC ads which can cost you money very fast.
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    What I have seen a LOT is that people have no creativity at all, I've been on many dropship websites and most of them look like shit! Bad English, confusing layout, annoying colors that don't match and simply a lack of effort.

    Usually when i check out their social media accounts, they all suck, no activity and just plain boring and then they complain that dropshipping doesn't work.

    To be successful in dropshipping it's like running any other company, takes a lot of hard work and continuously effort.

    Too many people think dropshipping is easy, set up a website, import items and that's it, the reality is different
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    In addition to everything that SpatterFox mentioned, nothing matters if you do not have a great supplier with good margins, quality products and great service. Most people fail at dropshipping for the same reason that they fail at everything else - they look for the easy way of doing things, using suppliers like AliExpress and DHGate or almost as bad, using dropship supplier directories like DOBA and WorldwideBrands.

    Put in the real effort and CALL the brands directly (no, don't Email them). If they won't dropship, get the contact information from them about their distributors who might.

    Without a quality dropship supplier who has good margins, you have failed before you have even started.
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    After having done all that than the next thing is the online marketplace for selling your products and unless the site is easy to navigate and good detailed information most won't buy if they come to the site at all.

    Having a good clean site with detailed instructions would be a good place to start that has static links to products so that will help with SEO as well
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    I must say that at the staring you will face many difficulties. But there is solution too. The big advantage of drop-shipping business is that you don't have to invest a lot. So there is minimum risk. For the beginner it is important to connect with experience person. I suggest you to join this FB group. Here you will find many experienced drop shipper.
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    Hope this is not a stupid question. I don't know much about drop shipping but from what I understand of it. Your more or less a middle man between the customer and the wholesaler via E -commerce web-site. Your job is to promote or internet marketing . Not too different from what affiliate marketing does.
    Is this correct?
    And also why not the customer just buy directly from the wholesaler ?

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