Testers Wanted - Dropship from Amazon to eBay

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Fellow Warriors -

I am developing a software product and am looking for some testers. My name is Roland Burke and I am a web application developer. I am looking to start my own business and am looking for some eBay sellers to test my idea.

The product will allow you to easily list products from Amazon to eBay quickly and will monitor and adjust the prices to make sure they stay at a set percentage above the price it is listed for. You will be able to set the percentage.

If you think you may be interested in this product please reply below and send me a private message. I am only going to allow 10 testers. You will need a US eBay account, preferably with at least 50+ feedback and in good standing. Please ensure you will be able to have time to make a few telephone or Skype calls as I will want feedback about the application and ways you think it can be improved.
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    Interesting concept. One of the problems I have always been aware of with the ebay sell / fulfill by Amazon biz model is the issue of prices increasing to the point where there is no margin available by the time the sale happens due to price increases on Amazon.

    As an Amazon FBA seller I often buy on ebay and resell on Amazon with good margins. Once I bought an item on ebay to resell and it was fulfilled by the seller from Amazon who bought it for far more then I paid. I then sold it on Amazon for even more. That ebay seller was not happy I am sure. With your system taking into account the Amazon price increases and limiting it to a certain amount that should give a good advantage to the ebay seller as his fulfillment costs will be controlled.
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    I only have a couple spots left if anyone else is interested
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    I have seen and done this before. I will tell you, there are sites that will alert you when prices change so you can adjust accordingly. The money will come when you can streamline the process taking ordering information from amazon and transferring it to ebay quickly and easily. I still haven't seen that yet.
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    I would be interested.

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