Can Someone Critique My Website, I Cant Convert My Traffic Into Sales

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New to the E-Commerce game and am trying all different methods to drive traffic to the site but even today ive had 105 unique visitors via Google Ad's & Facebook Ad's and not one conversion, the website just isnt doing sales and i cant figure out why.

The site is around two months old i know its going to take a while to establish.

Im paying an absolute fortune on advertising and getting no returns.

Any help and advice would be appreciated
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    I am also in the same boat as you are I have set up an ecommerce website that sells products. This site is fairly new it is only been 3 months. I have spent so much money on the ads, it did not help me at all.
    Any advice would be really helpful. Please save us.
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    Anyone else with any experience in turning an e-commerce site from non sales into one thats converting reguarly?

    Or any other observations perhaps about my products or anything else on the website

    Im racking my brains here

    Thank You
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    Sorry if the usage of the words, is discomforting; since you asked to critique.

    Your website is too simple and lacks authority. For the logo part, you've placed the text itself. Ask yourself, how many websites would you consider legit, if they do not have the very basic components related to their business; a Logo.

    Home page info should also not be just the category listing, but the offerings you'd be providing. See for an example.

    The search bar submerges with the background color. Highlight it, so visitors can locate it easily.

    USPs like Free Shipping, Secure Payment etc. can be highlighted with some graphics, instead of just text.

    In a nutshell, your website is too plain and lacks appeal to make it look like a legit eCommerce, where people will feel comfortable in sharing their transaction details.

    Most of the people might not be comfortable enough and that could be the reason that they're not converting.

    Hope that helps!
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    thanks for all the feedback ive made tonnes of changes to the site in the last few hours,

    let me know what you think
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    Generally, I like the blue color very much. But there is so much blue on your site, that it hurts my eyes. Can't stay long there. The design and layout is somewhat simplistic, visitors might get an impression that this is some fly-by-night setup. Please have a look at established competitors and analyze their webdesign. Cheers and good luck.
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    Hi. You don't seem to have a contact address. No one will trust you without this.
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    Originally Posted by cselectronics View Post

    New to the E-Commerce game and am trying all different methods to drive traffic to the site but even today ive had 105 unique visitors via Google Ad's & Facebook Ad's and not one conversion, the website just isnt doing sales and i cant figure out why.

    The site is around two months old i know its going to take a while to establish.

    Im paying an absolute fortune on advertising and getting no returns.

    Any help and advice would be appreciated

    There isn't any. It's the single biggest factor in ecommerce.

    Your trust score is nil. Go google 'trust' and read very carefully. Then start to work on the large number of issues you will discover.

    Good luck in putting things right.
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      Thank You,

      I have added a customer service number and address for our premises on our contact page.

      All of this has been a great help so far if there is anything else please keep them coming this is helping me out so much
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    For an electronics site, it is really all about price. How are your prices compared to other sites selling the same products?
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    I was going through your website and trying to understand what could make less conversion.

    I think you should add an review of option for the product. That will ensure the customer how good the product is.

    You are using Google Ad's & Facebook Ad's. I think you should care about target visitors not about visitors. I dont know what keywords you are using for google adword. If you use information base keyword, then you have to make sure you have a strong blog section in your site. In this case you can add a review article for each product. And, you need to be more classified if you use buy keyword keywords.

    Social media
    You got 93 comments and shares on February 28. I think you have got some conversion from here. I think this is a better plan than using facebook ad's.

    You have mentioned you already 100th sell. So, you have at least 75 customers. You can run another program like that. You will send message to each and tell them if they share their experience via social media, then you will send something for FREE.

    Or, new customer will get 20% off if they share their experience via social media.

    Best wishes for your business.
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    You have an empty design. Nothing attracts. In the case of ecommerce banners are needed, you need to visually identify some sections that will be priority for the user. It will be good to make whole usability audit.
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    Originally Posted by cselectronics View Post

    Any help and advice would be appreciated
    Where is the human contact in your site?

    If you are just selling *like brands* then price is all there is to go on....right?

    You need to engage the prospect in a conversation.

    Usually it will be something like this.

    -----> A person with a problem meets someone who can guide them to a solution. <-----

    I don't feel any guidance or bonding going on.

    Is there any fun or happiness to be had by purchasing from you?

    Study why people buy anything.

    Inform, engage and entertain your prospects before you try to sell to them.

    Why would anyone buy from you?

    How can you build some story behind the brand?

    There are no testimonials or trust building factors.

    A statement " UK number one supplier of consumer electronics" - back it up with testimonials.

    Better still show people enjoying your products.

    Even better still show people improving their status using your products.

    There is a lot wrong so you can easily improve.

    Look at using "junction boxes" as navigation on home page.

    Look at showing something like "three steps to order" on page.

    Not necessarily but think PAIN ---> SOLUTION ----> TRANSFORMATION

    eg - kid crying "NO CHIPS" ----> MUM AIR FRYING ----> DAD and MUM Happy

    Find those pain points and drive traffic to the pain point. Show the prospect the solution. Sell it.

