How to sell a product my brother had made in China?

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Hey Guys,
I'm brand new to Warrior Forum, and I wish I had found this site much sooner.
So, My little brother took some designs for plush toys with a pocket built in, and then proceeded to purchase about 6,000 units total (spread across 12 different plush toy designs). He paid for all of it up front with no market testing or anything. Long story short, they've been sitting in a warehouse for the past 18 months because he has no idea how to sell them!

I've been dabbling in eCommerce for a few years now, so he asked me to help him sell them. He gave me the price he needs to get per unit, and it seems like there would be a very good margin for me if I can figure out how to get people to buy them.

Marketing is by far my weakest area, but I need to get past that. So, I'm looking for some solid advice on where to start to get these things gone.

I'm working with practically no budget also.

If anyone has some thoughts they could share, I'd appreciate it.
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