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Hi all,

I will be selling a dog costume on my Shopify product page and I will get traffic through Facebook Ads.

I can go about writing my copy for the product page in two ways.

The first way is mainly talking about the fun side of having this costume for your dog. For example you will be laughing your ass off and onlookers will find it funny and amusing too.

The second way I can do my copywriting is talking about this costume helping in alleviating dog depression. There's a study that says that 1 out of 4 dogs in Britain have depression. The study says that dogs are being left alone when owners go to work and thus they get too little human interaction which is bad for them. Domestic dogs are used to human interaction so they need it.

That's the reason I thought, this costume will certainly bring more attention to the dog, for example when you walk the dog and the dog is wearing this costume, then bystanders will find it very cute and will give attention to the dog. This attention will make up for the lack of attention when the owners are not at home...

Which one do you think that works best?

Thanks in advance for the help.
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