    Those pain points might happen off site or in a blog scenario with the solution being linked.

    Start engaging the prospect to move them to a solution.

    That's a start.

    best regards,

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    one thing I noticed right away.

    you come here to the forum and tell us you can not convert your visitors to buyers. But, above the fold, in Bold letters you state.

    "The UK's Number 1 Supplier of Consumer Electronics" You obviously are not.

    Everything is an ugly blue and white. You have to scroll to see your first product. I should see a product as soon as the page loads. In Fact, I should see several. You would be better to have a sidebar, especially to highlight specials and whatnot. shrink the header height by at least half, do the same for the footer. and have 9-12 products on home page.

    I would probably dump shopify and get something like 3dCart, but that is just me.

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    A know you're in the UK, but here in the states the first question that comes to my mind is why would someone rather buy from your site than Amazon? Even on Amazon, the incumbent, main driver in B2C ecommerce has tons of eye grabbing content above the fold. I would suggest working with a marketing/design team that knows how to grab peoples attention when they land on the page.

    Here's a screen cap:
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    Hi cselectronics,

    It's The "Why" That Counts

    I could pick apart at least 100 things that could be improved, however let me just get to the meatiest part of your issue. A couple of people touched on it (Oziboomer, malonewolf): "why should someone buy from you?" You, in your OP you also asked "why" people are not buying. The "why" in both cases (why buy?, why not buy?) is the key question, and within that question contains the solution: Why?

    Your product page descriptions seem to list features, specifications, contain pictures and a price. Those are all essential elements, but none of those are likely to trigger the behavior you desire, that is for your visitors to add to cart and checkout. What is missing are the simple statements of why someone should buy your product.

    You can focus on the aesthetics of your website, as some have suggested, but the most beautiful website in the world isn't going to sell a product simply because it is on a beautiful webpage. I mean really, when was the last time you said to yourself, "I just have to have this product because the web page is so beautiful?" People don't buy because of the page layout or design, they might decide not to buy because of it, but page design isn't the "reason" they purchase a product.

    It's All About The Message

    Have you ever noticed how certain things you say can trigger behavior in the person you say it to? People are triggered by words, it doesn't need to be a lot of words, just the right words, in the right order at the right moment, that is all it takes.

    Marketing is all about speaking to the heart of your audience, in the language of your audience, about what matters to your audience. In other words, a message that triggers the desired behavior. A handful of carefully placed words on your product pages is all it takes to trigger the desired behavior you seek.

    Marketing Is Science

    The goal of marketing is to discover, implement and optimize the messages that trigger the desired behavior you seek. It always boils down to "why" they need it, "why" they want it, "why" they just have to have it. In the advertising business we call that a value proposition. It boils down to what value the product gives them, and that value is often latent until you use the words that trigger an emotional response.

    It is emotion that drives action. You need to discover the words that trigger the emotional response that stimulates the purchase behavior.

    Use Your Data

    You mention that you are spending a lot on advertising, which is a great source of data. If you have been doing your advertising correctly, you have been targeting specific needs with a variety of marketing messages. You can get a lot of useful data from your advertising that will inform you of which messages are triggering the most positive desired responses. That data may hold the clues to what will trigger purchase behavior on your product pages.

    Use your advertising data to test a few different value propositions (the reason why people purchase) and let that guide you to what value proposition will trigger the purchase behavior on your product pages. From there it is just a matter of reducing anxiety and friction to make it easy for people to act on your offers.

    Use Message Match

    Your ads are triggering the click response, the higher the CTR, the better the message, in most cases. Make sure that your best messages are matched with similar, or exactly the same words on the ad's landing page. This message matching technique will go a long way towards triggering the purchase behavior you seek.

    The same messages that trigger the click response will often be the reason why they came to your website and may work just as effectively at triggering the "add to cart" response. Use your advertising data to gain insights into why people purchase and use it on your product pages. It's all about the "Why".


    Don Burk
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    Too much blue. A nice logo would help as well.

    The products look like dropshipped product pictures -- thus it makes me hard to want to buy.

    I don't see any true reason to buy from you vs another similar stand alone website . Any discounts? Any special features?

    Add an about page. It provides trust.

    You have less than 2 minutes to turn a visitor into a buyer --how you do that is limitless.

    Don't give up -- it's not suppose to be as easy as eating popcorn.
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    first, i would focus on one advertising source at a time for a new store.

    facebook is king, but it's gonna take time, money and patience to find out what works

    i would do facebook ads for individual products, a test campaign with a $5 budget per ad set and multiple ads per ad set - say at least 3

    test and see what works. offer some incentives to purchase in your ads

    also look into the following shopify apps:
    retarget app - use facebook to advertise products randomly
    yo - real-time updates of purchases
    hurrify - scarcity/urgency
    product reviews

    looks like you're dropshipping -
    you can use the reviews from the dropshipper in your store

    hope you found something useful.
    good luck!
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